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4. Master's Protection and Encouragement

(1) A practitioner was hung up for 93 hours (fours day and three nights). Whenever she felt pain, she could feel Falun rotating on her arms, and she knew Master was protecting her.

(2) When one practitioner distributed Master's writings, she was discovered by the guards. They interrogated her about the practitioner who copied them. When she refused to give her name, she was savagely beaten by several guards. The wound left by a previous operation was hit and caused her extreme pain, but she was so resolute that she preferred to be beaten to death rather than talk. Since she had a righteous and firm heart, Master made it seem as though she had gone into shock. The guards were frightened that she would die and rushed her to the hospital. She soon recovered, and the guards gave up questioning her.

(3) A practitioner was shocked with electric batons, but she didn't feel any pain. Finally, the batons broke from overuse during the torture. Another time, this practitioner was knocked down and kicked by guards who wore leather shoes with iron tips. She didn't feel any pain at all. When she returned to the cell at the end of the day of labor, she saw that she was black and blue all over. She knew Master had endured the pain for her.

(4) One day at noon, a practitioner's husband went to visit her, but she was forbidden to enter the family visiting room because she refused to wear the prison badge. A guard told her, "If you don't wear the badge, you can't meet with family members." She returned to her cell and sent forth righteous thoughts, eliminating the interference of sentimentality. Meanwhile, she sent forth a thought that the enforced isolation of practitioners was caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and her relatives should not blame it on Dafa. She kept sending forth righteous thoughts and after 2 p.m. that day, she suddenly saw a big bright Falun rotating in front of her eyes. Then she immediately realized what she had done was correct and Master was encouraging her.

(5) One day in May 2011, when a practitioner was working, she worried about whether she could continue to cultivate because she had written something that she should not have written. Although she had announced her error in a "Solemn Declaration," it was a stain on her cultivation. That night, she had a dream: she and other students were waiting for a bus to attend an examination. Every bus could only take 30 students and every examination site held exactly 30 students. She missed the first bus; it was filled up and left. Another bus came to pick up students for the second site. She ran to the bus but saw that the bus was almost full. She was so anxious. At that time, the driver said, "There is still one seat available, come on in! You usually work pretty hard, you can expect to pass the exam." When she woke up, she enlightened that Master was encouraging her to persist in her efforts to validate the Fa and not give up.

5. One Body

(1) A practitioner saw a fellow practitioner deprived of three meals in one day by the inmates assigned to monitor her. The next morning, she told the brigade head about this. The head said, "It is none of your business." She answered, "No! Master said, ‘The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things.’(“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference”). So I must take care of it." The brigade head left angrily. That afternoon the brigade head called the practitioner into her office, and told her in a milder voice, "She ate last night after she returned to the dorm."

(2) A practitioner could not get anything to eat at lunch because all the food was taken by others. Another practitioner went to the inmate in charge and said, "There's no food left for Ms. A." After being silent for a moment, the inmate said, "I'll go find two pieces of steamed bread for her."

(3) A practitioner was often beaten by guards and prisoners for practicing the exercises in the prison. Knowing that the practitioner's hand had been disabled by the blows, a fellow practitioner loudly condemned the violence in the workshop. The prisoners responded, "Nobody beat her." That fellow practitioner answered, "Then let her come to me and prove this in person!" The prisoners were speechless. After that, nobody beat the practitioner when she practiced the exercises.

(4) One summer day, a practitioner was dragged out to be force-fed after she went on a hunger strike. Another practitioner who always sent forth righteous thoughts for half a night lengthened her time for sending forth righteous thoughts and kept on sending them all night. Before, the guards arranged for two inmates to watch her. Now, two were not enough, and they had to arrange two more. The inmates in charge of monitoring her complained, "Why bother to arrest them? It would be better to release all of them!" After that incident, the guards were afraid to face the practitioners in person. They told the monitors, "Let them be."

(5) Some practitioners decided to take shifts to send forth righteous thoughts. Some took the night shift and others took the daytime shift. Some practitioners wrote down Master's writings from memory, and passed them to other practitioners. All this greatly strengthened the practitioners' righteous thoughts.

(6) A practitioner was tortured and coerced to write the "Repentance Statement." Later, she handed in a Solemn Declaration, declaring that what she had written under pressure was void. Then, the evildoers launched a new coercive campaign of "transformation" against her. While she was being tortured, she had a serious fever, and almost could not endure. She thought, "Let me die." Then she fainted. Suddenly, in her vague consciousness, she heard a practitioner she knew calling her name. She came to immediately, and realized that practitioner was sending forth righteous thoughts for her. She understood that she could not die; she must get out and save people. Then, her fever broke and she woke up.

(7) A practitioner was forbidden to take baths or brush her teeth, so she went on a hunger strike. On the way to the hospital for forced-feeding, the guard said, "You can do what you want to do." The monitoring inmate understood what the guard was implying and immediately told her, "You can wash up now. So no need to continue your hunger strike." At first this practitioner planned to stop the hunger strike, but immediately she remembered what Master said,

"If you are being careless for a moment, you may stumble and become ruined at once. Therefore, one’s mind must be right." (Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun)

She realized that she should continue the hunger strike because the prison was not somewhere she should stay, even if she was allowed to bathe.

6. The Warning

A prisoner beat a practitioner to death. Later she could not sleep and said that something was torturing her at night. The depletion in labor during the day and the lack of sleep at night caused her to become weak and pale, making her look very old. Another prisoner often beat practitioners, and before long, she was punished for work mistakes.