(Minghui.org) This past year I have spent all of my spare time clarifying the facts about Falun Gong over the telephone to people in mainland China. The following is a brief account of a call that I made to a Chinese policeman.

When I initially called and asked the man to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with a pseudonym he said, “As a policeman, I am supposed to arrest Falun Gong practitioners.” I said, ”You say so because you are not aware of the true story about Falun Gong. If you understand the facts, you will never do that again.” Then we were disconnected because of some technical problems.

After several minutes, I called him back: “I can tell from your voice that you are a person with a good heart, so I am very worried about you arresting Falun Gong practitioners.” I then told him about the dissemination of Falun Gong around the world and the self-immolation hoax at Tiananmen Square fabricated by the CCP, emphasizing the atrocities and cruelty the CCP utilized in its persecution of practitioners.

The policeman said, “I have to arrest Falun Gong practitioners as it is required by my superiors to make money.” I replied: ”You can live a decent life off your salary, so you should not make such bloody money against your conscience. Do you think the gods will find you pardonable when you arrest good people? Your ancestors must have done something good and virtuous so that you could work as a policeman in this life, but what you are doing now is against humanity. It is comparable to war criminals of the Second World War, and they were brought to justice even though they tried to hide. Will this be your destiny? Have you considered your wife, children, and parents?”

He asked, “In China, there are Buddhists, Taoists, Christians and other religions, so why is only Falun Gong singled out to be wiped out?”

I said: “The CCP never stopped its suppression of those religious groups you just mentioned. The CCP agents took the place of the monks and priests and undermined the religions from inside them. As you can see, the monks and Taoists are now ranked with the CCP bureaucracy titles. They are no less corrupt than the CCP bureaus and are much more rich than you.

“In China, the Catholic church is called 'patriotic Catholic church,' implying the 'CCP's patriotic Catholic church,' and not acknowledged by the Roman Catholic Church. Often they hold ceremonies to revere the CCP, where they chant the CCP's anthems that promote violence, killing and raising its bloody flags. Beneath their religious form is their mundane interests for money and power. Isn't that ridiculous?

“There are millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China who lead their lives according to the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They are people who truly want to be good people. Do you think the heaven will tolerate the CCP's persecution of good people and never bother to interfere? Perhaps you know the story of the young lady Dou-er, who was sentenced to death by a false judgment one thousand years ago. Heaven was so incensed by the false judging that three years of utter drought was sent to the land as punishment.

“Thousands of innocent people have now been killed, more grievously than Dou-er, just for practicing Falun Gong. Will heaven tolerate this? If man does not take a stand on this, heaven certainly will. The karmic law of the universe dictates that everyone has to be held accountable for what they have done. Why have so many police died of sickness? Besides those who were executed by the CCP, many have actually died as punishment from heaven. Treating Falun Gong practitioners well is treating yourself well. Protecting Falun Gong practitioners is protecting yourself and your family.”

He argued, “But I have to make a living.” I said, “Many CCP officials who are in higher positions than you understand the facts of Falun Gong and in their own ways, protect colleagues who are Falun Gong practitioners. You can do that, too. When you are ordered by your superiors to arrest Falun Gong practitoiners, you can send warning messages to them so that they can escape before you arrive. Later on they will be able to testify on your behalf that you were not a criminal in the persection of Falun Gong.”

The police officer said, “When we arrest Falun Gong practitioners, we just subject them to some 'education,' rather than killing them.”

I replied, “Falun Gong practitioners are innocent people who have committed no crimes, don't profit at the expense of others, and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Why would you want to 'transform' these good people to the corrupt and filthy mentality of the CCP? You are doing a very bad thing.”

Finally, he agreed: “Yes, Falun Gong practitioners are very nice people. They are very honest.”

I said, “You are naive to believe that they are only subjected to some 'education.' As a matter of fact, you may not know it, but the CCP subjects the arrested practitioners to blood tests and kills them for their internal organs for transplantation to make money. The CCP becomes rich by committing such atrocities with blood on their hands. Isn't that the most horrifying crime imaginable? ”

He suddenly understood what I meant, grumbling, “I will not persecute or arrest them anymore. I can ignore the orders by my superiors and tell them that there are no Falun Gong practitioners in my region.”

I then told him to redeem his guilt by reporting other people's crimes in persecuting Falun Gong. He recorded the telephone and fax numbers of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). I explained how to download the Free Gate software that breaks the Internet blockade and suggested that he read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and visit the Epoch Times website. He agreed with no hesitation.

I then advised him to withdraw from the CCP: “Because you have persecuted Falun Gong, doing it with a pseudonym will not work for you. You have to do it with your real name.” He hesitated, “I had sworn that I would never betray the CCP, even toy death.”

I replied, “The CCP has deceived the Chinese people into making such a pledge. Is there anyone in China who still has faith in communism and the CCP? Over 130 million Chinese have already withdrawn from the Party. More and more people have now become aware of its treachery and its end is coming soon. Very soon the heaven will destroy it. If you withdraw from the Party now, you will not be weeded out along with it when the heaven eliminates it. Isn't that good? Here falls upon you such a rare opportunity; you cannot afford to miss it.”

After hearing this, he provided his name and said, “Please help me quit the CCP.” He also asked me to help his wife do the same. I could hear that his wife was listening to our conversation beside him.

When I was about to say goodbye, he asked, “I also want to learn Falun Gong. How can I join you?” I replied, “We do not have any organization or office. People can practice anywhere for free.” I then told him about the Minghui website and said: “You can read all of the lectures of the founder of Falun Gong there, and you can learn the exercises from the video. Everything is free for downloading. If you have any questions, you can also contact practitioners in your neighborhood.”

He said with gratitude: “Good, good, thank you, thank you!” From his tone I could sense his joy and excitement for having been saved. Thanks to fellow practitioners in his locality for their righteous thoughts and actions, which no doubt prepared him so that he could finally be saved today.

In the 20 minutes on the call, what I did was only to clarify the facts with words. It was Master who eliminated the evil behind him and revived his conscience, so that he could cut himself off from the evil CCP and ultimately be saved. Through this experience, Master also encouraged me to do well the three things that Falun Gong practitioners should do and save as many sentient being as possible.