(Minghui.org) Chinese politics instructors have been heavily brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as they are trained to brainwash others. We hear of few cases where a politics instructor helps in a counter-brainwashing project in order to promote public awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong. Here is one:

“Once, as I studied a section of Master’s lecture, I understood the importance of promoting Shen Yun to society. I then wanted to do this. Three days later, out of the blue, practitioner A asked me to join a project involving mailing letters to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. I immediately agreed. I believed it was Master’s arrangement; otherwise, why would I have been invited to join the project? I started working on the project and wanted to do my best. The more involved I became, the more I realized that Master had arranged everything for us, and that we needed to simply follow the steps.

Profound Meaning of the Arrangement in My Earlier Life

Since I was a child, I had disliked the teaching profession, and particularly the teaching of politics. However, that's exactly what I did for decades, since there were few other choices. Although my teaching evaluations were excellent, colleagues often teased me as a “political liar.” Those were the times when I felt life was unfair, as I was doing work that I disliked.

When I joined the mailing project, I realized that the reason I was a politics teacher was for me to contribute to clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to people. As a politics teacher, I needed to study every discipline in order to integrate everything with historical lessons and scientific theories. I discovered that the knowledge and skills I had acquired through my teaching career were well suited for the mailing project.

At the beginning of each letter, I printed my own four-line poem that conveyed goodwill to the reader. Working closely with fellow practitioners, I designed and prepared letters of different emphasis and content to target various groups, depending on their background and professions.

For example, for university staff and faculty, I drafted letter something like: Are you teaching students lies or the truth? A unique discussion in class might be: Science and Theology or Science and Truth, and The choice of a psychology professor .

To lawyers I might write: Behind the traitorous secret treaty, and Three hundred fingerprints .

To politicians I might suggest: Gaining enlightenment from history and heavenly signs: the Wang Lijun event foreshadows the collapse of the CCP, Behind the traitorous secret treaty, the persecution of Falun Gong deepens China's economic crises, and The CCP's crimes against humanity go far beyond morality's bottom line .

To medical professionals: The miracles of Falun Gong, Lies and conditioned responses: the 1,400 cases, Researchers prove that good or bad deeds bring about respective consequences, and Who is responsible for the medical experiments ordered by the State Council?

Because of what I do, I felt close to teachers and their students, and responsible for them when distributing the truth-clarification materials, especially for teachers of politics, who are still polluted by the CCP lies. I have sent numerous letters to schools.

We used the best envelopes, purchased the most appropriate stamps, and did our best when writing addresses. We did the envelopes by hand and there were many. We did not use any that were addressed carelessly. We felt it was very important to do Dafa work from our hearts. As I wrote the name and address on an envelope, my mind spoke to the receiver—please cherish this letter as it offers you the opportunity of a bright future by letting you know the truth. As I sealed the letter, I asked Master to strengthen my effort in helping save people with predestined relationships.

Master’s Arrangement

Our team was determined to mail out a large number of letters within 75 days. Preoccupied by the thought of saving as many people as possible, I did not think it through before assigning more work to Practitioner A’s group. This caused some hard feelings among the practitioners in that group, and they withdrew from the project. We, the project coordinators, discussed why this had happened. When we examined our intentions and attachments, we concluded that our intentions had been good but we had been inconsiderate of fellow practitioners. We assigned a heavier workload than what they could handle and they felt pressured. Some practitioners suggested that I explain our thoughts to Practitioner A, but I didn’t, because of other complicated issues.

Practitioner A’s group withdrew, and our project lost valuable manpower. I tried to stay calm and said to myself, “This situation is to test my weaknesses. The project is what Master wants, so this is my mission.”

One day as I studied the Fa alone at home, Practitioner A and some of her group came over and offered to help. It happened so suddenly. I was so astonished that I was speechless. I knew that Master had arranged this significant change. After that, our project was back on schedule. Not only do those who are involved work well together, but some family members have contributed as well.

Cooperation Among Practitioners

When Practitioner A’s group first withdrew from our project, we felt devestated because our supplies of materials had been cut. But soon other practitioners provided their support and we our needs were miraculously met. For example, Practitioner B and I had never met even though we had worked on the same project for two years. No matter when we needed it or how much material we needed, with just a simple note he would always supply it on time. He returned the money we gave for making the materials every time, saying, “I’m part of the project to save sentient beings.” He was well aware of our needs in terms of materials, so he was able to provide needed materials and information in a timely fashion. I am grateful for Master’s arrangement of giving the project such a good fellow practitioner.

In our most difficult times, we thought about asking Practitioner C to help. She not only unconditionally agreed to do any work assigned to her, but also would not accept any money we sent for the cost of supplies. We later discovered that Practitioner C and her family were struggling financially. We felt bad that we had not noticed her difficulties sooner.

Another practitioner, although not a member of our project, offered her assistance from time to time. When Practitioner A rejoined the project, it seemed to me that everything was possible even in the most difficult times because Master was watching over us.

Although we have never received feedback to our letters, we know that we are doing something righteous and we are walking the cultivation path arranged by Master.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners who have helped us!