(Minghui.org) A classmate of mine is the deputy director of a city's Judicial Bureau. He is also president of the Bar Association. He is 50-years-old now, and grew up listening to CCP propaganda. I've tried to share with him facts about Falun Gong but he didn't believe me.

I received a phone call from him in August 2013. He said he was staying at a hotel in my county and wanted to get together with me and another classmate.

He was very happy to see me, and asked me many questions while holding my hands. He used to avoid me whenever we ran into each other, but he acted differently that day. I was somewhat puzzled by his behavior.

After the meal, he asked that we take a walk with him, and he told us the reason he wanted to see me. He said, “This July, the CCP's Ministry of Justice organized a business trip for the municipal judicial directors. There were 19 of us, and we spent more than 20 days visiting Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Ottawa. We were very impressed. As soon as we left the airport, we saw Falun Gong practitioners distributing truth clarification materials at tourist sites and hotels. Although the Ministry of Justice does not allow us to take the materials, practitioners came up to us and gave us pamphlets. We took them and read them when we returned to our hotel rooms. We came to realize that Falun Dafa is good and the CCP has intentionally discredited the practice and deceived the Chinese people.

I was impressed and happy to see the change in his attitude. I said, “The CCP has been fabricating rumors, and it slanders Falun Dafa to maintain its power at all costs. You have learned a great deal during your business trip. It was Teacher Li's arrangement for you to travel overseas to listen to the truth. Have you withdrawn from the CCP yet?”

He said, “There were too many people at the time, and it was not convenient to quit the Party. The CCP is so evil, and I know that from being in my position. I don't have much power, so I came here to seek your help.” I replied, “You came to the right person. Quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations will safeguard your future. No one can avoid retribution no matter where one tries to escape.” He said, “Please help me quit the CCP, and inform me of any news.”

After listening to him, our other classmate also asked me to help him quit the Party.

I sincerely thank overseas practitioners for their continuous efforts clarifying the truth, and Master's arrangement for saving my two friends. As people's resentment toward the CCP intensifies, I sense that the CCP's days are numbered.