(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Puhe is from the Qingdeli Ranch in Sanjiang Land Reclamation Authority, Heilongjiang Province. He was held for ten years in the Jiamusi Prison. After he left the prison on December 24, 2012, he was diagnosed with a “secondary disability” by judicial appraisal and was no longer able to work. Mr. Zhang applied for federal financial compensation on January 15, 2013; however, the Hejiang Procuratorate in Jiamusi City refused to take any action.

On January 15, 2013, Mr. Zhang's attorney went to the Jiamusi Prison to submit legal documents regarding his application for compensation. The attorney was attacked and verbally abused by Liu Xiaoqing, chief of the prison political department, and another person in the office. They claimed that they would confront Mr. Zhang. That afternoon, the attorney went to the Hejiang Procuratorate in Jiamusi and submitted all the legal documents for Mr. Zhang to apply for “Federal Financial Compensation.” A female with the surname Zhang accepted the documents.

According to the law, there should be a response within two months. On the afternoon of March 20, 2013, the attorney went to the Hejiang Procuratorate to inquire about this case. The deputy attorney general said that they would not be able to respond until they had gone to the Jiamusi Prison for an investigation. This was their only response after two months.

Mr. Zhang Puhe is 48 years old and started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. He disciplined himself with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He used to have all kinds of diseases, but the practice of Falun Gong turned him into a healthy man with high moral character. At his workplace, he always considered others, and took care of the workers. As a middle level official, whenever he had time, he would do some work for the workers. At home, he took care of his parents and loved his wife and son. He used to have a very happy family.

On December 25, 2002, Mr. Zhang Puhe's home was broken into by police from the Qianjin District Police Department in Jiamusi. The police arrested him, then interrogated and tortured him. Mr. Zhang was sentenced to ten years in prison. On June 13, 2002, he was detained in the Jiamusi Prison, where he was tortured mentally and physically. His private parts were shocked with 30,000-volt electric batons; he was kicked and hit; he was locked up in a small cell; he was injected with unknown drugs in the prison hospital, causing his legs to swell; and as a result he could not walk or take care of his daily life.

After Mr. Zhang left the prison, he had a complete physical examination, and was diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy, lacunar infarction, arteriosclerosis obliterations of the lower limbs, and secondary pulmonary tuberculosis in the lungs, with right pleural thickening. He was diagnosed with a “secondary disability” by judicial appraisal.

Now Mr. Zhang Puhe is homeless and handicapped with no family. He has no income, no stable place to live and no ability to take care of his daily needs. However, the workplaces that persecuted him continued to threaten him. We hope kind-hearted people will work together to stop this persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Personnel responsible for the persecution:
Warden of the Jiamusi Prison in Heilongjiang Province, Ye Feng: +86-13351666999 (Cell)
Warden of Jiamusi Prison, Li Haojun
Chief of prison political department in Jiamusi Prison, Liu Xiaoqing: +86-13846150345 (Cell)
Deputy attorney general of the Hejiang Procuratorate in Jiamusi, Xia Yaguang

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