(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong in early 1999. When I first read Lunyu, I was deeply impressed. Dafa answered many of the questions that I had been pondering for years. Just like Master said:

“I know that a genuine practitioner will know its weight and cherish it.” (Zhuan Falun)

I hadn't cultivated for long before the persecution started. I didn't have a deep understanding of the Fa and knew few practitioners. Practitioners who cultivated diligently were arrested. The practitioners that I had seen frequently had quit practicing and gone astray in their understanding. Some practitioners practiced on and off and others gave it up. I didn't know what I could do but I felt I should be very determined in cultivation. I was almost cultivating all by myself. Every day I studied the Fa and did the exercises. It took a long time before the Minghui Weekly and other materials arrived in my area. Some of the articles were a part of a series and I only got one part but not the other. I felt disappointed and sad.

One day we received a card on which there was a way to break through the internet blockage. I successfully logged onto Minghui website. I couldn't hold back my tears. I was so happy. After that, I supplied Minghui Weekly to other practitioners. But no practitioner was willing to distribute the truth-clarifying materials. I made some materials and distributed them myself. I distributed pamphlets, Minghui Weekly , DVDs and small posters. I also collected addresses and mailed materials to them. I did whatever I could and did as much as I could. I was eager to become part of the one body and keep up with the Fa-rectification process. I wanted to know the situation with other local practitioners.

With Master's arrangement I came to know some diligent practitioners in 2004. I played the role of technical support. I set up a materials production center, installed computer systems, purchased MP3, consumables and telephone cards, and maintained computers. I also did the layout, article typing, revising and editing. I delivered materials, re-printed truth-clarifying notes and helped people withdraw from the CCP on the website. Gradually I became the coordinator for my area. Today I'd like to share with you how our local practitioners coordinate and cooperate.

Respect and Co-operate with Practitioners

Master said:

“Each person’s cultivation path is different, the way in which each validates the Fa is different, their social statuses are different, their occupations are different, and their surroundings are different, but they can all cultivate nevertheless. This is the path Dafa presents to its cultivators. Dafa disciples are one body, and I affirm everything they have been doing during Fa-rectification—they are all doing what Dafa disciples should do. Different approaches are in fact the all-encompassing way in which roles are dynamically distributed in the operations of the Fa, and the Fa-power is a reflection of the one body.” (“Comment on a Student's Article” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

Practitioners had different characters and hobbies with different levels of education. Their family environments and economic conditions were different. They had different degrees of fear and their xinxing were different. Their understanding of validating the Fa was different, so they adopted different methods of validating the Fa. I respected them and encouraged them to use their own ways. I provided different kinds of materials to them. As a coordinator, I had to think of every detail. I should give them the materials they required and encourage them to actively validate the Fa.

On the other hand I had to respect them and shouldn't give them so many materials that they felt overwhelmed. The distribution rates varied from five or six flyers to four hundred or five hundred copies each week. I didn't scold or look down upon practitioners who distributed few materials and didn't tell them that some practitioners could distribute four or five hundred copies a day. I just said to them that we should do our best and it was good if we could even save one person a day. I didn't praise practitioners who could distribute a lot. I said to them that we should do things solidly and do whatever we could, but we we shouldn't have the heart of doing things or the attachment of zealotry.

The practitioners in our material production center were all over 65 years old. Although they didn't have any computer skills, they had gotten rid of ordinary human notions and were determined to learn. I was quite touched. I taught them step by step from the very beginning. I didn't rush, and patiently taught them how to use the mouse, how to switch the computer on and off, and how to log on to the encrypted disk. Only after they knew the first step did I teach them the second step. If I taught them too fast they wouldn't remember and they might feel stressed. I had a full-time job and had a lot of Dafa work to do, but the minute one of them called, I would put down the work I was doing and go see them as soon as I could.

Practitioner A wanted to set up a material production center at her home. She bought a laptop, but her family didn't support her, so she had a dilemma. According to her condition, I set up a pure system for her and bought a 3G wireless internet card and a small printer. This way she could easily hide all the equipment after she finished making materials. She was quite happy.

Practitioner B wanted to set up a family material production site. I bought the equipment and consumables for her and set up the system in her home. The next day she called me and said that she didn't want the printer because a practitioner near her was arrested. Instead of being critical, I said to her calmly: “Ok, you think about it. I will come to take it if you decide you don't want to keep it. It's up to you.” Several days later I asked her again and she said she would like to keep it.

Practitioner C wanted to set up a big material production center and needed a lot of equipment and consumables. She lived in a far away suburb where it would be inconvenient to buy materials. At first I bought a lot of consumables each time I went to save me some trips, but she complained that they took too much space. From then on I asked her to let me know how much and what brands I should buy.

Practitioner D had fear after she was released from the forced labor camp. She didn't want to have any contact with practitioners. But at the same time she didn't want to leave Dafa. She was introduced to me. I shared with her and understood her dilemma. Because she had been held in the forced labor camp, she worried about her safety and she also had her family watching over her because they worried she would be arrested again. She only had one copy of Zhuan Falun at home, and no other Dafa books. She wished she could be part of the one body but she was afraid at the same time.

According to her condition, I made an electronic book for her mobile and uploaded a full set of Master's lectures, articles and Minghui notifications and local Minghui Weekly . I contacted her once a week and bought two memory cards for her to use. Thus she was able to read new Minghui Weekly each week. It was safe and convenient. She was very happy. Now she distributes 60 copies of materials each week and is also helping another practitioner step forward to clarify the truth to people. They distributed materials together and did quite well.

I was constantly moved by practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions and also by their purity and high realm. Thanks to Master's wonderful arrangements, we were able to form one body, supplement each other and improve together. In the red terror environment of Mainland China, practitioners could overcome such hardships as old age, housework and little education. I was moved by their determination in cultivation and validating the Fa. I also looked at issues from their perspectives and supported them whole-heartedly as long as they were in the Fa.

Keeping the Material Production Site Pure and Secure

The material production site plays a crucial role in the Mainland. So keeping it secure and pure is very important.

A coordinator in another area asked me to make ordinary people's materials many times because they were not able to edit or make them themselves. I refused them firmly and pointed out the problem to her. I shared this matter with the practitioners in our group. Not only did we have to guarantee the quality and quantity of materials in our site but also we should adhere to the standard of the Fa. We shouldn't give up our principles for the sake of practitioners' qing. Safeguarding the Fa is fundamental. We should not be moved by qing. We should not produce even one DVD or a pamphlet that fails to meet the standard. For years we haven't produced anything not related to the Fa.

For some time a practitioner in one material production site had conflict with a coordinator in another production site. She was not willing to accept his work and often complained while doing his work. I said to her that we should support him as long as he was in the Fa regardless of whether we had conflicts with him or he did poorly. On the other hand, we should not cooperate with him or keep silent if what he requested us to do was violating the Fa regardless how good he was or how close you were to him.

We strictly complied with the rule of the material production center not collecting any money. Practitioners in the material centers used their own money to keep it running except for one center whose practitioner didn't have a job and received donations from fellow practitioners. One day one practitioner said that she was hinted to in her dream that she should contribute 20,000 yuan to the material center. I refused it. Practitioners often wanted to donate money to the material center. I normally refused them. Some money I was not able to return, so I spent it all on materials. I didn't waste materials and used the scrap to make book marks or amulets.

One practitioner asked another practitioner to send me 20,000 yuan. She said she let attachments take over and earned this money in an inappropriate way. She felt uneasy in her heart and sent it to the material center so as to suppress her greed for money. I refused it as well. I spoke to the practitioner to let her know that firstly, the material center was not short of funds; secondly, it might cause problems in her home to give such a large sum of money; thirdly, if she wanted to let go of attachment for interest, she might use it another way.

Some practitioners needed the materials or Dafa books in large quantities or on short notice. We tried to meet their demand and never delayed. Practitioners saw that we often worked overtime and said that they felt sorry for us and didn't want to ask for more materials. I said to them: “What you said is not correct. We do different jobs. Making materials is our job. Some practitioners are in the position of distributing materials. That forms one body. The more you distribute, the more people you save. For that, we are very happy. You are working hard distributing materials on the front lines.”

Dafa Work Is Our Work

If we do Dafa work, we should not be picky. It's not a matter of “shall we do it” but “how can we do it well?” We should take it as our responsibility to do it.

Last year a respected practitioner was arrested and the Minghui Weekly stopped. I didn't know what had happened because I didn't have any connection with this practitioner. Two weeks passed and we still didn't receive any Minghui Weekly . I was a bit worried. Though I didn't know how to make it or understand the technical details, I knew that I shouldn't wait or rely on other practitioners. Someone must step up to assume this job. I was busy with my ordinary job and I had a lot of Dafa work in hand. I hardly had any spare time to assume a new job, but I had this thought that I must do what was required.

I contacted practitioners from another truth-clarification project and they encouraged me to take this job. I immediately started to learn the technical skills. One week passed and I still didn't have some of the key skills and I couldn't find any practitioners who had such skills. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly I thought of practitioner A who knew a lot of people. I contacted him. He said that he noticed that he hadn't received Minghui Weekly for two weeks and thought that someone must have taken over this job.

I said to him: “Please do not rely on others and wait. Think about what we should do. I am worried, but I don't have such skills. Time will not wait for us. Can you please contact the technical support for me to see if they can do the Minghui Weekly for us.” He said he would contact him as soon as possible, but he said that we should respect them if they didn't want to do it. I replied: “Please make sure that they know the importance of Minghui Weekly . If they cannot do it, can you ask them to teach me how to do it? Then I will take the responsibility.” Several days later I received the local Minghui Weekly and I felt very relieved.

Forming a Good Sharing Environment

Some practitioners like to share with other practitioners openly while other practitioners didn't want to. We had to respect them and share with them in private. To prevent conflicts, I would not tell other practitioners what this practitioner had said to me. We should understand practitioners and give them time to improve. I always listened to them silently and then shared with them from the Fa how I thought they deviated from the Fa and what attachments they had yet to let go of.

I never said anything in front of practitioners who had done something, or what he was doing, or how well they had done. I never mentioned practitioners' names or their jobs or what Dafa projects they were involved in. I didn't say anything to my family members either. In the complicated environment in Mainland China, cultivating speech is one of the key factors to safeguard security. If we don't cultivate speech, we risk our security, stir up practitioners' attachments and create conflicts among practitioners, causing damage to our whole body.

When I shared with practitioners, I pointed it out directly and didn't talk about it in a roundabout way or behind their back. I would share from the Fa perspective and respect them. I would pay attention to my tone according to their cultivation state and their ability to accept.

Practitioner B did very well in clarifying the truth and helping people to renounce the Party, but she had a few bad habits. She had a hot temper and was often late. She liked to talk about other people and tell people what to do. She was nagging all the time and was excessively neat. Practitioners who worked with her often complained to me but didn't dare to point it out to her. They were afraid of her temper. Practitioner B also talked to me about other practitioners and whom she was not happy with or who did poorly.

I never gossiped, but rather listened silently and then said to them that things might not be like they thought and that it might be a misunderstanding. It was a pre-destined relationship that we had formed over thousands of years that we could work together. There might be some attachments that we had to let go of and we shouldn't delay any progress in validating the Fa. I suggested that they communicate directly with each other, and try to solve it on the spot. It was not good to talk behind other practitioners' backs.

Practitioner B was also annoyed that she always had conflicts with other practitioners. She shared with me that she would rather do the job herself so there would not be any conflicts. I pointed it out directly to her that she didn't consider others and that she was far away from compassion or forbearance, though we practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She realized her problems and has improved a lot.

Practitioner C had strong leadership ability and wanted other people to obey him. If anyone didn't listen to him, he would become furious. Nobody dared to point out his shortcomings. I went to his home and shared with him. I faced the problem and told him my thoughts. He then shared with me from his heart. We communicated extremely well.

In Mainland China, relationships between people are not normal. Ordinary people dare not speak the truth or say what they think. Sometimes practitioners behaved in the same way. Some practitioners saw problems with other practitioners but they didn't want to point them out to them. This was an attachment of qing. Practitioners had bad habits, negative thinking, abnormal behavior or speech which were formed in the CCP culture. They didn't realize it themselves because it became their habit.

It is important for practitioners to remind each other about this. Some practitioners were in tribulations for a long time and were not able to break through it themselves, so practitioners had to help each other in the Fa. We shouldn't be afraid of offending other practitioners or that practitioners will not understand or accept it because we have to be responsible to the practitioners and to the Fa. If we don't point problems out because of qing, we might cause problems, leading to loss of practitioners and loss to our whole body.

I used the local internal mail to collect information, edit local pages and share cultivation experiences. Though we didn't meet in person or know each other, our hearts were together. It was everyone's responsibility to improve the whole body cultivation state.

Covering Every Dafa Project in Our Area

Master said that prisons and forced labor camps are

“... dark dens where the evil is entrenched during its final days.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”)

There were three forced labor camps which detained Dafa practitioners in our city. One was located in the city and many practitioners went there to send forth righteous thoughts while the other two were located in remote suburbs and very few practitioners went there.

I contacted the practitioners who were familiar with these areas and found spots nearby which were suitable for sending forth righteous thoughts, then chose a time for sending forth righteous thoughts. The coordinator in the eastern suburb organized practitioners in the east while I coordinated the western area. Most of the practitioners in my area lived in the southern area, relatively far away from the western area. We decided to go to the forced labor camp in the western area twice a month. I notified every practitioner. We have been doing this for three years. We had nine practitioners at the most and two at the least. A practitioner saw with her third eye that Master was strengthening us in another dimension to clear the evil. It was a magnificent scene.

In our area practitioners do different Dafa projects. Some distribute fliers and pamphlets. Some put up posters. Some distribute Shen Yun DVDs. Some make phone calls. More than 100 people have withdrawn from the CCP each week in our area. We set up three Fa study groups and four material production centers. Every material center can run independently; downloading, making Minghui Weekly magazines and newspapers, making DVDs and amulets, printing truth-clarifying messages on paper currency and making Dafa books. We have more than ten people and cooperate very well, so that we have all Dafa projects running smoothly.

Balancing Work and Cultivation

Our cultivation is not independent from work. In everyday life we come across problems and we have to cultivate and improve from there. If we cultivate well, we will do the work well and make life better. We cultivate in ordinary society. We have to do our work well and cultivate as diligently as we can. The principles of Dafa require us to balance work and cultivation well.

I have been doing well at my job and I am the only senior technician who is not a Party member. I win first prize every year in the annual work-related competition at my company. My boss and colleagues respect me. Our company is highly monitored by government and has many CCP-arranged activities each year, but thanks to Master's arrangements, I haven't attended any of them.

I try my best to perform my duties at home. Cleaning and cooking are my work. Cultivators should not push away their family responsibilities with the excuse of a heavy work load or being busy with Dafa work.

Before I became a coordinator, I had time to study the Fa a lot. I could almost recite some of the Fa and some good articles in the Minghui Weekly after I read them a few times. There was much more to do after I became a coordinator. I hardly had any time for myself. Time flies by every day. Sometimes I lose track of the date and only remember what I should do on that day. No matter how busy I am, I always make arrangements for Dafa work first and never delay it even if I had to be on a business trip, or work overtime.

Since I became a coordinator, I had less time for studying the Fa and could not focus when studying the Fa. So I started to memorize the Fa in 2003. I memorize five paragraphs of Zhuan Falun every day and spend some extra time reading Master's lectures in various places and articles. This way I can focus when studying Zhuan Falun . I have memorized the whole book and recited it ten times now. Coordinators come across the problem of not focusing when studying the Fa because they have too many things on their minds. I suggest that coordinators in Mainland China study the Fa by memorizing it. Memorizing help us to focus. The Fa comes into our mind automatically and helps us have a clear mind and righteous thoughts.

Coordinators must do well in cultivation. They are like threads to connect every particle (practitioner) to form an invisible one body and achieve a better result.