(Minghui.org) When I was a child, I saw my grandpa sitting in meditation and reading scriptures every day. The adults said that he was “practicing cultivation.” I had no idea what that meant. Yet, I knew even though my parents didn't meditate as my grandpa did, they all believed that gods do exist. They also believed that good deeds would be rewarded and evil deeds would receive retribution. They were also very strict with us, their children. We were not allowed to do bad things. Though I had no idea whether gods existed or not, I had no doubt about one thing: Human beings shouldn't do bad deeds. I was aware that, should I commit a bad deed, even just a little one, I would encounter lots of trouble, which could exceed what I had done. This was a rule I figured out from my own experience, and so I did not dare to commit bad deeds. I also discovered that this rule applied to everyone. However, some people never connected their bad behaviors to their troubles. They didn't believe that their bad deeds would incur retribution--they didn't understand cause and effect.

As I grew up, I learned more about my family. My grandpa's family was wealthy and literate. Every generation of his ancestors practiced cultivation in a Buddha school. My grandpa got married at a very young age. Unfortunately, his wife passed away when he was only 32. They had had four sons and two daughters. After my grandma died, the matchmakers came to visit him, but he said he wanted to focus on cultivation and would not remarry. His sons were all knowledgeable. In the 1950s, my eldest uncle became an accountant, while my second uncle, my youngest uncle, and my father became teachers.

My Grandpa's Predictions

My grandpa often said, “One day in the future, heaven will sift people out. Only good people will survive, while bad people will be sorted out and go down to hell. Only survivors will be blessed and have good fortune. People don't believe in gods, but they will know that they do exist when the big havoc occurs.” Sometimes, my grandpa burst into tears when he talked about this. He said, “Just wait and see. There will be a world of Buddhas on earth for several decades. A big Buddha will come down to earth to save people. You will have an opportunity to obtain the righteous Fa. I can't wait until that happens.” None of us knew what he was talking about. I was so young at that time and cared only about playing and having fun. I never asked my grandpa why heaven would sift people out, nor did I ask him what kind of people were bad.

In 1971, my grandpa fell seriously ill. He had to remain in bed for many days and couldn't get up. Everyone in the family cried, but my grandpa said, “I am all right this year, but will not be by next September.” Just like he told us, my grandpa passed away in September of the following year.

My Father Obeys My Grandpa

I was already in school before my grandpa passed away. However, the things I was taught in school were quite different from what my grandpa had said. Teachers said, “Human beings evolved from monkeys. There are no gods or Buddhas.” I immediately remembered the words of my grandpa about the world of Buddhas on earth. I wondered, “Everyone will practice in a Buddha school. How is this possible?” When I was in middle school, my father was promoted to be the school principal. However, my father adamantly declined, because he never wanted to become an official leader or a Communist Party member. I couldn't understand and asked him, “Everyone strives hard to join the Party and to become an official leader. Why don't you want to?” He said, “Your grandpa told me when he was alive: 'Don't join the Communist Party or become an official. Big disasters will befall such people.'” I said, “Just look at those officials. They all enjoy a happy life. Their retirement pensions are higher than the income of average people.” My father told me, “They will encounter disasters after death.” None of his children, including me, understood what he was talking about.

If my father didn't accept the position of school principal, there would have been no one to take the lead and manage the school. His superiors forced him to take the job, but he refused to join the Communist Party.

Two of My Uncles Miss Out

I had heard that, according to his birth sign, my eldest uncle was destined to practice cultivation. However, the Communist Party destroyed all the temples and Buddha statues and promoted atheism, so my uncle had no chance to practice cultivation. His wife had passed away long before, and his two daughters were married. He was alone and felt very lonely. When he was old, he burst into tears whenever he saw us. I was young and didn't understand why he burst into tears. My sister told me it was because he hadn't obtained the Buddha Fa throughout his lifetime.

My second uncle also had a bitter life and was very sad. He said that people of his generation couldn't obtain the Buddha Fa. He also burst into tears because of not being able to obtain the Fa in his lifetime. Several years later, he passed away.

Practicing Falun Dafa

My father practiced qigong for years and was eager to practice cultivation. Finally, in 1996, he obtained Falun Dafa. Many of his diseases, including tracheitis, asthma, and heart disease, disappeared after he began to practice. My father said, “This Falun Dafa is exactly the 'righteous Fa' that your grandpa talked about.” Then he told my youngest uncle about it, and he was very excited. He said, “We have finally obtained the true Fa.”

Everyone in our family practices Falun Dafa. One full month after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I saw my grandpa while I was doing the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance. He floated to my right side from behind and stopped on my upper-right shoulder. He was wearing the same old clothes, but they were more colorful. He was watching me, a smile on his face. He looked very young, pure and white, with no wrinkles in his face and heavier than before. He watched me for a while and then left.

When I practiced Falun Dafa, I understood how important the Buddha Fa is to my life. I also understood the truth about life and why my eldest and second uncle cried because of not being able to obtain the Fa. When the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) started to persecute Falun Dafa, officials of all ranks were forced to express their attitudes, criticize Falun Dafa, and arrest Dafa practitioners. Not until then did I understand why my grandpa warned us not to become officials. When I saw the miraculous stone engraved with six Chinese characters “The Chinese Communist Party will Perish” in Guizhou, I knew that heaven would eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. This was why my grandpa didn't allow our family to become members of the Communist Party.

What Is Left?

Everything my grandpa talked about has come to pass. Only one thing hasn't happened yet, which is: “People will know that heaven does exist after the big havoc.” When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came into power, it initiated political movements that killed more than 80 million people. Moreover, the CCP was so arrogant that it vowed to “fight against heaven and earth.” Human beings are the children of gods, but Chinese people nowadays are brainwashed by the CCP, so they don't believe in gods. They don't believe that good will be rewarded and that evil will receive retribution. People have lost any moral restraints, and they do all kinds of evil things. Ethics are slipping a thousand miles a day, and people harm each other. How can gods allow this to go on?

The heavens have warned people again and again through disasters so that they can be saved. However, some people do not believe that those disasters were warnings from the gods, they think that they are what the CCP calls “natural disasters.” Brainwashed by the CCP's atheism, they follow the corrupt CCP and commit crimes. More horribly, they believe the lies of the CCP about Falun Gong and defame the Buddha Fa. They have and still are committing crimes against the Buddha Fa! The CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance by using unprecedented cruelty. They have even removed organs from living practitioners for large profits, used their corpses as samples in exhibitions, and sold them. In the face of such despicable behavior, the world took no action. Moreover, some people don't even want to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. How can the gods save those who have lost their consciences and godly nature? Heaven will eliminate the CCP, and gods are sifting out people through weird disasters. Isn't this a big havoc? Then won't only good people survive?

I now understand everything that my grandpa told me as well as the confusion in our family. The only thing I should do next is to redouble my efforts, tell people the truth, and save them.