(Minghui.org) For the past ten years of my cultivation, I've been blessed to be looked after by Master through trials and tribulations. I feel that Master has gone through so much hardship in order to assist me in my cultivation.

I am a teacher. I have a strong personality and I'm good at my profession. Every time our school is inspected, my classes are always visited. I have all kinds of certificates of honors. One time when I was conferred an academic title, 11 out of 13 judges passed me. All colleagues and leaders praised me and I felt good too. I thought that my hard work was finally recognized, and that the title must be mine. A few days later, when I went to work, I saw co-workers were whispering and they had strange looks on their faces. I was curious about what had happened. I went to the leader and he told me that I couldn’t get the title due to my age. I didn’t think that was possible, because other people my age were admitted. Why was only mine denied? I later realized that there was someone else who took my place. I was so disappointed. Most of my colleagues suggested that I dispute the matter with the superiors. I am practitioner and I should not behave as a normal everyday person. In the face of such, I was disappointed and cried.

I had a dream that night. In the dream, I was sleeping on a mat made from cornstalks in a garbage can. Later a person came with another mat and asked me to move a little bit to give him some space. Another person later came with a mat and asked me to do the same thing, followed by a third person. I eventually no longer had room for myself. I was very angry because I was the first person there but I didn’t have any room. When I woke up, I realized that the human world is like a garbage can. I should not fight for the petty things here. Although I enlightened to this, I was not able to overcome the tribulation. I felt a sharp pain inside. The thought, “It’s unfair and unreasonable” was in my mind. I was selfish and finally decided to talk about the situation with the superiors. Actually it was one of my relatives who was in charge, but nobody knew.

I got dressed on the second morning and was about to go out with my documents. I saw Master’s image on the wall, with tears in his eyes (actually, Master’s portrait was in another room), and I was suddenly shocked. I suddenly realized something and changed my mind. After a while, I cried out. I cried not because I felt wronged, but from regret that I had let Master down, and let Master worry about me. I felt so unworthy of being a Dafa disciple. I felt very sorry to Master, but at the same time very appreciative that Master never gave up on me and assisted me through the tough time.

After the persecution started, despite all the evil's attempts to interfere with my cultivation through tempting me with fame and benefits, I never gave in to the temptations. When I think of the last time I was tested, it seems like a joke, because I know that it's all just to help me raise my xinxing.

After July 20, 1999, when the evil framed Dafa and misled people, I took the initiative to save people, along with fellow practitioners. However, there was a period of time when I didn’t study the Fa diligently, and was taken advantage of by the evil. One morning, a female practitioner came to my house and knocked on my door, standing outside smiling. I thought maybe she had some emergency to come so early. I opened the door. About eight police officers then barged in. There was no practitioner at all. I realized that it was the evil that transformed itself to look like a practitioner to make me open the door. They would not listen to me and took me away to a brainwashing center. The officers told me to wait in the car and said that as soon as they received my results, they would send me home. Because I felt that I was going to be released, I was a bit excited. It turned out that the police asked the brainwashing center to keep me there. I was detained there and I knew it was because of my attachment.

When I met those “transformed” practitioners at the brainwashing center, and heard what they said and did, I felt pain. I said, “Do you know that Master is missing you? All practitioners around the world are trying their best to save you. Why are you doing this?” Two of them broke into tears and sighed. They played the video which framed Dafa during my stay there. I sent forth righteous thoughts to prevent them from doing so. I recited the Fa and didn't listen to them. Whenever they asked me to write down my thoughts after watching the brainwashing videos, I wrote only positive things about Dafa. Each day there was a new person who came to talk to me, and when someone did so, I clarified the truth to them and recited Master’s scriptures to them. Of the people I talked to, some came to agree with what I said, but others would just stubbornly insist on the twisted logic of the evil.

There were eight or nine fellow practitioners being held in the brainwashing center. One police officer threatened us and said that if we didn’t “transform,” we would be sentenced or sent to a forced labor camp. Some timid people would be frightened by that. However, we were not. After he tried several times, he later stopped make a fuss. They later brought the so-called “king” to talk to us. They said that that person was highly educated and that he was an owner of a factory, that he understood much of the Fa, etc. When he met me, he was holding a book and said, “Why can’t I remember anything?” I said, “You should know the reason.” That morning, he didn’t talk much, but kept turning the pages in his book. I sent forth righteous thoughts silently to clear all the evil behind him. From then on, no one minded me.

On my 19th day there, I felt that I had met all the people that I should meet. Some understood the truth, and some couldn't. I thought it should be time to go home. I told them that I didn’t feel comfortable that morning and my physical report showed that several items were below standard. They asked me to take injections and medicine. I felt that practitioners should not do that. I said I would be fine after I took a rest. They didn’t urge me to stay. After I got back, I saw that one practitioner, whom I had been communicating with and encouraging during my time there, had been “transformed” due to the threat of being sent to a labor camp. I felt pain after I heard that, and tears ran down my face.

Perhaps because Master saw my firm heart, I arrived back home. On my way home, the police said, “It’s unbelievable that you were not ‘transformed’.” I smiled, "Who told you that people taken to brainwashing centers should be ‘transformed’? I follow the path arranged by my Master."

On May 11, 2012, I talked with other practitioners about putting up posters around town to celebrate Falun Dafa day. It rained during that period of time, and we were thinking about what we should do. Both of us thought that we should ask Master for help to stop the rain in order to celebrate the day and let all other practitioners come out to post signs. If it continued to rain, it would delay saving sentient beings. We thought, please let the rain assimilate to Dafa and not destroy the signs.

On the second evening when we were just about to set off from our homes, it started to rain. A few minutes later, my husband, who is also a practitioner, came and told me it was raining harder. I hesitated and gave up. The other practitioner also went back home. However, after a while, the rain stopped. I regretted so much that I didn’t do anything for Falun Dafa Day. On the next morning when I got up, it was clear. I thought that it would be great if there was a fog. I then started practicing the exercises. After I finished the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, it was a little foggy. I put my hands together in heshi gesture and said, “Please be heavier.” Later the fog really became heavier. I then brought the posters with me and set off. I said to the fog god that I must be back within two hours. There was no one on the street and I put the posters up along the road for as far as 10 km (about 6-7 miles) away. I was riding an electric motorcycle. And I felt it was running happily and easily. It was like walking on clouds. There were lives flying with me. I finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes, when the fog almost lifted. I felt so grateful that Master had helped me all the way.

On my cultivation path, I've been both diligent and not so. There were times when I did well, and times when I could of done better. Nonetheless I've always felt Master by my side. “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun) . Actually it’s Master who did everything. As long as we believe in Master and Dafa, and listen to Master, there won’t be any tribulation that we can’t get through.