(Minghui.org) In this article, I would like to point out how the police of a prefectural-level city in Shandong Province persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The Domestic Security Division of the police department has established an Internet surveillance department in order to monitor the activities of practitioners. They've used software that monitors everything taking place on the computers located inside Internet cafes.

Police officers visit the Minghui website every day. They gather information that exposes the persecution of Dafa practitioners in their city, and forward it to the relevant county-level cities, forced labor camps, prisons, and the 610 Office.

For example, let's say the persecution of practitioners in a given city is posted on the Minghui website. The police of that city's administrative division will forward the information to the Domestic Security Division of the same city. The officers of this division will then investigate and persecute practitioners in that city. (Of course, whether they are able to persecute practitioners also depends on the cultivation states of the practitioners in that particular area.)

The police also download and print Teacher Li's latest Fa lectures, and send them to the 610 Offices and county-level Domestic Security Divisions. These agents then read and discuss the lectures, using the information therein to plan their next step of persecution.

They have also established a special division to monitor practitioners' mobile phones. Over the years, this special division has played a leading role in destroying practitioners' sites for producing truth-clarifying materials. Therefore, practitioners should pay attention in this regard and be very careful. The police have tapped our phone conversations for quite some time.

Staff in the prisons and other places where practitioners are being persecuted also visit the Minghui website. The 610 Office agents at all levels (local, provincial, and central) visit the Minghui website, read Teacher's latest lectures, and fabricate news about important cases.

I'd like to point out that prison guards do not have the power to target practitioners who have already been released. Those practitioners should expose their experiences of being persecuted. If their cultivation state is not stable, they can narrate their experiences from the perspective of a third party, and the guards cannot do anything about it.

This article was written to briefly explain what the police is doing and to remind practitioners to be careful. Do not worry excessively, but please act sensibly in order to increase the degree of exposure of the persecution and avoid unnecessary losses.