(Minghui.org) Currently, several Falun Gong practitioners, including formerly missing practitioners Li Fuhong, Pu Weiquan, Zeng Hengtao, and five others whose names are not known, all from Meizhou City, are being held in the Fuda Detention Center in Mei County, Guangdong Province.

Mr. Li Fuhong, 46, is a resident of the Shikeng District, Mei County. While working in Meizhou City, he was arrested for posting “Falun Dafa is good” fliers and passing out videos about the persecution of Falun Dafa and the benefits of the practice. He has been held for over three months at Fuda Detention Center. About a month ago, there was a secret court judgment, but Mr. Li hasn't yet received any notification of the verdict. Mr. Li is in Section 7 of the Fuda Detention Center.

Because Mr. Li's wife divorced him and is working in another town, leaving their 12-year-old daughter home alone, Mr. Li's family still doesn't know about his arrest and detention. It is this reporter's hope that some kind-hearted people will inform Mr. Li's family of his whereabouts so they can send him money or clothing.

Other practitioners reportedly being held in the Fuda Detention Center include Pu Weiquan in Section 4 and Zeng Hengtao in Section 5.

About 45 days ago, a 60-year-old female practitioner from Wuhua County and four other female practitioners were taken to Fuda Women's Detention Center. They were arrested while on their way back to Meicheng from Wuhua County. The practitioner from Wuhua County has probably been transferred back there.