(Minghui.org) Mr. Hou Shengjiang has been illegally detained for practicing Falun Gong. His “administrative detention” term of 15 days was due to expire on October 27, 2013. Instead of releasing Mr. Hou, authorities then changed his term to “criminal detention,” plotting to sentence him to prison on fabricated charges.

Family Devastated

Expecting his imminent return on October 27, Mr. Hou’s wife prepared clothes for him and his mother-in-law prepared a big meal to welcome him home. Mr. Hou’s daughter and father-in-law, a 76-year-old senior who was recovering from a stroke, also eagerly awaited his release.

When the family went to pick him up, however, they were told that Mr. Hou’s administrative detention had been changed to criminal detention—and that he had been transferred to another detention center. He would now be detained indefinitely, the family heard.

Devastated and heartbroken, Mr. Hou’s father-in-law had another stroke that evening and was taken to the hospital.

Illegal Arrest

Mr. Hou was born in November 1974. He graduated from Jiamusi University with a degree in computer science in 1997. Although he hadn't been very healthy, after he started practicing Falun Gong, he became energetic, healthy and optimistic. He was diligent and hard-working, enjoying a good reputation at work.

Mr. Hou went to his daughter’s school for a parent-teacher conference on October 12, 2013. Prior to the meeting, he had posted some informational posters about Falun Gong. For that, he was arrested by officers from the Jianguo Road Police Station.

Afterward, policemen Gao Mingjie, Wang Hao, and two others went to Mr. Hou's home and ransacked it. They confiscated two laptops, one desktop computer, a printer, and other property. Mr. Hou’s family was told to sign a document stipulating his 15-day administrative detention, as well as pay a 500 yuan fine.

Police Corruption

Mr. Hou's administrative detention was changed to criminal detention on October 25, 2013—just 2 days prior to the end of his original term. He was transferred to another detention center the same day. Authorities plotted to try him on fabricated charges.

Mr. Hou’s family went to the Jianguo Road Police Station to demand his release many times. However, all they heard were excuses, with no resolution in sight. One time, the family pleaded with the deputy director of the police station, trying to explain the difficulties they were facing without Mr. Hou. The director maliciously laughed at them and said: “Every family has some difficulties. No one in my family practices Falun Gong, so I don’t have this trouble.”

Policeman Wang Hao asked Mr. Hou’s wife to come to the police station on October 24. He told her: “I gave you 12 days. How come you haven’t done anything?”—implying that he had expected the family to offer a bride.

Mr. Hou’s wife responded: “We don’t have money or connections. I don’t know what to do.” Wang looked upset and said: “I don’t believe you. People from the rural area all know someone. How come you couldn't find anyone [to get the money]? You have not made any effort!”

Wang then interrogated Mr. Hou’s wife with questions such as “Who was in contact with your husband?” in an attempt to find some detrimental information on Mr. Hou.

He threatened: “Let me tell you—he is going to get one- or one-and-a-half-year sentence!”