(Minghui.org) My wife and I started to practice Falun Dafa at the beginning of 1996. Words could not describe how happy we were. Master has been protecting us over the past 17 years. Although we have stumbled and fallen, our faith in Dafa has never wavered.

I have always been frail and weak. I became stronger and healthier after practicing Falun Dafa. When my wife was held in a forced labor camp for two years, I raised our son and did all the housework. When things were busy with the farm work, practitioners came to help me. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continued to harass me, but because I believed in Master and Dafa, I was able to withstand the pressure of the persecution.

Full Recovery from a Major Accident

While working in the Fengtai District in Beijing, a cement pipe weighing 3.5 tons fell on my lower back on June 13, 2007. My clothes were soaked with blood. After I was released from the hospital, people thought I was going to be disabled.

A friend offered to help me get a disability card, but I turned him down. I said, “True practitioners will encounter tribulations, but we won't become disabled. I will recover quickly. Thank you for your kind offer.” I recovered fully by November of the same year. I knew Master gave me a second life.

Boulders Avoid Our Home

I live below mountain cliffs. In the fall of 2012, rocks kept falling from the mountain facing the front of my house. Many rocks, large and small, rolled one hundred meters from the mountain. The strange thing was that the rocks and boulders would either roll to the side or stop in front of the house, as if they had eyes and could see.

My wife and I tidied up the farm tools and were eating breakfast on the morning of February 17, 2013. Ten minutes later, we heard a noise so loud it shook the house. We thought it was an earthquake. I grabbed my wife and ran out of the house. The area was filled with yellow dust. After the dust cleared, we saw lots of boulders, one of them as big as a room, had rolled down the mountain and were scattered around an area at least a dozen square meters. Protected by Master, my house was spared and not damaged at all.

In July, my wife saw a gigantic boulder weighing several hundred tons fall from the mountain cliff. A rock of that size should have leveled our house. My wife said it rolled down gently, as if someone was pushing it. Once it reached the bottom of the mountain, it turned in a different direction and avoided our house.

It was a miracle that my family was safe and our property was not damaged from the falling rocks. When people ask me about it, I explain that my family is protected from disasters because I have Master's photo in my house. Dafa is truly wonderful!

Many extraordinary things have happened during the past 17 years of cultivating, too many to recount.

Sentient beings are unable to repay Master for His boundless compassion and kindness. We should truly cultivate Falun Dafa to be worthy of His merciful salvation.