(Minghui.org) Qijiang Evening News published a story on June 3, 2013, about a three-year-old toddler who died after drinking gasoline by mistake.

According to the article, “On the afternoon on May 31, a tenant named Zhang of Yiwuhouzhai Rental House noticed his motorcycle was low on fuel so he got a plastic bottle of gasoline to fill up the tank. Before he finished the job, he went inside, leaving his three-year-old son playing by himself near the motorcycle. A few minutes later he heard his son’s cry. He ran out and realized the boy had drunk the remaining gasoline. He immediately gave the boy water and dialed 120 (equivalent of 911). Unfortunately, by the time the boy was taken to Chouzhou Hospital, his pulse was already very weak and he died despite emergency treatment. Accidental consumption of gasoline caused death in this heartbreaking tragedy.”

This tragedy reminded me of a TV report widely broadcast 12 years ago about a person who claimed to have drunk gasoline. Back then many viewers believed the validity of the story, but a careful look revealed what really happened.

On January 23, 2001, the Chinese Communist Party staged the notorious self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square. Central China Television (CCTV) reported that one of the self-immolators, Liu Baorong, drank several mouthfuls of gasoline at the scene.

During an interview a few days later, Liu said she never experienced any adverse symptoms from consuming gasoline, so she didn’t have to go to the hospital. Why not? The fact is that what she drank was not gasoline. No wonder she was never sent to the hospital, nor did she have any idea of the dire consequences of drinking gasoline.

It was clear that the CCTV reporter who interviewed Liu and those who directed the self-immolation farce were not aware of the seriousness of ingesting gasoline, so they figured they could dramatize the whole thing by just throwing in the detail that someone drank gasoline.

The sad part was that many viewers didn’t know how dangerous drinking gasoline can be, so they naively believed the CCTV report.

The little boy’s recent tragic death shows what can happen if a person drinks gasoline. I hope people now realize that the CCTV report 12 years ago was totally fabricated.

According to medical experts, ingesting a mere 7.5 grams of gasoline per kilogram of body weight can result in death.

Liu Baorong claimed to have consumed more than half of the 2-liter bottle of gasoline, yet she had no reactions at all.

Many other suspicious elements to the immolation hoax went against common sense. For instance, a little girl was still able to sing after her esophagus was cut open; Wang Jindong’s hair and eyebrows never burned during the self-immolation.

These facts prove the self-immolation 12 years ago was staged to turn the people of China against practitioners of Falun Gong and accelerate the persecution. Do not be fooled by the CCP lies.