(Minghui.org) On October 16, 2013, Mr. Tang Jitian, an attorney practicing in Beijing, accompanied his client, Mr. Yang Kaicheng, to a brainwashing center located in the Jixi Forced Labor Camp. They went to visit Mr. Yang's wife, Ms. Yu Jinfeng. Mr. Yang and his wife, Ms. Yu are both Falun Gong practitioners.

Guards in the brainwashing center refused to receive Mr. Yang and the lawyer. Instead, they directed them to the head of the local 610 Office, whose last name is Wang.

On the same day, at 2 p.m., Attorney Tang and Mr. Yang arrived at the City Federation Office. When they found Wang, the lawyer asked him, “On what grounds was Ms. Yu Jinfeng arrested?” Wang didn't give them a reason, and he became angry. Because of Wang's hostile attitude, they started to argue. Wang became even more hostile and called the guards to come in and arrest them. At present, Attorney Tang's and Mr. Yang's whereabouts are unknown.

On October 17, upon hearing of Mr. Yang's arrest, his family, friends and relatives rushed to the Guan District Public Security Bureau in Jixi City, but the officials said they were not involved with the disappearance of Attorney Tang and Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang's family then went to Yongchang Police Station. The police told the family that they did not know anything about the arrest and had never seen the two.

Seeing the family's persistence, the police finally told them that they were still thinking about what to do with the Mr. Yang and Attorney Tang. They said they might keep them in the detention center for five days. Afterward, the police sent the family to the Jixi Public Security Bureau. When they arrived, they realized that both the police station officers and public security bureau staff were trying to deflect any responsibility and were not willing to give them a definite response. The Yang family has gone to the detention center, the Yongchang Police Station, the Xiangyang Police Station, and the Xishan Police Station, but they still have not seen the family member and his attorney. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

Jixi City Public Security Bureau

Partial list of people involved:  

 Du Jijun, deputy mayor, director and captain of Jixi City Public Security Bureau, +86-13836525511(cell) The Committee of Politics and Law of Jixi City Liu Bangren, deputy director of the Committee of Politics and Law (who is primarily responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong in Jixi City): +86-467-2394567 (office), +86-467-2138777 (home), +86-13504688777 (cell)

Wang Guangyue, director of the Committee of Politics and Law in Jixi City

Xu Hexiang, former director of the Committee of Politics and Law (now retired): +86-467-2395868 (office), +86-467-2355868 (home), +86-15326635868 (cell)