(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Liu Wei, Ms. Ji Zengli and others from Nongan County, Jilin Province, were arrested in November of last year. They were interrogated and tortured and are still in the Nongan County Detention Center. It is hoped that their situation can get the attention of the outside world.

From the evening of November 2, 2012, to the next morning, the National Security Brigade Criminal Police Division of the Nongan County Police Department and police branch stations in each township began a mass arrest targeting Falun Gong practitioners in Nongan County. Granny Guo, 85; Yang Hongbiao, Xiu Jixue; Chang Baojun and his wife, Wang Yajuan; Zhang Guozhen; Liu Wei and his wife, Leng Xiaoli; Ji Zengli; Wu Si; etc. were arrested. On the same day of the arrest, police interrogated Liu Wei, Yang Hongbiao, Chang Bao-Jun, Zhang Guozhen, Ji Zengli using torture methods.

Mr. Liu Wei

A dozen officers from National Security Brigade and Criminal Police Division broke into Mr. Liu Wei's home and arrested him and his wife, Leng Xiaoli, ransacking their home on November 2. They took away 100,000 cash, laptops, a desktop computer, printers (monochrome and color), a DVD burner, and several cell phones.

On that cold, wintery November day, Mr. Liu was taken barefoot and beaten by police. He tried once to escape, but he was recaptured. The police handcuffed him in the interrogation chair. The handcuffs cut into his flesh. They also poured ice cold water over his head and opened the window so that he would freeze.

On November 3, Mr. Liu was taken to the criminal detention center. Interrogations in the detention center are more brutal. Police from the National Security Brigade and Criminal Police Division hit him with pickaxe handles. He was beaten black and blue and passed out. His leg was still swollen badly after one month.

Ms. Ji Zengli

On the evening of November 2, 2012, Ms. Ji Zengli was arrested and taken to the Gucheng Police Branch Station. Police kicked her, punched her, and slapped her face. When she was taken to the detention center at midnight, her face was still swollen. She escaped with handcuffs while the police were asleep. She hid in a farmhouse, but the owner, who did not understand the truth of Falun Gong, chased her out. She was caught again. During the interrogation in the detention center, the team lead of the anti-narcotics brigade whose last name is Liu kicked her and cursed her.

Ms. Zhang Guozhen

Ms. Zhang Guozhen, 52, was arrested on November 3, 2012. This slight woman was beaten by police who targeted her stomach and legs. As a result, her abdomen and legs were injured. She was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital in Changchun. She was hospitalized in the Provincial Labor Camp Hospital for a month. A piece of bone was taken out of her leg. On February 6, the police took her back to the Nongan County Detention Center.

Granny Guo

Granny Guo was held down by 16 officers from the Criminal Police Division when she opened the door to pour water out in the morning on November 3, 2012. They dragged the old lady back into the house and ransacked it. They took a computer, printers (monochrome and color), a DVD burner, and a blanching machine. They also took away over 100,000 yuan, her pension money. They dragged her to the police vehicle and took her to the police department for interrogation.

On the afternoon of November 17, police officer Lu from the National Security Team told practitioners to sign the search warrants that were dated November 3. He said whoever wanted to get out of there had to sign.

Mr. Liu Wei, Yang Hongbiao, Chang Bao-Jun, and Ms. Zhang Guozhen are still in the Nongan County Detention Center. Xiu Jixue, and Wang Yajuan's circumstances are unknown.

We hope people will pay attention to these Falun Gong practitioners and stop the persecution.