(Minghui.org) Police officer Ma Shuguang of Laiyang, Shandong Province and a dozen plainclothes officers recently arrested Mr. Zhang Shengqi, an antique shop owner, and his employees. His family members were beaten, and many of their personal belongings were confiscated.

The police wore plainclothes and drove their private vehicles. They did not show any ID. After beating Mr. Zhang, Ma Shuguang kicked him in the head while he was lying on the ground, causing Mr. Zhang to become deaf in one ear. Ma accused Mr. Zhang of "assaulting a police officer."

Why did Ma Shuguang beat Zhang Shengqi so brutally? Why did he have such a grudge against Mr. Zhang? It is all related to a former Tsinghua University student, Ms. Liu Zhimei, who was brutally persecuted for practicing Falun Going.

Ma Shuguang is an officer with the Laiyang City National Security Bureau and a leader in the Laiyang City 610 Office. In recent years, he has been the main culprit in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Laiyang City.

Over ten years ago, Ms. Liu Zhimei, an outstanding Tsinghua University student, was brutally tortured in Shandong Province Women's Prison, which caused her to suffer a mental collapse. But when she was about to recover with others' help, Ma Shuguang destroyed her hope of recovery and pushed her into the darkness again.

Hope of Recovery Dashed

Ms. Liu Zhimei from Tuanwang Town, Laiyang City, was selected for admission to Tsinghua University as the top scoring student in Shandong Province at age 17. The villagers all called her “our golden phoenix from the village.” At that time, there were nearly 1,000 students and teachers practicing Falun Gong at Tsinghua University.

Ms. Liu was one of them. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong, the 21-year-old was illegally sentenced to 12 years in prison because she refused to renounce Falun Gong. In 2008, a few days before she was released, she was injected with nerve-damaging drugs. Three days after she was released, the drugs suddenly took effect and she suffered a major mental collapse She could not take care of herself and spoke nonsense. She often threw things around, breaking them and sometimes ran out of the room without any clothes on. She didn't seem to have bowel or bladder control while she slept, without any awareness of the situation.

Ms. Liu Zhimei before the persecution

When her mother heard that her daughter had been sentenced to prison, she was so upset that she became paralyzed. After waiting so long for her daughter's release from prison, she could not bear the pain of witnessing her daughter's sudden mental collapse and she passed away three months later.

Although Ms. Liu could not remember how old she was anymore, one day she suddenly wrote the word “Tsinghua University” on the wall at home.

Liu Zhimei wrote “Tsinghua University” on the wall (photo taken in the winter of 2010)

Falun Gong practitioners had sympathy for Ms. Liu. They rented a room for her and took good care of her. Because Falun Gong had been suppressed for so many years, most of the practitioners were poor. They gathered a little money to buy new clothes and household items for Ms. Liu. A few older female practitioners took turns caring for her every day. They read Zhuan Falun to her and chatted with her. She wet the bed a few times every day. But they slept with her on the bed that smelled of urine.

A nearly 70-year-old practitioner took good care of her just as Ms. Liu mother would. She cleaned Ms. Liu up again and again, washing her soiled clothes and bedding. She picked up the bowls and plates Liu Zhimei broke again and again and cooked food for her. Sometimes Ms. Liu hit her or scratched her, but she never complained. The next day, she finished her own housework and came to take care of her again.

With everyone's hard work and good care, Ms. Liu became calmer and less frequently ill. Everyone had great hope that she would fully recover soon.

But on April 16, 2010, officers from the Laiyang Police Department climbed over the garden wall and broke into Liu Zhimei's rented room. They arrested her and four older practitioners who were taking care of her. According to officer Ma Shuguang, they were arrested because “it is illegal to keep Liu Zhimei here and take care of her.” Ms. Gao Chunhong, who provided the room for Liu Zhimei, was sentenced to forced labor and detained at the notorious Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for a year and a half. She had to endure slave labor.

After Ms. Liu was interrogated, the police took her home. The brutal arrest was a severe shock to her mind and made her ill again. She returned to the dysfunctional state she was in before, or even worse. She not only was totally incontinent but also held the excrement in her hands, playing with it and wiping it on the wall. In the winter of 2011, when her relatives visited her, she only asked, “What good food did you bring me?” and cared about nothing else. She looked even more mentally disordered than before. Her room reeked, with signs of excrement everywhere.

Ms. Liu Zhimei after suffering mental collapse from the persecution, runs into a corner of her living quarters with clenched fists whenever someone tries to approach her (photo taken in winter 2010)

Her clothes piled in the corner, full of excrement and urine and (photo taken in winter 2011)

She often did not wear pants and sat on the bed wrapped in a thin sheet. The black and yellow on the wall behind her was excrement (photo taken in winter 2011)

A villager living nearby said, “Only very good people would make a home for a mentally disordered patient and take care of her. They should be publicly awarded and praised on TV. But the police arrested the good people and further traumatized the patient, making her ill again. What kind of evil person would do that? What kind of society is this? It was wonderful to see that the child could fully recover, but so pitiful that now she is totally destroyed by the police and has no hope anymore.”

Good People Who Helped Take Care of Liu Zhimei Arrested and Tortured

Mr. Gao Jianting is a driver and worked at the antique shop owned by Zhang Shengqi. He fully supported his sister, Ms. Gao Chunhong, in taking care of Ms. Liu. After Ms. Liu was arrested, the police followed Gao Jianting day and night. A week later, Ma Shuguang followed Gao Jianting into a public restroom and choked him with a rope around his neck, almost suffocating him.

Ma Shuguang pushed Gao down and held his head to the ground. He told two people nearby who did not know what was going on to call the police. Officers came and arrested Gao Jianting. Ma Shuguang took everything away from Gao, including two flash-drives, his car key, another set of keys, and seven yuan in cash. Later, Ma Shuguang snuck in through the front of the antiques shop and used the car key he had just stolen to steal Mr. Zhang Shengqi's car, which he then drove into the police department yard. Then he pulled out the registration plate and hid it.

That same night, Ma Shuguang, He Xiao, and another officer ransacked Gao Jianting's home, stealing personal belongings, including the children's study accessories such as the double-stick tape and stapler. Gao Jianting's aunt, who was recuperating in the home, was frightened when Ma Shuguang shouted at her.

After Gao Jianting was arrested, Ma Shuguang and other officers brutally beat him to find who had helped take care of Liu Zhimei. Then Gao Jianting was transferred to the Linglong Brainwashing Center and elsewhere. He was brutally tortured and interrogated for seven days.

Gao Jianting said to them, “You tortured me for a confession, and that is illegal. I'll sue you.” Ma Shuguang shouted, “I am torturing you to get a confession. What can you do? Go ahead and sue me.” Officer Liang Bin grabbed Gao by his hair and dragged him toward the back of the room. Officer He Xiao held Mr. Gao's head as Ma Shuguang beat him and shouted, “I'll let you sue me. Try hard to sue me.”

In addition, Ma said, “It is illegal detention that you found a home for Liu Zhimei and took care of her.” Quite an example of perverse logic.

Ma Shuguang Shouted, “I Am A Hooligan and I Am Afraid of No One”

After Gao Jianting and the car were missing for some time, Zhang Shengqi and Gao's family searched but could not find him. Eventually, they reported his absence to the police, even though they knew Gao had been secretly arrested by Ma Shuguang. After endless effort, Gao Jianting was finally released. Mr. Zhang Shengqi determined that the car was stolen and was parked in the police department yard, so he and Gao asked Ma Shuguang many times to return it. Ma whittled away his responsibility each time. He even said, “You can try to sue me through whatever agency you want. You can go to the United Nations to sue me.” He also shouted, “I am a hooligan and I am afraid of no one!”

Zhang Shengqi filed complaints with the appropriate government department about Ma Shuguang's theft and hooligan behavior. He also hired an attorney to sue Ma Shuguang in court. After a number of attempts, Ma Shuguang had to return the car, but he never gave a reasonable explanation for stealing it nor paid any compensation.

Under the CCP's brutal persecution of Falun Gong, everyone who shows sympathy to Falun Gong is in danger of being arrested, beaten, or imprisoned. Very few people dare to sue the perpetrators. Zhang Shengqi likes to make right any injustice. When he faced those in power, he was not afraid. He hired an attorney and sued Ma Shuguang.

Ma Shuguang was not embarrassed about stealing the car, but he despised Zhang Shengqi for suing him.

Arrests and False Charges

On May 3, 2013, Zhang Shengqi realized that Jiang Shu'e, one of his employees, had not come to work. He sent his brother-in-law, Wang Ding, and his wife, Wang Hong, to go check on Jiang. But they did not return either after a long time. Mr. Zhang went there by himself. There he saw several people in a vehicle with Jiang Shu'e inside. He shouted, “Kidnapping!” The people in the vehicle immediately rolled up the window. Mr. Zhang rushed over and pounded on the window, telling them to let Jiang Shu'e go. The people inside ignored him. Mr. Zhang picked up a brick and broke the car window. Several others then came over, knocked him down, and started to beat him.

Mr. Zhang sustained multiple injuries. He lay there and had no strength to fight back. But one of his attackers did not stop. He kicked Mr. Zhang's head really hard. There was blood all over Mr. Zhang's face and he became deaf in one ear. That person was Ma Shuguang. They covered Mr. Zhang's mouth with a rag. Later, when Mr. Zhang was told to sign his name, he realized they were all police officers. After the police beat him, they arrested him, accusing him of “obstructing implementation of the law.”

The police from Laiyang also beat Mr. Zhang's wife and threatened Zhang's brother-in-law. They took many personal belongings from Zhang, including three laptops, a brand new video recorder, and a metal detector worth several thousand yuan.

Mr. Zhang's family hired an attorney to sue Ma Shuguang and the other officers. The attorney pointed out, “Ma Shuguang and the other police officers broke the law. They did not wear their uniforms or badges, did not show any ID, and did not explain their purpose. They broke the law, invading homes, detaining people, and searching houses before showing the search warrant. Mr. Zhang Shengqi's act was courageous when he saw that others were in danger, and he met the legal requirement of justifiable defense. Zhang Shengqi did not commit any crime nor did he do anything wrong.”

Stealing 17,900 Yuan and Refusing to Return It

On December 21, 2012, officers Liang Bing and Lu Jiangang from the Laiyang 610 Office and deputy chief Sun Fei from the Tangezhuang Town Police Station broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Tan Guibo. They did not show a search warrant or legal documents. They ransacked the home and stole his personal belongings. Later, Ma Shuguang and officer Xiu joined in the ransacking. When they got tired, they took apples from the kitchen and ate them. After ransacking the house for three hours, the police confiscated a cellphone, a printer, a computer, two paper cutting knifes, one box of copy paper and 17,900 yuan in cash saved inside the refrigerator for the wedding of Mr. Tan's son.

Later, the police brought Tan Guibo's family members to the police station and forced them to sign their names on the confiscated items list. But the 17,900 yuan in stolen cash was not on the list. They also did not give a copy of the list to Mr. Tan's family. Fifteen days later, after Mr. Tan was released and returned home, he discovered that the cash was missing. He immediately went to the National Security Bureau to request the return of the money and his personal belongings. The police responded rudely and tried every angle they could think of to deny they ever took the money. They also shouted, “You can go to whatever agency you choose to sue us.”

It had taken three family members several years of hard work to save the cash. They had just withdrawn it from the bank and were ready to use it for the son's wedding. Then the police stole it. Mr. Tan was devastated. He asked the police to return it several times. But the 610 Office and police station brushed him off and each said that others took it.

Later, after Mr. Tan repeatedly asked, Ma Shuguang could not deny it anymore. However, he changed his story and said it was dirty money, that was why they confiscated it, but they could not offer any documentation of receiving it. The police still haven't returned the money to Mr. Tan.

Extorting Funds from a Blind Elderly Couple

Farmer Zhang Hongjin from Songge Village, Jiangtuan Town, practiced Falun Gong and greatly benefited from the practice, both physically and mentally. He passed along truth-clarifying materials to the villagers to tell them about the greatness of Falun Dafa. But he was reported to the authorities and was arrested by the Tuanwang Town Police Station on January 23, 2013. His parents, who are over 70 and blind, were left with no one to take care of them.

There is more. On the evening of January 23, the police station sent three police vehicles to Farmer Zhang Hongjin's home. The police, led by the village security clerk Gong Yulei, broke into Mr. Zhang's home to steal his personal belongings. His parents, both blind and old, could not stop them.

Two days later, Ma Shuguang and another officer broke into Mr. Zhang's home again. After they ransacked the home, Ma Shuguang told the two elderly couple, “Do you want your son back for Chinese New Year? If you do, you have to pay us. Then we will release your son.”

Mr. Zhang's poor father pointed to his eyes and said, “We are both blind. It is hard for us just to get by. Where would we get any money?” Ma Shuguang saw that he really could not squeeze any more money from them and had to leave.

The villagers nearby said angrily, “The police even tried to squeeze money out of two blind seniors. Anyone with just a tiny speck of humanity would not speak to them like that.”

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution. Ma Shuguang and other officers have committed serious crimes, and they will be punished.

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