(Minghui.org) Mr. Guo Chuanjiang and Mr. Liu Huali from Anshan City were arrested by officers from the Tietong District Domestic Security Division at 6:00 p.m. on April 14, 2012. Their cash (over 3,000 yuan from each person), cell phones, a van valued at over 100,000 yuan and other personal belongings were confiscated, and they were taken to Anshan No. 1 Detention Center.

Officers from the Tiedong District Police Department sent case documents for Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu to the Procuratorate three times in an attempt to sentence them, but the documents were returned to the police department as the evidence was considered insufficient. Officers Qiao Yougang and Zhang Yi, who were involved with the case, then sent the case documents directly to the Tiedong District Court and bypassed the normal procedure.

Officials at the Tiedong District Court held a court session for Mr. Guo, Mr. Liu and another practitioner Mr. Cai Hongbo. Mr. Cai was sentenced to eleven years and was taken to Pingluo Prison in Shenyang City. Mr. Guo was sentenced to four years and Mr. Liu to two years. Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu did not agree with the verdict and their family members appealed to the Anshan Middle Court.

He Jianyu, in his forties, from the No. 2 Criminal Court, was in charge of the case and refused to meet with Mr. Guo's mother, who is 81, and Mr. Liu's mother, who is 76. The appeal was held at Anshan Middle Court, and the original verdict was upheld. Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu were then taken to Pingluo Prison on March 20, 2013 and their family members were not informed.

Mr. Guo was not accepted by the prison authorities after he failed the physical examination with having very high blood pressure and was taken back to Anshan No. 1 Detention Center on the same day. Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu's families went to the detention center to visit them on March 21, 2013. But Mr. Liu's mother was not able to see her son.

The mothers of Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu went to the Tiedong District Police Department on March 22, 2013 to ask for the return of their sons' belongings. They were met by officer Xue, who would not return the items to them and forced them out of the building.

Those involved in the persecution:

Anshan City Middle Court: +86-412-2698921 (Office)
He Jianyu, from the No. 2 Criminal Court: +86- 412-2265095 (Office)
Zhou Weicheng, deputy secretary of Anshan City Political and Legislative Affairs Committee: +86-312- 5515579 (Office)
Xu Qibin, deputy director of Anshan City Police Department: +86-412-5512509 (Office), +86- 15942230007 (Cell)
Anshan No.1 Detention Center: +86-412-2960506 (Office)
Gao, guard at Anshan City No.1 Detention Center: +86-15698902189 (Cell)
Wu Gangzhuang, director of Tiedong District Police Department: +86-412-5541111 (Office), +86-412-2229222 (Home), +86-15698904444 (Cell)