(Minghui.org) I often watch the programs NTD Television broadcasts in Mainland China. Recently I watched a cartoon about Nuwa and found it quite insightful.

According to Chinese legend, Nuwa was a celestial maiden who created human beings out of clay. In this cartoon, several other heavenly beings such as Zhu Rong and Gong Gong helped her, and Nuwa was very grateful.

The heavenly emperor noticed Buzhou Mountain had a crack in it that was getting bigger and bigger. To prevent the mountain from collapsing and harming mankind, he ordered Zhu Rong and Gong Gong to repair it.

Gong Gong was a secret admirer of Nuwa. He was unhappy that Zhu Rong got the assignment, too, because he wanted to fix the problem himself to please her. Zhu Rong didn't know this, but he got upset after noticing Gong Gong’s hostility.

Conflict Causes Catastrophe

When they went to look at the mountain, Gong Gong found the crack first. But as Zhu Rong carried rocks to fill the crack, Gong Gong got annoyed and pushed him. Zhu Rong pushed back and Gong Gong fell, causing Buzhou Mountain to collapse. This created a gigantic hole in the heavens, which caused the sky to fall. Human beings were left in darkness, and they started dying in the rising flood waters.

Nuwa, who was busy producing more humans from clay, was shocked by the disaster. Thinking she needed to find some magic rocks and special glue to mend the heavenly crater, she hurried to save people from the flood one by one.

Cooperation Saves the Day

When the heavenly emperor saw this, he sent Gong Gong and Zhu Rong to carry rocks for Nuwa. That way they could repair the catastrophe they had caused. Both of them were very happy and did their task well.

Nuwa was delighted and, with the help of a heavenly turtle, she not only repaired the heavenly crater but also found a gigantic pillar to further strengthen it so that the sky would not fall again.

This legend reminded me of many things we've been doing in truth-clarification. For example, Gong Gong wanted to do something to please Nuwa. However, the conflict between him and Zhu Rong had a consequence—Buzhou Mountain was knocked down. Nuwa had no complaint or conflict with others, but she relied on them to do the work.

Similarly, we practitioners need to work well with each other seamlessly. By letting go of ourselves, we will be able to do well in assisting Master with Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.