(Minghui.org) Whenever I read articles on the Minghui website in the past, I read only Master's new lectures, and cultivation experience sharing papers. I just quickly scanned the persecution reports and sent forth righteous thoughts to help fellow practitioners who I knew very well. I was not able to keep up this effort however, and I did not care very much about practitioners I did not know who were being persecuted.

I recently underwent a change in reading articles on Minghui.

When I have enough time, I now read all the articles published that day. Reports of the spread of Dafa to different places makes one feel the wonders of Dafa as well as how hard practitioners outside of China are working. Experience sharing papers let me know about my shortcomings and the diligence of other practitioners. This is a good way to “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin) Master's comment is an alert for me to look inward to check if I have those bad thoughts or behaviors. Articles talking about people's choices make me feel sad for those who have been punished for defaming Dafa and torturing practitioners but pleased for those who are rewarded for helping protect practitioners and having a good attitude toward Dafa. Worldwide news gives me a profound appreciation for the beauty of Dafa, and I'm impressed by the fact that people can practice Dafa regardless of their nationality or race. It also lets me feel how hard Master is working to save all sentient beings around the world.

Reading the persecution reports is also a must. I send righteous thoughts while reading, to support every practitioner, and eliminate all evil beings so that the practitioners can be immediately released. I send that thought to every practitioner in every report. Master said,

“The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things. We don't talk about the 'unity' everyday people do, which is a forced, superficial thing. You are cultivators, and your realms are higher.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Conference”)

I realize that whenever we read the reports, instead of simply seeing ourselves as bystanders, we should remember that we are part of it, and support fellow practitioners by working as a powerful whole body. If every one of us sends righteous thoughts, practitioners who have been persecuted will be released, and those who commit the wrongdoings will be punished on a large scale.

Reading cultivation experience sharing articles is also a must. These articles discuss broad topics and Fa understandings, which are often very clear at the authors' levels. They are very helpful for every practitioner. Moreover, reading papers is an opportunity to cultivate ourselves. When you think that another practitioner's understanding is better than yours, what do you feel? Jealousy? Admiration? Or do you look inward to encourage yourself to be more diligent? When you read about how practitioners do not pass certain tests, how do you feel? Upset? Critical? Or do you send righteous thoughts to help eliminate evil beings?

Last but not least, we are a whole body. When I read about how truth-clarification sites have been harassed by wicked people in Hong Kong, I did not feel that I was a bystander. No matter where it is and what has happened, as long as Dafa is defamed, it is the same as if I were being defamed, and I should speak out and send forth righteous thoughts. Therefore, every day when I send righteous thoughts, I add one thought, that evil beings who control people in Hong Kong to harass practitioners should be eliminated.

Prior to writing this article, I was sneezing and had a runny nose, which was an illusion created by wicked beings to keep me from finishing it. After I realized that what I was going to share was very necessary, the illusion disappeared. Cultivation in Dafa is incomparably wonderful. I hope fellow practitioners become even more diligent on their cultivation paths so that Master will be pleased and have fewer worries.

Since my level is limited, please point out anything inappropriate.