(Minghui.org) When a woman, whose grown son practices Falun Dafa, experienced miracles upon crying out to Master for help, her faith began to grow. She said that she no longer believes what the Chinese Communist Party says. She believes Dafa is truly good. The accounts below are her own experiences.

Dafa Helps Me See My Son

I am 65 years old and I don't practice Falun Gong, but my son is a practitioner. He was held in Baoquanling Detention Center when he was arrested the first time for his belief. I went directly to the detention center, but I wasn't allowed to see him when I got there, because he had only been there for only a few days.

I kneeled down outside of the detention center, crying loudly and shouting, “I want to see my son! Dafa, if you help me to see my son, I will believe in Dafa for the rest of my life.” Several guards came out of the detention center and beat me, but I still stayed there crying and shouting for two hours.

Just then, a female guard came out of the detention center and claimed she was a doctor. She came over to me and said, “Follow me.” She took me quite far away from the detention center, looked around carefully, and said, “Our director is not here, he has gone to a funeral. I will give you his phone number, and you can give him a call.” I called the director.

I told director Zeng that I wanted to see my son. He said, “Not now.” I continued, “My son isn't a bad person and hasn't done anything wrong. He just tries to be a good person according to his belief. If you don't allow me to see him, I won't go home.” Director Zeng then said, “All right, go ahead.” I then told him that the guards wouldn't let me see him. Director Zeng said, “I will contact them.” I returned to the detention center, and the instructor there came out and finally let me see my son.

My son was on a hunger strike and had been force-fed salt water. The guards had punched him in the chest and he was badly injured. My heart was broken and I cried when I saw him. Many people went to the detention center and wanted to see their family members, but only I was allowed to see my son. It was Master Li that helped me. I will never forget this. I believe in Dafa more than ever now.

Illness Disappears without Any Treatment

One time I had a fever when my children weren't with me. I then recited in my heart, “Falun Dafa is good” and asked for Master's help. I said in my heart, “Master, let me get better soon.” Soon after, I recovered.

On March 2001, I suddenly fainted while I was playing Mahjhong, but I was still partly conscious. I held the amulet that was hanging around my neck and murmured, "Master, please help me." I then came to in a little while. I carried on playing another two rounds of the game and then went home. I felt awful as soon as I got home, so my son took me to the hospital and I was told I had had a stroke. But to the doctor's surprise, after she finished checking me, she said, “It is strange, how can your thrombus have disappeared?” I recovered completely and I don't have any problems now. I have two Falun Dafa amulets, one of plastic, the other one of glass. I cherish them as I do my life and carry them with me all the time.

Dafa Helps Me Go up the Hill

One autumn, I went to my field to pick some corn. My son said to me before I left, “We can't steal other people's corn.” I replied, “I have started believing in Dafa, I won't steal anything anymore.” I brought four bags of corn back on my bicycle. I put one bag in front of my bike, and the other three at the back. On the way home, I had to go up a big hill. Normally it would take half an hour to get over it. It should have been very difficult for me to get up the hill that day as I was carrying lots of corn. I then shouted: “Master, I don't steal corn any more. All of this corn is mine. So please let me get up the hill.” I shouted over and over and was surprised to realize I had gotten up the hill in about four minutes. It was amazing! I then shouted again, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!”

Plum Tree Comes Back to Life

There was a plum tree in my garden that had been there for over a decade. I really liked it. I was going to move and didn't want to leave the tree at my old house. So I asked someone to help me dig it up and move it to my new house. Those who saw the tree said it would die. I said to them, “Dafa will bring life to it again.” I went to the tree every day and said, “Master, please let the tree live again.” About a month later, new leaves started sprouting. I was very delighted and all my neighbors witnessed this. I told them it was the Fa that brought life back to it.

I also have a chrysanthemum flower outside my home, and its petals are very big when it blossoms and it makes the stems bend over. I then picked a long thin branch from the plum tree and put it in the Chrysanthemum flower pot to support it. It was in December and all the flowers started to drop. But to my surprise, the dead plum tree unexpectedly grew new leaves. It was so amazing! The leaves from the plum tree have grown very big now. I tell whoever I see, "It is Dafa that brought life to the dead tree." I now recite "Falun Dafa is good” every day and I have become very healthy.

My son is very busy distributing truth clarification leaflets. I started getting up at 4 or 5 a.m. to help him distribute them. I gave them to every family. I imagined that if I was arrested, I would tell people that, although I don't practice Falun Gong, I'd still say that Dafa is wonderful and that so many miracles have happened to me because of my belief in Falun Dafa.