(Minghui.org) Local Falun Gong practitioners held a petition drive near Regensburger Dom (Regensburg Cathedral), a famous attraction in Regensburg, Southern Germany, to inform more people about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong and to help stop forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China.

The activity was held over the weekend of November 23 and 24, 2013

Tourists learn the facts and sign the petition to protest the persecution

Support from Local People

A woman immediately signed the petition after reading the display board. She said, “I’ve never signed a petition on the street before, but I did today because I believe you.”

An elderly couple passed by after their visit to the cathedral. The man took some money out to hand to a practitioner. The practitioner explained, “We don’t collect funds, but if you could sign the petition to support us, it’ll be more important than a donation. We collect signatures to help stop the persecution.” The man read over the petition carefully, then signed. He asked his wife to sign, too.

He said to the practitioner, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you earlier. It’s very cold, I hope our signatures are helpful, and we wish you success.”

Everyone sincerely thanked the practitioners after signing the petition. They were grateful for the information and for the opportunity to help stop the persecution.

Voices of Support from All Over

Tourists visiting the cathedral from all over stopped to sign the petition. A woman from Landshut, Bavaria, who worked at the Landshut Tourism Bureau, signed the petition and asked for materials for the Bureau. She said that she hoped the petition drive could be held in Landshut, too, and that she’d be very happy to help with the application.

Two women from Munich, Germany, were pleased to see Falun Gong practitioners in Regensburg. They mentioned that they had learned the Falun Gong exercises in Munich and knew how good Falun Gong was.

They could not imagine what was happening in China, and could not understand how such inhumane crimes could still be taking place, how good people could be persecuted, and why the persecution was still continuing. They took the petition and said, “We must sign. We hope the persecution will end as soon as possible.”

An Italian tourist did not know what the practitioners were doing at first because of the language barrier. Studying the display boards and the petition, he began to understand and signed the petition. In the column to indicate his country, he wrote a big “I,” the abbreviation for “Italy.” He gestured, “Everyone else who signed are all German, I’m the only Italian.” He gave two thumbs up proudly.

Chinese People Decide to Quit the CCP and Its Affiliations after Learning the Facts

Three tourists from China saw the information booth after observing a mass in the cathedral. A practitioner approached them, knowing that they were there for a short term work experience exchange. They said they knew about the persecution of Falun Gong through the Internet. One of them said, “The CCP can be as corrupt as it wants to, and all of us Chinese can scold them, but what can we do? We haven't even got any guns.”

The practitioner explained, “I’m not asking you to take up arms, but to truly learn the facts. The CCP has done so many bad deeds, killed so many innocent people, and turned China into a place no longer suitable for living. What Chinese people eat, drink, wear, use, and even breathe are all toxic. How long can this go on? What goes around comes around; the heavens will punish the CCP sooner or later. Those who haven’t quit the Communist Party, Youth League, and Young Pioneers will be its scapegoats. I advise you to quit the Party and its affiliations to ensure your own safety.”

Two of them immediately agreed to quit the CCP using nicknames. Another asked for a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and said he would come back.