(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1996. I quickly went from being burdened with all sorts of illnesses to good health. From the beginning, I spent a lot time studying the teachings, memorizing them, and, with other practitioners, telling others about the practice. As a result I established a very strong foundation for my future cultivation.

Opening up and Establishing a Better Environment

When the persecution of Dafa began in 1999, I went to Tiananmen Square to protest the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) unlawful decision. I was detained for a month. Afterwards, I was jailed, money was extorted from me, and my house was raided multiple times. Due to threats from the authorities and what he felt was a diminished family life, my husband sided with the CCP. He gave me all sorts of trouble, beating and scolding me and threatening me with divorce.

At the time, officials often came to my home to “chat” with me. They even followed me when I went grocery shopping, and would “stand guard” outside my home at night. They also made phone calls to harass me. My mother-in-law and other family members kept a constant eye on me to prevent me from contacting other practitioners.

I felt like I could hardly breathe. But, in my heart, I still had one thought: No matter what, the evil would never be able to change my faith.

To enable people to understand the truth about Falun Gong, I made banners and flyers with about the persecution. However, I felt that something wasn’t right about the fact that I was constantly being monitored while I was letting people know the truth.

In Zhuan Falun, Master related the story of how Shakyamuni asked his disciple to wash the stone bathtub. We are disciples of the Lord of Buddhas and must manage such situations with righteous thoughts. I absolutely could not allow my cultivation and day-to-day life to be interfered with like that. So, if someone came to harass me, I would go to his home and tell him the facts.

I first visited the director of the women’s union at her home to clarify the truth about the persecution. I explained everything, from the April 25th incident to how Dafa has been embraced around the world, as well as why Jiang Zemin's evil gang was persecuting Falun Gong. I spent an entire afternoon with her. She finally understood and, from then on, never to harassed me again.

Subsequently, I went to the village committee members to tell them the truth. They said that they would no longer do something so detestable.

Once, while I was out walking, I happened across a person who had made several harassing phone calls to my home to intimidate my family. I asked him, “Why do you keep calling my home? My husband is easily frightened. If you keep scaring him to death like that, who’s going to be held responsible?” He reddened and said, “It was ‘those people’ who told me to call you.” I said, “Do you still not know what kind of people Falun Gong practitioners are? Doing such bad deeds is not good for you. He replied, “I understand.” From then on, he no longer harassed us with phone calls.

Another time, I had just arrived at home when someone told me to go to the village committee to meet the deputy head of our town. She said, “I saw you when I was driving in the city. What were you doing there?” I replied, “What right do you have to restrict my freedom? Doesn’t everyone have relatives, friends, and colleagues they meet with?” Later on, this person also came to understand the truth.

Saving People

I've used many different methods to save people. I have distributed informational materials, posted messages, written letters, handed out Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs, encouraged people to quit the CCP and its youth organizations, and so on. Along the way, I've sometimes encountered difficult situations, but, with Master’s merciful protection, I have always emerged unharmed.

I remember once when a fellow practitioner and I went to a village 30 miles outside the city to clarify the truth. We encountered an old man who was working in the fields. I asked him, “Sir, are you busy? We would like to tell you something.” Before I could say more, he interrupted, “I know now, you have come to bring me good fortune.”

With that, he got so excited he began to clap and jump up and down like a small child, yelling, “I’m saved, I’m saved, I’m finally saved!” I asked him if someone had talked to him before, but he said, “No one has spoken to me before, and I am not educated. It’s the other side of me that understands.”

Through further conversation we discovered that this old man seemed to have the gift of foresight. He knew about many things and about things that would happen in the future. He also used his real name to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

One night I went out alone with some informational materials and banners. I hung up a banner between two trees along a county road. I still had some materials left to distribute, but then I heard a noise behind me.

Looking back, I saw a car following me. The faster I walked, the faster the car went. Just as I neared a street corner, the car suddenly sped up and stopped on my right, just ahead of me. I remained very calm.

An idea from Zhuan Falun surfaced in my mind about how laws govern ordinary people’s affairs, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. I thought how we are above ordinary beings and are doing things according to the universe’s Great Law; no one can touch us.

It was as if some force simply immobilized the car. I walked past it and headed towards home. When I looked back, the car was driving off in the other direction.

In the course of saving people, one will encounter all sorts of people. Once I was clarifying the truth outside a large shopping center in the county. A lady had just emerged from the shopping mall and was heading off. I walked up to her and said, “Please take this VCD, it’s very interesting.”

She started shouting as if she had been startled, “Falun Gong is spreading such things in broad daylight! Do you even know who you are talking to?” I then knew that this lady was not an average person.

I steadied my thoughts, smiled at her, and said: “No matter what your occupation is, I know that you’re a good person. Good people should understand the truth about Falun Gong and guarantee themselves a good future.” Her attitude changed immediately. Not only did she stop shouting, she smiled and said, “Let me have one then!”

Getting Rid of Defamatory Posters

One day, posters slandering Dafa were put up on the window of the gatehouse of a family compound in our county, poisoning people’s minds.

Some of us in the Fa study group decided to get rid of the posters, while the rest of us would cooperate by sending righteous thoughts from nearby. They would send righteous thoughts to hold back the security guards and to ensure that the security cameras would only be able to videotape ordinary people and not practitioners.

The next afternoon, we rode a motorbike to the compound. I felt as though our surroundings had become very still, with not a single person around. Two of us went in quickly, removed the posters, and left. We then destroyed them.

In actuality, nothing happens by accident on our cultivation path. It all depends on whether we disciples view the situation with human notions or righteous thoughts. We can only have the desire to do something, whereas Master is the one who is actually taking care of everything.

On the way home, I suddenly felt a sharp pain, as though something had stabbed me in my chest and back. When I was near the bend toward my home, even though it was a calm and windless day, a huge gust of wind suddenly swirled up from the ground. The whirlwind was about 4-5 stories high, sweeping up lots of dust and trash.

A black shadow lunged towards me from inside the dust devil. I didn’t have time to evade it, but, just when I was about to be engulfed, Master’s formula for sending righteous thoughts flashed through my mind: “The Fa rectifies the Cosmos; the Evil is completely eliminated.“ Immediately, the black shape shrank and sped off to the south.

Although doing these things appears very simple, they manifest in another dimension as a great battle between good and evil. The evil beings and rotten ghosts are not willing to be eliminated and are putting up one last struggle. But when they are facing true Dafa disciples, they are nothing and are only fated to be destroyed.

Don’t Get Caught up in Attachments to the Secular World

I still have many things to improve on in my cultivation, and I also have conflicts with other practitioners when we’re doing projects together. Many attachments surface, especially when I’m doing Fa-validating activities with male practitioners. Over time, some practitioners say all sorts of things and even start talking about relationships between men and women.

At first, I really hated the practitioners who said such things, and I couldn’t cool down inside. Later, through studying the Fa and looking within, I elevated in my xinxing, and no longer resented those practitioners.

I realized that I just wanted to hear pleasant things and didn’t want to hear unpleasant comments. The fact that I was affected by their unpleasant comments was proof that I was still not mature in my cultivation. I am very grateful to practitioners for giving me the opportunity to elevate in my xinxing. It has helped me to better appreciate how solemn cultivation is.