(Minghui.org) The majority of Dafa disciples are very conscientious about following Master's request to do the three things well. They treasure the hard-earned opportunity to cultivate during the Fa-rectification period and to help save sentient beings before calamity strikes.

However, there are also some practitioners who do not cherish the time Master has painstakingly extended for us and focus their attention instead on trivial matters. They are wasting this precious Fa-rectification cultivation opportunity and have brought huge losses to themselves.

For example, we know that disciples are fortunate to be able to utilize the internet to get around the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) information blockade. This enables Dafa practitioners both inside and outside of China to form one body and advance together. However, some practitioners have created their own websites or blogs in China and overseas to promote “divinely passed down culture” by pasting information out-of-context.

Since some Mainland practitioners fear clarifying the facts directly due to security risks, the best they can do is guide people to do good things. Still, the practitioners involved in such activities really enjoy what they are doing and even think that promoting the so-called “divinely passed down culture” is assisting Master in Fa-rectification.

After they failed to get their articles published on Minghui, some practitioners posted them on alternative websites. The content, however, involves inappropriate discussions like what they had seen through their third eye and telling people about their own understanding of the Fa. These unhealthy deviations have caused serious interference to a number of practitioners.

I often also see Master's teachings copied and pasted out-of-context in blogs or on websites in Mainland China. Due to security concerns, the senders did not identify themselves. Some practitioners also posted Shen Yun performance photos without identifying that they were photos of Shen Yun. They just said they were traditional culture. In an even worse case, I saw the Falun emblem being turned into a “polygonal” shape and used as a profile portrait on a Facebook page.

I remember when sharing with a fellow practitioner, he said to me, “I just don't understand. Why did Master disseminate the Fa this way, but not that way?” Immediately I understood why his cultivation state had been rather poor all these years. He always thought the cultivation path should be according to his notions, instead of unconditionally following the way Master has required!

A number of practitioners feel that, under the current circumstances in Mainland China, it is still too dangerous to clarify the facts to people and do the three withdrawals face-to-face; therefore, they worked out a shortcut by pasting some “divinely passed down culture” content on the Internet. Also, such people tend to group themselves into small cliques and even flatter each other, saying so and so used to be so and so in history, and how extraordinary they were, just to satisfy their attachments to zealotry and vanity.

In fact, this is no different than misleading themselves and others.

We all know that the traditional Chinese culture is divinely-bestowed culture. The purpose of establishing such culture is many-sided. On one hand, it was to demonstrate the mighty power of gods, enrich the inner profundity of human beings and to maintain the existence and development of mankind.

But the most important aspect was to lay a cultural foundation so that human beings would able to understand and recognize divine principles when Dafa is being disseminated. At the same time, the divinely inspired culture can also help people in today's China to break away from evil notions propagated by the CCP, so that they can understand the truth and be saved by the Fa.

If we equate promoting divinely passed down culture with assisting Master with Fa-rectification, it is the same as “attending to the superficial while neglecting the essentials.” Even if someone believes in divinely passed down culture, it does not mean he understands the facts about Dafa and sees through the evil nature of the CCP. And if he refuses to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, can he still have a future?

One of the reasons the “Qingxin Forum” was closed down was because it had become an internal forum among practitioners and did not do much to clarify the facts to people.

We should have learned a serious lesson from this. But some practitioners held grudges against the Falun Dafa Association (FXH) and Dafa websites, so they drew other disciples in and started doing their own thing. Some even posted Minghui editorials on their Facebook page, which only served to provide CCP agents with targets. These practitioners even went so far as to slander and undermine Minghui. How could such conduct be considered in accordance with the Fa?

Through Fa-study, we all understand the greatness of our Master and the seriousness of cultivation. We understand that the time we have to validate the Fa did not come to us easily. Then, how can we take things for granted at this historical moment that will end in a flash? Isn't such behavior driven by attachments to zealotry?

As cultivators, we all have shortcomings, but we need to recognize them and have the courage to change and do well again.

There is a coordinator in our local area, and whenever others point out her shortcomings, she immediately admits them and makes amends. She often says, “I should also let go of my attachment to saving face. As long as they are my shortcomings, I will amend them right away.” As a result, everyone is willing to work with her, so we cooperate well as one body.

If we truly want to be genuine Dafa disciples, then we should act according to Master's requirements unconditionally. When we come across problems we should check within ourselves for causes and do well in helping to save people based on solid cultivation and elevation of our xinxing.

We must cooperate well with established Dafa websites and local practitioners and keep the focus on saving sentient beings, instead of spreading our own stuff or establishing small cliques. This only serves to cancel out the effectiveness of Dafa disciples and provide loopholes for the evil to exploit.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything improper.