(Minghui.org) One of my first childhood memories was during the winter, when every day I would see many little dragons flying around my home. They were in many shapes and sizes, and it was very interesting and a lot of fun. I thought at the time that everyone could see them. I also saw the sun changing colors.

As I grew up, everything changed. I didn't understand why this happened. But I continued to believe that what I saw as a child truly existed. I reflected on life and the world, and tirelessly searched for the meaning of life. It was not until many years later, when I read Zhuan Falun, that the puzzles in my mind were all solved.

My parents began practicing Falun Gong one after the other, because of their illnesses. Before my father started cultivating the Fa, he had severe Hepatitis B. He spent a lot of money on cures, and tried many qigong practices, but nothing helped. After he started to cultivate the Fa, his illness disappeared and he had a healthy body. His body and mind both greatly improved. Every year after that, he was honored as an outstanding employee at work.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, higher authorities at my father's workplace prohibited any Falun Gong practitioners from being honored as outstanding employees. Despite this, his workplace still quietly gave my father the award anyway. They thought he was the only person in the entire factory who deserved it. No matter how many managers came and went, my father always actively contributed to the factory's output without complaint. Supervisors and workers alike admired and respected him. This is the mighty virtue of a Dafa practitioner.

I was away at high school at this time. I only came back home during school breaks, and when I did, studied the Fa with my parents. I knew Dafa was good, but I did not cultivate. This is my regret. Maybe it was not yet my time. Soon the Jiang regime started to massively persecute Falun Gong practitioners and spread lies all over the world. I could see that my parents were healthy and behaved very well at home, work, and among society after they cultivated the Fa. All the changes in them were due to cultivating the Fa. Dafa was now being slandered and my parents planned to appeal for the practice.

My mother said she was going to Beijing to appeal. I fully supported her. I told her, “If the country has problems, every citizen has the responsibility to do something. Dafa is being attacked and slandered. Dafa disciples have the responsibility to appeal for Dafa.” A few days later, my mother went to Beijing to appeal. Both of my parents went to Beijing to appeal a few more times, were arrested without cause, and detained.

At the time I took my college entrance exam, my parents were under arrest and detained. I was at home alone and I really missed them. At the same time, I was also very proud of them. When I visited my mother I said to her, “Mom, I'm so proud of you!”

A teacher at school who taught politics took a special interest in me. One day he noticed that I had stopped drinking the purified water at school. Students were charged for this service, so this teacher asked me about it. I told him about my situation at home. He gave me 50 yuan and said, “Young lady, I do know a little about Falun Gong. I understand the society. You need to study hard. I'm not giving you a lot of money. This is just to support you. Don't be too hard on yourself.” I was very touched. Many years later, I still remember this good teacher.

Even when the evil continues to slander Dafa, many kind and just people are not deceived by the CCP lies, and help us quietly. This comforted me.

I was finally admitted to a good university. Magically, my parents returned home one week before I left for school. Before I received my entrance exam score, I had a dream and was told that I had been admitted. In the dream, I saw a large group of ancient red gowns fill a room. During the entrance exam, as I worked on the bonus questions, my mind suddenly became very clear, and I miraculously answered all the questions. When I saw the answers later while going over my score, I was very surprised that I answered all the questions correctly. I also lost very few points on the highly-scored questions. My teachers could not believe I answered the bonus questions correctly. But I know that I benefited from Dafa, even though I hadn't started to cultivate.

Master said,

“...so when one person cultivates, others benefit.” (Zhuan Falun)

I am the child of Dafa practitioners. During the persecution, I also suffered pain and pressure. But I still quietly supported Dafa and was rewarded with good things by our compassionate Master.

I finally started cultivating the Fa in 2005. I had missed many opportunities which I deeply regretted. I believe my laziness prevented me from acquiring the Fa earlier. After I started to cultivate, a stiff shoulder and enteritis, which had bothered me for many years, disappeared. As I studied more, I saw the greatness and profundity of Buddha Fa, and felt very fortunate that I had not missed this last opportunity. The Fa is extremely precious. I had finally found the true meaning of life.

But compared to veteran practitioners, my basic understanding of the Fa was still not enough. I started to recite the Fa. During my continuous reciting, Master showed me the inner meaning of the Fa, and embedded this deeply into the core of my being. My moral standard kept rising within the Fa, and my capacity to understand kept increasing. Everything became so beautiful and happy.

When I read about how Sakyamuni spread the Buddha Fa and saved sentient beings, I feel that his disciples were so lucky to be born during the same time as the Buddha. But today I am much more fortunate to be born during the same time as the Lord of Buddhas. I intend to continuously cultivate myself, fulfill my prehistoric vow, and walk my final path well. I really want Master to worry less and be more pleased with me.