(Minghui.org) After reading the editorial entitled "Are You a Cultivator? (with Master's Commentary),” I was deeply touched. I uncovered many of my human attachments and realized that cultivation is a serious matter. I want to remind those practitioners who are self-centered, with strong human attachments and a show-off mentality, some of whom have even developed demonic interference from their own minds and haven't even realized the danger, that they need to examine themselves and look inward. If they truly think they are still cultivators, they need to be determined to eliminate their human notions, rectify themselves in the Fa, and become true disciples who can assist Master in validating Dafa.

Teacher explicitly pointed out that cultivation in Dafa is not only an issue of individual cultivation with the goal to achieve consummation, it is also for practitioners to fulfill their mission to save sentient beings in the Fa-rectification. In order to minimize losses and suppress the persecution of Dafa practitioners, Master has endured enormous suffering. We can only cultivate diligently and meet the requirements of Dafa in order to relieve Master's suffering.

Those practitioners with strong human notions are already on the edge of danger. However, being very self-centered, they still think that they are at a high level. Relying on being part of the one-body, they satisfy their own human attachments. Some practitioners in mainland China are attached to eloquence and showing-off and do not consider others’ safety. They often held large scale experience sharing conferences. Consequently, because their mindset was not righteous, several dozen practitioners were arrested during these conferences in certain areas. Some have become the main collaborators in prisons and helped to brainwash determined practitioners.

I am not saying that we should not hold experience sharing conferences. In fact, an annual experience sharing conference is what Master left us as a form of cultivation. However, some practitioners take it as a project. During the conference, they took too much time talking about themselves and sang songs after the conference. Some were even songs from ordinary people's society. An experience sharing conference is for practitioners to find their shortcomings so that we can improve. It is not meant for showing off. Some people have unconsciously changed the formality and purpose of a Fa conference. Singing and reciting poems are things that deviate from the Fa. When other practitioners pointed this out to that person and reminded him about the article, which had been published by the Minghui editors, he even asked, "Are these Teacher's words?"

In the Minghui editorial "Are You a Cultivator?" Teacher commented,

"I want to make something clear: It is not only the evil that is attacking Minghui with various means--when practitioners don't remove their human thoughts, they, too, play that damaging role."

Some practitioners are so self-centered that they cannot tolerate anyone else. They are in charge of some projects. When conflicts arise, they will find excuses and say that the words on the Minghui website are not Master's.

In fact, all this is interference and is the direct cause of the evils attack on the Minghui website. If every one of us can realize the importance of the Minghui website and safeguard our cultivation environment, the evil beings will not be able to take advantage of these loopholes. Aren't all these troubles caused by our human notions?

Some practitioners boasted about how they escaped from prison instead of examining themselves and looking inward in order to find out why they were persecuted in the first place. They think that they reached a high level because they were able to escape. They developed demonic interference from their own mind and didn't even realize it, then traveled around and disturbed other practitioners.

There are yet many other things going on that do not conform to the Fa. Fellow practitioners, let's all calm down and look inward. If we don't wake up, we will lose this precious opportunity. Please, let go of self. We are so insignificant in this immense universe.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.