(Minghui.org) I started to cultivate in Falun Dafa in 1997. I understand that when one cultivates in Dafa, he is protected by Master. I have experienced many miraculous incidents during my cultivation and would like to share one with you here. It happened over 11 years ago.

I was working in a timber processing facility, which produced timber planks under the centrally-planned economy. Later, when China turned into market economy, we started to produce solid wood floorboards. My job was in quality control in the production line. The process prior to our stage was crosscutting. Since the raw materials were small and fragmented, although the workers were busy all the time, their benches were always piled up with boards to be cut. After I started to practice Dafa, I always endeavored to be kind to others. So, whenever I had a moment free, I would go and help the sawyers work on difficult and awkward pieces.

I went to work the day after the 2001 New Year. Around 9:00 a.m., most workers in the early sawing process went to take a break, but there was still some work to be finished on the crosscutting line. I stayed behind to help the sawyer. When I was cutting the last piece, there was a terrible accident. It happened so fast that I was taken completely by surprise.

We were using was an overhead saw modified from a cross-cut saw. The teeth were very big, similar in size to fingernails. The operator had to pull the handle hard towards his chest, and the material was sawed off. When one let go of the handle, the saw would bounce back into position, ready for the next operation.

When I used it before, the saw was always steady and in good working order. But this time, as I was working on the last piece of wood, after the saw bounced back to its place and when I stretched out my hand to adjust the board for the next cut, the saw came straight at my hand, as if some strong force was pulling it, and cut into the back of my right hand, about 1/3 of the way from my wrist. I felt a cold feeling in my hand as my glove was ripped off and flung away.

I thought “This is it!” In a split second, the back of my right hand was sawn open, with a cut of eight centimeters long and half a centimeter wide. The bone of my index finger close to the wrist was broken in three pieces and the surrounding flesh, blood veins, tendon, and bone pieces were all pulverized upon impact. Just then a miracle happened. The saw suddenly stopped, even though the power was still on. I could hear the saw making a noise, but it stopped turning. I was totally stunned and my mind went completely blank.

About 20 seconds later, when I came to, I instinctively stretched out my left hand to pull the saw away from my right hand. By then the stunned sawyer had also come to his senses and switched off the power. I pulled the saw teeth away from my hand without any trouble, as the bone was already broken.

Some people may think this was just a “coincidence.” But how could it possibly be a coincidence? How could a fast-turning saw suddenly stop when the power was on if it had not been some “external force” helping me out at that critical moment? There is only one explanation: a cultivator needs to eliminate his karma, which would involve some suffering, or some trouble or dangerous incidents. However, because we cultivate in Dafa and are protected by Master, as long as we truly have faith in Master and Dafa, miracles occur.

This incident happened more than 11 years ago. Although my index finger does not bend and stretch as easily as it used to, every time people ask how my finger was injured, I tell them: "I'm practicing Falun Dafa. If it hadn't been for the protection of my Master, my whole hand would have been sawn off and I would be disabled."

Once again, thank you, Master, for your merciful protection and salvation.