(Minghui.org) More than half of the practitioners in some Fa study groups read electronic versions of Dafa books. I believe it is best to read printed books where possible, when studying the Fa.

Photos on Minghui: Practitioners hold books

There are photos of practitioners studying the Fa on the Minghui website. Whether the photos were taken in China or abroad, practitioners are holding books and studying from them. Even though Japan and America are more technologically advanced than China, most practitioners there still read the Fa from books when they study together.

Studying the Fa on electronic devices can foster attachments

Why do so many practitioners in China study the Fa from electronic devices when they study together? I think there are several reasons.

The environment in China is dangerous due to the ongoing persecution and practitioners are reluctant to keep too many Dafa books. It is also more convenient to carry smaller, lightweight electronic devices when traveling to places to study together. Attachments such as fear may well arise from this.

Electronic equipment is made by aliens to control humans

Electronic technology was given to humans by aliens in order to control them. Gods created human culture and gave man books. So shouldn't practitioners read books when studying the Fa, if the conditions allow?

As long as there is Internet access, the Minghui website is very convenient for practitioners to read printable versions of Dafa books in PDF format, free of charge. I understand that in the past, books were provided in TXT files, and the contents could be altered easily. The PDF versions are available so that practitioners can print books from them with relative safety. The typeset is also very important and the PDF files are provided in formats for printing two or four pages at the same time. Many practitioners have inquired whether it would be possible to have a format that isn't broken down into pages and therefore more electronically friendly. Minghui has never offered this. Is there another level of meaning behind this? Perhaps the purpose is to discourage practitioners from studying Dafa books on electronic devices.

However, some practitioners still use the excuse that it is more convenient to read electronically. I think we need to ask ourselves, should we follow societal trends and read books on electronic devices invented by aliens just because it is convenient? It is easy for people to become addicted to electronic equipment, adding to the fact that they were created with the purpose of controlling people. Many practitioners feel very calm while reading the paper books. This isn't coincidental and perhaps there are deeper reasons for this.

Special circumstances allow for Fa Study on electronic devices

There are special circumstances where I believe that it is acceptable to study the Fa using electronic devices, such as being on the road, at work or on a business trip. This is Master's great compassion for practitioners.

I have deleted the original electronic Dafa books from my computer. When I have free time at work, I read the Dafa books on the Minghui website. But I found that I had overused this and had a problem when I looked within. At home I have Dafa books, but sometimes I'm lazy and just read on my computer. I then understood why I was meant to notice this phenomenon among practitioners and see the photos on the Minghui website.

As long as the circumstances permit, I will only read the printed version of Dafa books. I will no longer be lazy and will make every effort to read the hard copies.

This is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners please compassionately point out anything that isn't in accordance with the Fa.