(Minghui.org) Ms. Gong Qunya began practicing Falun Dafa a year ago and is a full-time student at Neijiang Teachers College, majoring in Chinese Literature.


She left the university around noon on March 8, 2013, after being questioned by the school security division officials and Party secretaries, and has been missing ever since.


The school authorities made an external announcement that she “took a year off due to her father being sick.” Ms. Gong has been living with her mother since her parents divorced in 2007 and has had very little contact with her father.


She started practicing Falun Gong not long ago and regained her health from the practice. However, she has been facing many troubles since she was reported by her roommates for practicing Falun Gong.


The school security officials threatened to take her to the police and attempted to force her to write a “guarantee statement” on the morning of March 8.


Ms. Gong ran away from school without any source of income, and she hasn't contacted any of her relatives. Her mother was lied to by the school authorities so she mistakenly blamed her daughter, and said that she would send the school a silk banner to show her appreciation.



Practicing Dafa Cured Ms. Gong's Illnesses and Changed Her Life

Ms. Gong is originally from Dazhou City. She was admitted to Neijiang Teachers College in 2010 as a Chemistry major. By the end of the year, she had switched her major to Chinese Literature. During her two and a half years of studying at the university, Ms. Gong had met many people and made many friends. She is known not only as a girl who loves literature, but also as a girl who used to suffer from many illnesses and had to constantly take medication. She also had depression and yearned to understand the meaning of life. By immersing herself in books and reading, she slowly found a direction in life.


Ms. Gong was given a Falun Dafa book and started practicing cultivation in the winter of 2012. She conducted herself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in her daily life and all of her symptoms of illness disappeared.



Ms. Gong Was Reported by Her Roommates

Shortly after the new semester started in 2013, two of Ms. Gong's roommates who had misconceptions about Falun Dafa due to the regime's propaganda, reported her to their homeroom professor.


Ms. Gong remained calm and explained the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to her professor and roommates. Her professor and roommates told her, “We know that your practice is good, but you have to be careful. We do have to report all of this to the school authorities because it is our responsibility.”


Later that day, Weng Liming, the Party secretary of the Chinese Department, and Wang Ying, an instructor, along with another staff member, questioned Ms. Gong in the Party secretary's office in the Chinese Department. Ms. Gong told them about what she had read and practiced, and what she knew about Falun Dafa.


They said she was very reasonable, yet they asked her to not admit that she practiced Falun Dafa to ensure her own safety.



Pressured to Quit Practicing Falun Dafa

Ms. Gong thought that was the end of it, but she received a phone call from her homeroom professor Yi Xiaohui around 10 a.m. on March 8, telling her to go to the Chinese Department immediately. At the time, she only had her books and a cellphone with her in a black backpack.


When she arrived in a hurry at the Chinese Department, the Party secretary and her homeroom professor both told her not to be scared and that everything would be fine as long as she answered the questions honestly and followed any instructions given.


Ms. Gong was apprehensive, but the questioning started right away. Among those that participated in this meeting were the chiefs of the school security division, Party secretary Weng Liming, Wang Ying, homeroom professor Yi, and another professor Kang, who transcribed the meeting.


The meeting took place in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Chinese Department building. Ms. Gong was asked many questions, including where she had begun the practice, how she contacted other practitioners, and where her Falun Dafa books were. Since all who were present were professors and officials of the school, she answered the questions honestly.


The school security division chief then asked her to make a written statement to guarantee that she would not practice Falun Dafa anymore. Ms. Gong explained in detail that what she practiced was a righteous and good practice. The division chief remained silent but everyone else took turns trying to convince her to renounce the practice.


The division chief then said, “If you don't write a guarantee statement, you will no longer be sitting here this afternoon and it will not be the school professors who ask you these questions,” implying that she would be sent to the police department.



Forced to Flee or Be Taken to the Police

The class bell rang and Ms. Gong asked, “Can I go back to the dorm and think about it? I have a headache.”


Her homeroom professor, who was standing right by her at the time, asked, “Can you promise that you will think about it independently when you get back to the dorm?” She replied, “Yes.” It was about 12:30 p.m. at the time and the professors and officials all started to get hungry so they let her go.


Before she left, they specifically told her that she absolutely had to turn in her “guarantee statement” before the end of the day.


Ms. Gong quickly left and has not been seen since. Her family and friends are worried.


Ms. Gong lives with her mother and younger brother. On hearing the news, her mother left her grocery store business, her only source of income, unattended and traveled to Neijiang. She was distressed and cried when she arrived at the university. She stayed at a nearby hotel for a week waiting for her daughter to return.


Ms. Gong's personal belongings, including a Mac laptop computer, were confiscated and the family was told only Ms. Gong herself could get them back.


If any of the students come to her dorm to make inquiries, they are reported to the homeroom professor by her roommates. All of her good friends were told by the school authorities not to contact her mother.