(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I'm a veteran practitioner who attained the Fa in 1998, and I feel so fortunate. I feel honored to be a practitioner during the Fa-rectification period. I feel happy to be blessed by our benevolent and great Master.

I'd like to talk about how I let go of attachments to fame and personal gain, and how I clarified the truth and saved people.

1. Letting Go of Attachments to Fame and Money

Master said:

“To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments. In ordinary human society, people compete with, deceive, and harm each other for a little personal gain. All of these mentalities must be given up. Especially for people who are studying the practice today, these mentalities should be given up even further.” (Lecture One in Zhuan Falun)

When I first read this at the very beginning of my cultivation, it deeply impressed me and I always remembered it. Before fame and benefits, I always reminded myself to act in line with Master's teachings.

I Don't Want This City-level Award”

One day, a co-worker handed me a form, and said, “Quickly, fill out this form. Our supervisor said only you are qualified.” I looked at the form and saw it was to select the “city-level outstanding model.” I was awarded many honors after I began practicing Falun Dafa, and this honor was indeed attractive. Since it was on the city level and our town was small, the quota was also small and only a few people would be chosen. Such an outstanding award could possibly impact my future rank and salary.

I read the fine print on the form. I saw a precondition for participating was, “to advocate the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and to oppose [slanderous term used to defame Falun Dafa omitted]...” I hesitated, because Falun Dafa had given me good health and high moral standards. If I filled out this form, did it mean I was following the CCP to defame Dafa? I decided to study the Fa first.

The book of Essentials for Further Advancement was on my desk. When I opened it, I immediately saw the following paragraph:

“At present, of all the good citizens and good deeds publicized by the media—such as radio, TV, newspapers, etc.—many have been done by our Dafa practitioners since they practice cultivation in Dafa and have improved their xinxing. The news reports, however, claim that these people have done so because they are role models or key figures, etc., thereby completely disregarding the fact that their conduct was a result of their practicing Dafa cultivation. This is mainly caused by disciples themselves. Cultivation practice is a great and magnificent thing. Why can’t you tell the interviewers in an open and dignified manner that you do those things because you practice Dafa cultivation? If the reporter does not want to mention Dafa, we should not cover up for any form that plagiarizes Dafa and fails to validate it. All of us are trying to be good people, and this is in the interest of society and mankind. Why can’t we have a just and legitimate environment? Disciples, you should bear in mind that Dafa is harmonizing you and you are also harmonizing Dafa.” (“The Fa Rectifies the Human Heart” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

As I repeatedly read this paragraph, I became more and more clear: I should let my boss and co-workers know that I'm outstanding because I cultivate in Falun Dafa and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Because of the persecution, they might not be able to report my declaration, so the best choice for me should be not to participate.

I walked into the supervisor's office, returned the form to him, and said, “Thank you for kindly offering me this honor, but I don't want to participate.” He was surprised, because everyone in our company was competing for it. I said, “There's content defaming Falun Dafa on the form. I've benefitted so much from practicing Falun Dafa, so I can't participate. Besides, competing for an award is stirring my heart for fame.” I took this opportunity to further clarify the truth to him (I had clarified the truth to him before and he understood pretty well). He didn't insist and respected my decision. I felt very relaxed after I walked out of his office.

No More Complaints

Several years ago, my husband's friend asked to borrow money from us to add to his factory fund, and promised to return the money in a year. My husband lent him 30,000 yuan. He also persuaded our neighbor to lend him 30,000 yuan. Two years passed and that friend still hadn't returned the money. He also began avoiding my husband. To a family living on salary, 30k was not a small amount. To make matters worse, he'd borrowed another 30k from our neighbor. If he didn't return the money, how could we face our neighbor? My husband began to complain about him.

At first I complained, too, and even urged my husband to find some way to get the money back quickly. Every time my husband called him, the friend promised to return it soon but he never did. I realized, as a practitioner, nothing is accidental. His refusal to return the money had to be related to me in some way.

One night, I had a very clear dream in which I was with my husband in a room when another man tried to stab me with a knife. My husband wrote something on a slip of paper and handed it to him. The man took the paper and left. That man looked like my husband's friend. After waking up, I realized that I must have owed this man something in another lifetime, and now I was repaying it by lending him money. From then on, I stopped complaining. I also persuaded my husband to stop pressuring him for the money and suggested we repay the neighbor ourselves. Master said, “If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.” (Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun)

Just as I was trying to persuade my husband to repay the neighbor with our own money, my husband's friend came to our home. He returned the amount borrowed from our neighbor but he didn't repay us. My husband and I never talked about it again.

2. Fulfilling My Mission to Save People

Master said:

“As Dafa disciples, if you can fulfill your missions; if you can, in whatever realm you are at in your cultivation, save the beings that you should save; if you can set free the beings that you should save out from among humans; and if you can fulfill the responsibilities of a Dafa disciple, then you will, upon returning, experience indescribable honor and sense the tremendous grandeur of your cosmic domain.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

Clarifying the Truth at Work

At the beginning of every semester, I always plan the lessons I am going to teach and consider how to integrate truth-clarification into the lessons. Because of good preparation, my students learn a lot.

I also have to make adjustments for emergencies. For example, in one class I originally planned to clarify the truth during the last classes of the semester. One day a student in that class suddenly began to slander Dafa while answering a question. I used this opportunity to explain my understanding of Dafa to the students, so I could later fully talk about the persecution to them.

I do not force the students to accept my views, instead, I raise questions and let them think, so they can draw their own conclusions.

For example, when Falun Gong is mentioned, they usually think of the fabricated self-immolation on Tiananmen Square. I then ask them to think about the doubtful points in the case: How could the little girl answer the interviewer's questions and sing with a clear voice only four days after her trachea was cut open in an operation; how could the “participant” Wang Jindong have his plastic soda bottle used to hold his “gasoline” intact after his clothes all burned? As I talk they begin to think. Then I continue: "If Dafa is really like what the official media says it is, why are so many people still practicing it? Why is Falun Dafa being practiced in over 100 countries but it's only persecuted in China?"

Sometimes I ask the students to consult reference materials. For example, as soon as Falun Gong is mentioned, some students immediately repeat the CCP's slander, “cult.” I then ask them to find the list of cults recognized by the Ministry of the Public Security. When they find it, I ask one of them to read it aloud to everyone. The students then realize that Falun Gong is not on the list. I tell them, “Jiang Zemin attached 'cult' to Falun Gong to persecute it, but there's no law in China that defines Falun Gong as a cult.” This way, the students understand that it's illegal to persecute Falun Gong and that the masterminds of the persecution will face justice in the future.

I make good preparations for every class. I often tell them fun stories and play fun games with them, so all the students like me, which makes it easier for me to clarify the truth to them. Even if some students don't agree with me on some things, out of respect they don't argue with me in class. Instead, they keep silent and come to me to ask after class. I always try my best to explain to them. I treat each student fairly. My care and sincerity win their trust. I then clarify the truth and help them quit the Party youth organizations.

One girl was hated by all her classmates. Some even told me not to clarify the truth to her, because she would likely report me to the school leaders. I indeed hesitated at first, but I really wanted to save her. Master gave me the chance.

One say she was absent. I was very concerned and called to ask how she was. She vaguely told that she had a serious fever and even felt like she was dying. She was all alone and unable to move. I dropped the phone and immediately went to her dorm. I got some hot water for her and sat with her the entire afternoon until her roommates returned.

The girl's attitude changed and now she likes to be around me and talk with me. I told her that years ago I also suffered from poor health. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I became healthy and optimistic. She understood the truth during our friendly chats.

Through my truth-clarification experience in the past few years, I deeply realized the importance of Fa study. When I study the Fa well and have strong righteous thoughts, I can help students understand in only a few sentences. They listen to me carefully and happily nod in agreement.

Some students were still excited after class, some came to me and shouted “Falun Dafa is good,” some wrote “Falun Dafa is good” on the blackboard. Others said that they've watched Falun Gong videos, and they found everything about Falun Gong is really beautiful. I felt so happy that they were saved. But when I fail to study the Fa diligently, or didn't concentrate in Fa study, I'm interfered with by serious human notions. I have a particular problem with fear, which interferes with my truth-clarification: I forget what I planned to say and become afraid when some students reject what I'm saying or don't wish to listen.

Master said, “That is why Fa-study is still the most, most important thing—it is the fundamental guarantee for all that you are to do.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”) From now on, I must study the Fa better.

My Nephew's Eager Invitation

One day when I was teaching, my nephew who lives in another town called me and said, “Please come quickly. My granny misses you.” I said I was busy and would go when I could. But he pushed me, “Could you come this Sunday? My granny wants to see you right away.” Hearing his eager voice, I realized I had to go, to save my family members there! Luckily I didn't need to do extra work that Sunday, so I accepted the invitation at once.

Early in the morning that Sunday, I took the long-distance bus to my nephew's, and got there at noon. Right when I entered their apartment, I saw they had prepared a feast on the table in the middle of the living room. My aunt, cousin, and cousin's wife were waiting for me. We were all happy. They said I still looked very young, so I explained it was because I practice Falun Gong. My cousin's wife agreed with me and wanted to learn from me.

However, my aunt had been affected by the CCP media and was prejudiced against Dafa. I patiently told her about the goodness of Dafa and how evil the CCP is. My aunt eventually understood the truth. That evening, we all watched the Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD. The next day, I helped my cousin and his wife quit the Party.

My Brother-in-law's Unexpected Visit

My elder sister and her husband hardly ever visit us. One time, her husband showed up at my home on his own. He was embarrassed and asked to borrow some money from me to renovate his house. Because my sister didn't allow him to borrow money from me, he had to come secretly. My brother-in-law attached great importance to money and always wanted some advantages from friends and relatives. He had borrowed money from me twice before, but had never returned a penny. My sister also warned me not to lend money to him. But I thought, as a practitioner, I should not fuss about trivial things with him and should try to help him, since I knew he was truly in difficulty. I promised to help him, and he thanked me gratefully and said I was really different from others.

I took the opportunity to clarify the facts to him and told him I was different because I practiced Falun Dafa. He nodded enthusiastically, “Yes!” I could see he agreed from the bottom of his heart. In the past when I clarified the truth to him, he always argued, using the CCP's lies and claimed to “believe in nothing.” My sister also warned me not to clarify the truth to him anymore because he had even threatened to report me to the authorities. She was afraid he would really do it one day. But that day, he looked like a totally different person. I also asked him if he had joined the Party or its youth associations. He said he had worn the “red scarf” of the Young Pioneers. I then encouraged him to declare his withdrawal, and he said gladly, “All right, I will!” I was so happy that he finally understood.

I used to be very shy and did not like to talk. Also because of my busy job, I didn't keep good contact with my relatives or old friends. But these two experiences changed me. I planned to contact them more often and save them.

Clarifying the Truth at Every Opportunity

Whenever I go out, I always bring Shen Yun DVDs and anti-blocking software and distribute them to whoever I meet. Because I truly wish to save people, Master always sends people with predestined relationships to me.

One time when I was bicycling, a girl stopped me to ask for the address of another teacher who taught English. I told her I didn't know that teacher. Instead of simply apologizing and leaving, I took out a Shen Yun DVD and said, “I'll give you a gift.” She took the DVD and thanked me repeatedly. I also gave her a flier, telling her to have a look because it was the introduction for the performance. She thanked me again.

Another time after I bought lunch at a restaurant and was walking out, a lady opened the door curtain for me politely. I thanked her, took a Shen Yun DVD from my bag, and handed it to her. She seemed a little surprised, but immediately thanked me.

I usually clarify the truth and distribute materials one on one. After reading sharing articles by fellow practitioners, I realized I should make a further break-through. Why couldn't I, like many practitioners, clarify the truth in public in an open and dignified manner? Apparently it was because I still had many human thoughts, like fear and apprehension, the attachment to face, etc. I tried to set them aside and have diligently worked to eliminate them.

One time I went to buy peaches. After I bought them, I took out a Shen Yun DVD and a Shen Yun flier and handed them to the vendor. I didn't try to hide them. The watermelon vendor nearby waved at me and asked for a DVD and a flier. This really moved me, but also made me feel guilty: people are waiting for me to save them, but I tried to avoid them. I deeply understood that the only barrier to our saving people is our own human notions.

Since my level is limited, please point out any improprieties. Heshi!