(Minghui.org) After 432 people signed and fingerprinted a petition calling for the release of Mr. Sun Yuqiang, a Falun Gong practitioner who was in police custody, more and more people signed and actively collected signatures to support the rescue.

Mr. Sun Yuqiang, a 70-year-old practitioner from Wanghaisi Village, Cang County, Hebei Province, clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong at a village in Fenghuadian County on December 24, 2012. He was reported to the police and arrested by Bai Jianhua, deputy chief of Cang County Domestic Security Division. This kind and soft-spoken man has been illegally detained in the Cangzhou City Detention Center since then.

He was denied family visits during the detention. He was also deprived of the blanket and clothes from his family who brought them for him because the winter is very cold. The Cang County Police, Procuratorate, and Court conspired to secretly try and sentence Mr. Sun. This angered many citizens. Some people voluntarily signed a petition and collected signatures from others to get Mr. Sun released.

Store Owner Helps Collect Signatures

A few days ago, a Dafa practitioner met a store owner while he clarified the truth and collected signatures to release Mr. Sun. When asked to sign the petition, the owner agreed without a second thought. He even had his employees sign the petition.

Then, a truck parked in front of the store. This practitioner went to clarify the truth to the two persons in the truck. The store owner also came out and said to them: “This person is a good man. It will not be wrong for you to listen to what he says.” He then repeated what he had heard from the practitioner to these two people. These two people also cheerfully signed and fingerprinted the petition.

The store owner then said to the practitioner: “I'll go get the restaurant owner next door to sign the petition too.” And the restaurant owner also signed the petition.

Enthusiastic Support

One day, a Dafa practitioner saw a group of people on the street while he was clarifying the truth. He asked for their support to rescue Mr. Sun. One of them said: “This is to save people! It is a good deed. We'll sign the petition.”

Another group of people saw the practitioner and the people who were signing the petition, they were curious what was going on. One person in the group who just signed the petition explained to them what had happened. One person from this new group said: “The Chinese Communist Party is so corrupt. It will be destroyed soon. We all should sign it to support good people.”

A luxury car that happened to be driving by stopped and a man got out, he too wanted to know why so many people were gathered together. The Dafa practitioner hesitated initially, but he finally decided to tell him about the persecution. Unexpectedly, this person gladly signed the petition and even asked if there was anything else he could do to help. He happily took informational materials with him.

Over 70 People at a Funeral Sign Petition

Not long ago, a Dafa practitioner went to a funeral. He talked to a guest at a quiet spot about Mr. Sun's situation. This guest signed the petition after learning about the persecution. Thinking that more people should also hear the truth about the persecution, the practitioner approached the crowd. As a result, a big group of people scrambled to sign the petition.

While people were still signing the petition, one of the guests, who had just signed the petition, pointed at another group of people nearby and said to the practitioner: “I already talked to them and they all agreed to sign the petition. You just have to bring the form there.” By the end, the practitioner had collected more than 70 signatures at the funeral.

Every Signature Counts

One day, a practitioner walked into a house to clarify the truth and collect signatures. The wife quickly signed the petition, but the husband was hesitant, worrying that signing the petition, if identified, may affect him because he is somewhat famous in his area. His wife said to him: “What are you afraid of? Our fingerprints could be the only two left out. This person may be released because of our fingerprints.” The husband finally signed the petition.