(Minghui.org) The movie “Free China: The Courage to Believe” was screened at the Event Cinemas theater in Brisbane, Australia on November 13, 2013.

According to its official website, “The award winning “Free China: The Courage To Believe” tells the story of a mother and former Communist Party member, Jennifer Zeng, who along with more than 70 Million Chinese were practicing a belief that combined Buddhism and Daoism until the Chinese Government outlawed it. The Internet police intercepted an email and Jennifer was imprisoned for her faith... A world away, Dr. Charles Lee, a Chinese American businessman, wanted to do his part to stop the persecution by attempting to broadcast uncensored information on state-controlled television. He was arrested in China and sentenced to three years of re-education in a prison camp where he endured forced labor...”

The tickets sold out, so the sponsor decided to add an additional screening. After the screening, Jennifer Zeng, the main character in the movie, answered questions from the audience.

The guests coming to the screening included representatives from the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Amnesty International, Australian Tibetan Council, and people from the fields of medicine, business, and public media.

Steven Kiem from the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights was moved by the movie. He said that lawyers should speak for Falun Gong practitioners, as did David Kilgour, a Canadian human rights lawyer, because speaking for Falun Gong is fighting for human rights.

Camille Furtardo from Amnesty International believes that the movie exposes the human rights violation in China. He said that Amnesty International can help people outside of China learn what is happening in China, and exert pressure on the Chinese government to improve the human rights situation.

Several Chinese people saw the movie. Melody, a Chinese student majoring in journalism, expressed hope that more Chinese people will see the movie, and more Chinese people learn the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. She and two friends quit the Chinese Communist Party after the screening.

Melody said, “I was shocked by the facts revealed in the movie. The Communist Party has brainwashed the Chinese people, including me. The movie totally changed my impression of Falun Gong. The persecution and the organ harvesting is too brutal.”

Melody continued, “There is no freedom of speech in China. People cannot express their thoughts. The Communist Party doesn't want people to know what happens. If we want to know the truth, we have to come overseas.”

Many people in the audience were shocked upon hearing of the organ harvesting atrocity. One businessman said that he has many business partners in China, so it is very important that he know what is really going on there. The movie showed him many things that he was not aware of, and he was appreciative.