(Minghui.org) More and more tourists from China are visiting Europe despite the cool weather this spring. They expressed their dismay, despair, and pessimism over the pollution that is such a health problem. Some said, “It's hard just to survive. What can we do?” They immediately agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations and begged gods and Buddhas for blessings after Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to them. Some of the tourists said, “Jiang Zemin is finished. The CCP is finished. Let's quit the CCP!” More than once we heard those who quit the CCP saying, “Falun Gong has saved us. Falun Dafa is good!”

Hordes of Tourists from Beijing: “Falun Dafa is good!”

A volunteer came to distribute truth clarification materials to the tourists from Beijing who waited in line to get on a bus. Some of them praised the software that let them get through the Internet firewall in China so that they could safely find out the truth. They commented, “Without that, we would be deceived and know no more than a person who is deaf and blind. Thanks for running the truth-clarifying website.” Those tourists who already understood the truth from using the special software withdrew from the CCP as soon as they were asked. Some even approached the volunteer to help them quit the CCP and took the informational materials.

An elderly couple who often broke through the Internet blockade said to the people waiting in line to quit the CCP, “Take a copy of Epoch Times after you finish quitting the CCP. You can't find this newspaper in China.” When asked whether it was a Falun Gong newspaper, the volunteer said, “The newspaper is published by Falun Gong practitioners.” This tourist responded, “I would like to have a copy of the newspaper and some informational materials. Nowadays in China, only Falun Gong practitioners don't lie.” Other tourists also did the same and said, “Falun Dafa is good!”

All the materials on the cart were gone quickly. With smiles on their faces, the tourists were eager to shake hands with the practitioners to express their appreciation. They said, “Thanks a lot, really. Falun Gong has saved us. Many thanks to Falun Gong! We beg for blessings from gods and Buddhas. We believe we will have a bright future.”

Tourists from Beijing: “It's Such a Good Way to Ensure Safety. Why Didn't I Quit?”

A busload of tourists from Beijing started to complain about the pollution even before Dafa volunteers clarified the truth. The tourists said, “Everything we eat, drink, and inhale in Beijing is toxic. People in Shanghai drank pig soup (referring to the 10,000 dead pigs found in the river). Worse, people in Beijing breathe toxic air. We are all killing ourselves. We have nowhere to hide from what's killing us. Seeing the clean environment abroad, we feel Beijing is not a fit place for people to live. The Communist regime doesn't care about the welfare of the citizens, just its own benefit. What can we do?”

The volunteer explained that the toxic environment was caused by the regime. "You cannot rely on it to solve the problem. But you can save yourselves. Heaven will destroy this Party, and quitting the CCP will give you a safe future."

One tourist replied, “The CCP has ruined China and the Chinese people. Heaven should destroy it.” Another tourist said, “Why not quit the CCP if that would save us?” Others responded, “Nobody believes the CCP. They all hate and condemn the Party.” Almost everyone on that bus quit the CCP.

Longstanding CCP Party Members from Beijing: “Quit the CCP and Be Blessed”

A man in his 70s said to the volunteer, “The air in Beijing is filthy this year.” The volunteer replied, “Do you mean you cannot see the sun because of the haze?” The man continued, “Yes, you can easily see the haze. Don't go back to Beijing. You cannot breathe the air. If you take a deep breath, you will choke. But if you don't breathe, you will die. I have lived in Beijing for so long, but I've never seen it like that before. People cannot live there.” Then he added, “All those problems are caused by the CCP. The CCP is really malevolent.”

The volunteer asked him, “Heaven will eliminate the CCP. Have you heard that quitting the CCP can save you? Did you do it yet?” He answered, “Yes, I heard. But I haven't quit the CCP yet. Will it work?” The volunteer said, “The CCP advocates atheism. It does not care about the people. You believe in gods and Buddhas and worship them--they will care for you.” This man said, “I've always believed in gods and Buddhas and ask for their blessings. I will quit the CCP.” His wife added, “I will quit, too, even though we are longstanding CCP members.”

Longstanding CCP Member: “Accept Their Advice and Quit the CCP to Be Safe”

Hearing mention of the dead pigs floating in Huangpu River, another older man frowned, “I am nervous and scared. These kind of things never happened before. It seems that the CCP is going to perish. I am afraid that the citizens will go with it. Those poor citizens have no way out!” The volunteer said that the best way to be saved is to quit the CCP. "More than 140 million Chinese have quit already." The man said, “I have not believed in Communism for a long time. I will quit the CCP. I really believe that gods are watching you above your head.”

He then caught up with his wife and daughter and told them to quit, also. He then told a volunteer nearby, “I am a CCP member. They only joined the Party's affiliated organizations. Please help them quit those organizations.” The volunteer said, “I'll do it. But they themselves have to agree.” His daughter agreed, but his wife was silent. Unnerved by her silence, the man said to his wife, “We all quit the CCP. We all need to be safe. You have heard about the dead pigs. It's not safe. Please accept the advice and quit those organizations for safety.” She finally nodded.

Middle-Aged Man: “I Feel Like I've Done Something Good and Sensible after Quitting the CCP”

A man in his 40s came with his wife, daughter, and mother. He said, “I believe that the CCP's days are numbered. Not only me, everyone around me privately has said so. Everyone really hates the CCP. Thank you for helping my family quit the CCP. I feel so good and sensible.”