Name: Liu Zhi (刘志)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Shenyang, Liaoning
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 12, 2011
Most Recent Place of Detention: Liaoning Province Women's Prison (辽宁省女子监狱)
Detention City:
Detention Province:
Persecution Suffered:
Forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, interrogation, detention, and other unknown torture methods

( Ms. Liu Zhi, a Falun Gong practitioner from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, has been imprisoned in Liaoning Women’s Prison for more than one year. Because of her firm belief in Falun Dafa and refusal to “transform,” she has been tortured in prison. Now she is extremely underweight and can't move her arms and legs. She is dying. Her family has asked the prison officials several times to release her, but they refuse to do so.

Ms. Liu Zhi couldn’t even sit in a wheelchair when her family went to visit her on November 15, 2012. She slipped out of the wheelchair twice within 10 minutes, and each time, two inmates pulled her back into the wheelchair. She couldn’t move by herself at all. She could not lift her arms or legs, which were hanging uselessly. She couldn't hold her head up either. It’s difficult for her to speak. Ms. Liu Zhi’s second oldest brother wanted to meet Xu Min, vice president of the prison, but was stopped and beaten by several police officers at the first floor of Xu Min’s office building. Ms. Liu Zhi’s family said they had requested many times to meet Xu Min, but were tersely refused by the prison officials. Ms. Liu Zhi has been tortured to the brink of death. Her family said they would definitely take legal action against the prison staff.

The last time her family saw her, on October 18, Ms. Liu Zhi was capable of sitting in a wheelchair without any help. However, only a month later, her physical condition had drastically deteriorated. Moreover, it was clear that she dared not to talk about what had happened to her. Her family suspected that the officials in Liaoning Women's Prison took revenge on her because during that visit police officers Bian and Yuan, who monitored Ms. Liu, told the family that they had each received a letter accusing them of their crimes.

On October 18, Ms. Liu Zhi's daughter brought her a pair of shoes and some cooked yellow croaker [small fish]. Although Ms. Liu Zhi's shoe size is normally 39 [cm], her daughter brought size 42 because her mother's legs and feet had become so swollen. After meeting with her family, Ms. Liu Zhi returned to her cell and found that the shoes she had been given were only size 37 and the fish was spicy yellow croaker. In prison, Ms. Liu Zhi had developed haemorrhoids and so she couldn't eat spicy food. The jail guard instigated other inmates to force the fish into Ms. Liu Zhi's mouth, and said, “How can we let you feel comfortable?”

Ms. Liu Zhi's family was really angry about her condition, so on November 28, 2012, they went to the Management Bureau of Liaoning Province Prison to complain, and then unfolded banners that asked the bureau to investigate the mistreatment exacted on Ms. Liu Zhi and to allow her to return to freedom and health. Their complaints aroused a lot of attention from passersby. Some people used their cell phones to take pictures.

Six police officers arrested Ms. Liu Zhi at her home on July 12, 2011. Later they took her to Liaoning Province Women's Prison. In the summer of 2011, Ms. Liu Zhi was detained in the “strictly-monitored” group and the inmates who were ordered to monitor the practitioners often insulted and cursed her. Due to serious mistreatment, by the fall of 2011, she couldn't walk on her own, nor could she continue doing the hard labor in the prison shop. Ms. Liu Zhi's family once asked the prison officials why she had been tortured like that. They requested her release so she could get medical treatment. However, the prison officials said they couldn't release her because she hadn't “transformed.” Currently, Ms. Liu Zhi is imprisoned in the Hospital Cells Area. The president of Liaoning Women's Prison Hospital is Yang Xiuming.

Address: Liaoning Women's Prison

Baixintai Village, Pingluo Town, Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Postal Code: 110145

Xu Min, President of Liaoning Province Women's Prison, female, about 50 years old, responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.
Cell: +86-15698806633
Tel: +86-24-89296633 (Office)

Yang Xiuming, President of Liaoning Province Women's Prison Hospital
Cell: +86-15698806671

Police officers in Liaoning Province Women's Prison: first several digits of their cell phones are all the same: 1569880