(Minghui.org) My wife and I were deeply shocked to read the Minghui editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa.” Unwittingly, we were already disrupting the Fa! Through studying Essentials for Further Advancement , we realized that our wrongdoing surfaced from attachments to self, fame, showing off, and zealotry. The fundamental cause was due to lack of Fa study and righteous thoughts and failing to check our actions against the yardstick of the Fa. During our ignorant sharing tours, we spread dark karma and negative matter from our attachments to fellow practitioners. We would like to admit our wrongdoing in disrupting the Fa with practitioner W in the hope that fellow practitioners can draw a lesson from it.

No longer learning from the Fa

Last year, we met W, who came from another region. After listening to W's experience sharing, we thought he had a really high understanding and cultivated really well, and that was indeed true sharing. We blindly believed that W was sent by Master to help us improve. So from that day on, we organized meetings to share with others at least once a day and sometimes three times a day, each meeting lasting between three and four hours. During these meetings, W did most of the talking. Some practitioners were moved to tears while listening and others asked questions seeking answers. Many practitioners began to worship him, and some even followed him around. Those who had not heard him speak developed jealousy, saying they “had not reached that level," "had not cultivated that high,” etc. We arranged for W to stay in our place. When we studied the Fa together, my wife and I would ask him questions seeking help. We were indeed learning from him instead of the Fa.

Leading others astray

Once, we took him to another place for sharing. Practitioner A kept asking W, “Tell me something about this sickness karma. What shall I do?” He looked really worried, as if W could solve all his problems. Another practitioner, G, saw W sit cross-legged for seven hours and said, “Don't tell me who is better in cultivation. Look at that, sitting there cross-legged all that time. Who can match that?” Practitioner X used to do the three things every day, encouraging people to quit the CCP face to face and distributing DVDs. After listening to W, this practitioner became confused and did not know what to do. Only after studying the Fa calmly was practitioner X able to rectify his state of mind. There were many such incidents during the time my wife and I were disrupting the Fa.

Ignoring good advice

During this time, some practitioners came to talk to us and tried to stop us in different ways. They wanted us to stop immediately and told us what we were doing was wrong. However, we believed that practitioner W possessed very good understandings and that Master had allowed us to do what we were doing, otherwise, we would not have been able to. We thought those practitioners who tried to stop us were being jealous. We even sent forth righteous thoughts towards them to eliminate factors that interfered with us while taking practitioner W on sharing tours.

After a sharing tour last year, a local coordinator once again came to talk to us to inform us about the seriousness of the matter. This coordinator asked us to study Essentials for Further Advancement attentively and reflect upon ourselves to see if what we were doing was on the Fa, and to look inward on the basis of the Fa. One practitioner with his third eye opened saw that my wife and I were in a very dangerous situation and pointed out that we must not make the same mistake again and again. However, because the evil had magnified its attachment to us, we completely ignored their sincere advice and thought they were too conservative.

Recognizing our wrongdoing

After reading the Minghui editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa,” we were covered in a cold sweat from shock. We read it again and again and began to seriously reflect upon ourselves. We picked up Essentials for Further Advancement and read it through carefully, repeatedly coming to realize that Master had previously warned us about this very clearly in his teachings.


My wife and I would like to deeply apologize to fellow practitioners who have been involved! Please take this as a warning, learn a lesson from our mistakes, and avoid disrupting the Fa like we did. Fa-rectification cultivation is very profound and the path is bumpy. We must regard the Fa as teacher in whatever we do instead of doing things impetuously with human hearts and notions.

Thank you, Master, for your boundless compassion! Thank you, Minghui website, for the timely warning stick. Please kindly point out anything improper in our sharing.