(Minghui.org) Dear Master, dear fellow practitioners, I'm a little Dafa disciple living in the U.S. I was born in 1998. I have been cultivating with my mother and sister since I was very young. I came to the U.S. in June 2012. I’d like to report to Master and fellow practitioners about my cultivation experience.

1. Dafa Gave Me Life

My birth was a little different from other kids. Because of China’s birth control policy, no second child is allowed. But my mom got pregnant accidentally. Since she's a cultivator, she understood the Fa principle when Master said, “An abortion during pregnancy is killing.” (“Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting”)

In order to give birth and keep me safe, Mom resigned from her job and went to stay with relatives. She did not return home until after I was born. If it weren’t for Falun Dafa, I could have been one of those aborted babies in China. I sincerely thank Master for his compassionate care so that I could come to this world and luckily become a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

2. Doing the Three Things Well from the Time I Was Little

After I was born I was raised by relatives. My entire family came to visit me every year during the holiday season, when my mom played the recording of Master’s Fa Teaching and read Hong Yin to me.

When I was five and half, Mom took me home to go to school. She started to teach me to read Zhuan Falun. In the beginning, I read word by word and then sentence by sentence. After three months, I was able to read through Zhuan Falun on my own.

Mom also started to teach me the exercises. When I did the meditation exercise, my legs did not hurt at all sitting in the full-lotus position, but when I did the wheel-holding exercise, my arms were very sore. A few times when I was about to do the second exercise, I would run to Mom, saying I needed to drink or I was hungry and wanted to eat something. After a few days in a row, my mom recognized my tricks and told me that, when doing the exercises, one shouldn’t be afraid of bearing hardships. After that, I was no longer lazy and did all five exercises.

I started to go out with Mom to hand out truth clarification materials when I was six. At that time, the environment in China was terrifying. Each time we went out, Mom and I sent righteous thoughts while passing out materials. In the beginning I covered Mom by watching out for her downstairs. If I saw someone coming, I sent a signal to alert her. Later I was able to hand out the materials with her.

One time, Mom and I went to the suburban area at night to distribute materials. When I was ready to leave after hanging the brochures on the door, a big dog jumped up against the window and barked at me. I got scared and was about to burst into tears but Mom covered my mouth. After we got home, I cried and said that I would never go out again to deliver materials. But a few day later when she got up to leave, I followed closely again, like a little shadow, as if nothing had happened.

In my school, each time they raised the Party flag, I stood there silently saying the formula for righteous thoughts. The school I attended had more than one hundred students and teachers. Between classes I wrote down the teachers' names in each class and wrote them truth clarification letters when I got home. Mom and I used different handwriting styles to write envelops and mailed informational materials to the leaders of various organizations and people who participated in the persecution. During those years, Mom and I sent out lots of materials and DVDs. I can’t thank Master enough for his care through those years.

3. Getting through Tribulations with the Guidance of the Fa

When I was in school, my academic performance was very good. I was also very popular in school. Teachers and students were all willing to let me help them. Every day I went to school early and got home late. At one time I had 13 tasks to complete at school. One day I came home feeling so tired that I cried. After I told Mom about what I did at school, she felt sorry for me and wanted to call the head teacher to ask him to reduce my workload. I wouldn't let her, but, instead, I went to talk to the teacher myself. In the end, the teacher only removed two tasks.

Whenever I ran into minor conflicts between classmates or felt tired, I always reminded myself with Master’s Fa, “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Zhuan Falun). I thought if I did a little bit more than others, then it would make things more convenient for them. I did all the tasks my teacher assigned until I graduated from elementary school.

Mom left China for the U.S. on my first day of middle school. My dad traveled a lot, so oftentimes I was the only one at home. Sometimes I missed my mom and cried in bed. But I studied the Fa every day and never missed a day without a reasonable excuse. I did not feel sad when I read the Fa. The Fa gave me strength. I had to take a bus and travel ten miles one way each Sunday afternoon to learn the zither. In the winter, the days are short and it gets dark early. The bus service stops early, too, so I sometimes had to take a taxi home by myself if it was too late. The Fa gave me courage.

After I got into middle school, all the students with excellent academic performance applied to join the Youth League. The secretary of the League committee talked to me and wanted me to be the head of the League in the school. I told him that I had never even written an application to join the League. He was very surprised and asked me why. I said I did not want to join.

His eyes got bigger and he said to me angrily, "You go back and write an application and give it to me. I will still let you be the head of the League." I said calmly, "Forget it. I don’t like to get involved with things like this."

He was very angry and started to scold me. But my heart did not move at all and I sent righteous thoughts without a break. Whatever he said did not get into my ears. When the bell rang for class, he let me go back to my classroom. Magically, he never asked me again about this and even reminded me to stay alert when I was home alone. I knew it was Master who reinforced me.

During the 13 years from when I was born till I left China, I overcame all kinds of tribulations safely under Master's compassionate care. Thank you, Master!

4. Helping Master Rectify the Fa Outside of China

I flew to the U.S. by myself in 2012. Three days after I arrived, I went out with my mom, sister, and a senior practitioner to hang flyers promoting the Shen Yun show on doorknobs. When we finished one community and went on to the next, the weather suddenly changed. It started to rain and hail, turning the whole windshield misty white and making it hard to drive. We stopped the car and held our palms erect to send righteous thoughts and the rain lessened.

We continued to send righteous thoughts as we passed out flyers. A blue, sunny sky appeared and all the flyers were distributed. Afterwards the older woman said that she had never seen such a heavy and long hail storm in her life. Summer came, and the temperature rose. When I first came to the U.S., my skin was very fair, but now it got very dark. I didn't worry about it and still frequently went out to distribute flyers until the Shen Yun show began.

The first few days after I started school in the U.S., everyone spoke English too quickly for me to understand well, so I had to copy my classmates' notes. I progressed quickly, and about a week later my classmates started to ask me for answers to the homework. I scored the highest on all major tests and won many awards. Our public school recognized “special people” each semester. The school principal told me that all the teachers of my classes voted for me, which had never happened before. It was Master who granted me the wisdom.

Before Shen Yun came to our area, I went to put up Shen Yun posters and distribute flyers. In the winter it snowed heavily. Sometimes when I went into a store to put up poster, the employees thought I was getting paid to do it. I always told them that I was a volunteer and that this was the best show in the world. I told them they had to go see it.

I also wrote about my experiences in my school essays and put up posters in my classroom. I told my teachers and classmates the truth about Dafa and Shen Yun. After I got home at night, I read Master’s Fa-lectures given at the conferences in different cities. It took me only six months to finish reading all of Master’s books and writings. After Shen Yun performed in our state, I went to a state nearby to help put up Shen Yun posters.

5. Summer Camp and Cultivating My Xinxing

Since I was little, I have behaved well at school and among family and friends and was thus thought well of. As a result, I unconsciously developed a “sense of superiority.” This summer I attended summer camp for little Dafa disciples. We danced, studied the Fa, and practiced the exercises together. When we first learned the dance, I noticed the practitioners my age danced so well. They had all learned to dance before. I had never danced, so I felt lost and embarrassed. When I read the Fa and practiced the exercises, I always felt like crying for no reason.

I was enlightened at the time that my understanding wasn’t right. Master gave me a hint to eliminate my attachment to face and superiority and to face tribulations with a peaceful mind and to solidly cultivate. I stopped crying and practiced the basic skills and poses after I returned to my dorm every day. I consulted teachers and students on the parts I did not know. When I studied the Fa, I was able to take the Fa to my heart. “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun).

Reinforced by Master, my movements slowly improved and at the end I participated in all the pieces in the final performance. When I was dancing delicately with fellow practitioners, I felt like we were twirling into beautiful lotus flowers. I felt energy all over my body. I knew only through solid and diligent cultivation could I repay Master’s benevolence.

6. Constantly Improving Myself While Working on Little Dafa Disciples’ RTC Platform

In February 2013, I had a chance to join the global RTC platform of little Dafa disciples ,where we studied the Fa and made phone calls to China to persuade people to quit the CCP and its organizations. On my first day there, when I saw that little fellow practitioners were so serious about saving people, I said to myself in my heart that I needed to do well, too. I started to make phone calls the next day. I was very nervous. Everyone encouraged me. In my heart I had my palm erect to send righteous thoughts.

The phone call went through and it was an middle-aged lady. After I told her the facts, she was willing to quit the Party. I picked the name “Xinli” ("Beautiful Heart") for her and helped her quit the Young Pioneers. I also told her the truth of Dafa and she thanked me. After I got off the phone, I was very excited and did ''Heshi" to thank Master for the encouragement.

Now I am more proficient in making phone calls. To do more truth clarification during China’s holidays, I got up early to make phone calls. During the process, I ran into people who were cynical and talked for a long time and people who said bad things. But there are also a lot of people who were very kind. After I’d been working on the platform for seven months, I had helped 80 people quit the Party. Master said:

As Dafa disciples clarify the truth
Sharp swords shoot forth from their mouths
Tearing open the rotten demons’ lies
Lose no time and save them,
hurry up and tell them
(“Hurry Up and Tell Them,” Hong Yin II)

After the New York Fa conference, I became the host of the North American RTC platform of little Dafa disciples. My Chinese is very good and I could help the young practitioners on the platform correct errors in characters and teach them the ones they do not know and arrange for them to make phone calls. Furthermore, I made a lot of good friends at the summer camp and told them to join the RTC project to save people. After camp ended, about 10 little practitioners joined. We all participated in making phone calls for the Special Project on Liaoning Province for a week.

It was the first time that the young Dafa disciples officially participated in such a global special project. Those of us on the platform formed a group and encouraged each other to overcome the difficulty of a low rate of connection of the phone calls. Some played the recording, and some quickly talked about the live organ harvesting as soon as the phone was picked up: “Hello, I am a child from overseas. The whole world knows how the CCP harvests living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs and sells them for high profits. Gods are about to punish the CCP.” Many government employees were shocked to hear this. We then told them about the huge wave of quitting the CCP. After the project was completed, I reported to the adults on the RTC team about this project on behalf of all of us little Dafa disciples.

As the number of young Dafa disciples increased, the things I needed to do also increased. The Fa study groups grew from three to four. I needed to arrange a person-in-charge for each group, too. When making phone calls, we also divided into different groups, and I needed to help those little practitioners who were not familiar with the computer to get the phone numbers and post information. Because of this, the time left for me to study the Fa and make phone calls has become less. But I know it's my responsibility to help others, so I need to do well. I also enlightened that I need to be more focused on the Fa while studying, not how much I read.

I was so happy to be with everyone on the platform every day. When one person was making a phone call, everyone else sent righteous thoughts; when someone saw another’s mistakes, he pointed them out so they could be corrected. We focused on how we study and cultivate. Sometimes I had xinxing conflicts. Master said,

A wicked person is born of jealousy.
Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself.
A benevolent person always has a heart of compassion.
With no discontentment or hatred, he takes hardship as joy.
An enlightened person has no attachments at all.
He quietly observes the people of the world deluded by illusions.”
(“ Realms” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

A person with no egotism and no selfishness and who considers others first can then be called a cultivator. I felt that differences, heartfelt pain, and grievances are all minor things. I needed to cultivate myself well and apply the righteous principles to my cultivation. It’s great to have Master. I want to cultivate inward.

Each day after everyone got off the platform, I still had to stay longer to update the daily experience summary, send scripts to make phone calls to newly joined practitioners, or answer their questions, or do demonstrations on making phone calls. I was so busy. After I finished projects on the platform, I then did my homework. Sometimes I had to work until 11 p.m. When I saw everyone getting more skillful and proactive in making the phone calls and studying the Fa seriously, I felt that everything I had done was what I should do and therefore not worthy of mentioning. And I felt very happy for them. Although I went to bed very late every night, I slept very well with peace of mind.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the RTC platform of little Dafa disciples. This provided us with such a pure environment. I will continue to make efforts and improve my xinxing. I also hope that more young practitioners can join the RTC platform project to make phone calls together to help Master rectify the Fa and save people.

Today I feel very honored to stand up here and report my cultivation experience to Master and fellow practitioners. I thank Master for giving me life and letting me become the luckiest little Dafa disciple in this universe.

From now on, I will make the requirements I set for myself more stringent, be diligent and cultivate solidly, do the three things well, save more people, and be a qualified Fa rectification period little Dafa disciple. I’d like to quote one of Master’s Fa Teaching as a mutual encouragement:

“Broadly shines a Buddha’s light,
Justly setting all things right.
Advance together, ever diligent,
To a glorious future.”
(“One With the Fa” in Hong Yin)

My level is limited. If there is anything improper, please compassionately point it out to me.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2013 U.S. Western Fa Conference)