(Minghui.org) Cang County Court in Hebei Province, under the direction of the Political and Legal Affairs Department and the 610 Office, took only twenty minutes to secretly sentence Mr. Sun Yuqiang before 8:00 a.m. on May 7, 2013. His family was not notified, he was not allowed to hire a lawyer, and the trial was even kept a secret from courthouse employees. A large number of police officers were involved. Sympathetic courthouse employees said that instructions were given by the 610 Office, and that the name of the court was used to make it sound legal.

No One Knew Anything

When Mr. Sun’s daughter went to the courthouse on May 8 to inquire about her father, the staff said that they knew nothing about it. She looked for the presiding judge of the No. 2 Criminal Court, but was told the judge was not in. She then went to the Procuratorate office. When the door-keeper at the office helped her to make a phone call to her father, they said he was not in. When she called using her own phone, her father did not answer. When she wanted to use the door-keeper’s phone again, he said, “I already asked for you. I can't do anything when they do not allow you in. If you use my phone, I may lose my job.”

No Visits Allowed

Mr. Sun, a practitioner from Wanghaisi Village in Cang County, was arrested at the Dabaitou Market on December 24, 2012, by the Cang County Domestic Security Team led by Bai Jianhua. Mr. Sun has since been detained in the city detention center, and his daughter has not been allowed to visit him. She was not allowed to give him quilts or clothing. She went to the police department, detention center, and Procuratorate office seven times, and made many phone calls, attempting to visit her father. The authorities made it very difficult for her and did not allow her to see him.

Supportive Villagers Harassed

The villagers of Wanghaisi and Cang County were upset by what the police had done, and 432 of them volunteered to provide their fingerprints to help rescue Sun Yuqiang. After this story hit the international media, it immediately raised concerns within the international community and international human rights organizations.

The staff of the Cang County Party and the police did not release Sun Yuqiang, and they even went against the villagers' wishes and told the Fenghuadian Township government employees and the police to go to Wanghaisi Village to threaten and harass the villagers. Bai Jianhua from the domestic security team called Mr. Sun's daughter, saying, “Don't do that again. If you do, it won't do your father any good.”

Sun Yuqiang's daughter again went to Cang County Domestic Team on April 15, 2013 to ask for her father’s release. Pang Liang said, "You come to ask for his release after what you've done?" He secretly called and told Bai Jianhua to drive to the county police department to monitor Falun Gong practitioners. After Mr. Sun's daughter left the domestic security team, and when the practitioners left, Bai Jianhua followed them.

Given the Runaround

On May 3 when Sun Yuqiang's daughter again went to the county police department, Pang Liang was not there. She found Bai Jianhua, who said he had nothing to do with her father. When she made inquiries at the Cang County Court, she was told his case had been transferred to the No. 2 Criminal Court. The Cang County Police Department, the Procuratorate office, and the court worked together to persecute Sun Yuqiang.


A man over 70 years old signed his name and gave his fingerprints the moment he heard about what had happened to Mr. Sun. He said that he had a relative who practiced Falun Gong and who had given him a Falun Gong amulet, and also asked him to often say “Falun Dafa is good,” as it would bring him blessings. “I do benefit from it personally.” The man said, “Even if you'd asked me to go to the police station to sign my name, I would do it. If they ask me to go in person to challenge me, I am not afraid. I dare to tell everyone that Falun Dafa is good!”

A man in his forties said he would usually not get involved in such things, but the moment he heard about a Dafa practitioner being persecuted, he said, “I will sign my name for Dafa practitioners.” A10-year-old middle school student said, “It is a good thing to support Falun Gong practitioners, so I will sign.”

When a practitioner went into a household to clarify the truth and collect signatures, the homeowner signed without hesitation. Her husband was a bit hesitant, because he was afraid that others might recognize his signature since he was quite famous. The wife told her husband, “What you are afraid of? Our two signatures might be just what is needed. After we give our fingerprints, it might be that the person can be rescued.” Her husband then agreed to sign his name.

Primary Persons Involved:
Zhang Guosen, presiding judge of Cang County Court No. 1 Criminal Court: +86-13513175869 (Cell)
Liu Jinfeng, presiding judge of No. 2 Criminal Court: +86-13293497788 (Cell)
Yang Tao, director: +86-13832773698 (Cell)
Pang Liang, team leader of Cang County Domestic Security Team: +86-13930798029 (Cell)
Bai Jianhua, deputy team leader: +86-13011999988 (Cell)

Please refer to the original Chinese text for more names and telephone numbers.

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