(Minghui.org) The forced labor camp system is being shut down in China, but Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Changchun is still holding three Falun Gong practitioners. They are: Ms. Xie Lijuan from Jilin Province Library, Ms. Han Fenghua from the Longtan District of Jilin City, and Ms. Fei Guiling from Liuhe in Jilin Province.

The police have said that the three will be taken to a drug rehabilitation center for further persecution when they are finally released.

Ms. Han Fenghua

Ms. Han Fenghua is a former teacher in Gangyao County, Longtan District, Jilin City. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, she traveled several times to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Dafa and ended up being jailed and beaten in Beijing. She was taken twice to a brainwashing center. Ms. Han has been very determined to continue cultivating Falun Dafa and has clarified the truth at every opportunity. The police often broke into and searched her home. She was forced to flee and become homeless.

At 10 p.m. on July 31, 2012, Jilin City mayor Zhang Xiaopei, the Jilin National Security Team, the Public Security Bureau, and several officers from the Zhanqian Police Division of Jilin City broke into Ms. Han's residence. They searched her home and confiscated all of her Dafa books, other materials, and two computers. One of the computers was for her son's work, and even though her son is not a practitioner, they refused to return it to him. They also confiscated other personal property including a printer and a DVD burner.

After Ms. Han's arrest, she sometimes loses consciousness and has convulsions as a result of being brutally interrogated. The Jilin City Public Security Bureau rushed her to Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun City, without informing her family. After a month of investigation, her family finally located her. Ms. Han has still not been released.

A decade before, on September 25, 2001, officer Wang Liansheng from Gangyao County in the Longtan District of Jilin City and six officers from the police station, the county government, and Ms. Han's employer, a porcelain company, broke into Ms. Han's home to arrest her and take her to the brainwashing center. Ms. Han said, “I fully recovered from my illnesses after practicing Falun Dafa. I did not use the state’s medical funds at all. How good Falun Dafa is! It is not wrong to believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

Ms. Han did not cooperate with the illegal arrest, so they manhandled her and she fell down, unconscious. The police ordered her family to write a guarantee statement on her behalf and pay a "fine." When Ms. Han regained consciousness, they forced her into a vehicle. As a result of the rough handling, Ms. Han was black and blue and bleeding. Many bystanders witnessed the brutal arrest.

In 2005, Ms. Han took a teaching position at the Jilin City Public Service Engineering School. She clarified the facts to the students and was fired by the principal, and her wages were withheld. In June 2005 when Ms. Han asked for her salary, her principal reported her to the police. She was arrested and taken to the Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center. In July 2005, she was sentenced to forced labor for one year. When the forced labor camp refused to admit her, Ms. Han was released.

Ms. Xie Lijuan

Ms. Xie Lijuan is single, around 30 years old. She was the only post graduate employed at the Jilin Province Library. After the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong, she was sentenced to forced labor for two years and was severely tortured. The police shocked her legs and private parts with electric batons, traumatizing her. When Ms. Xie later tried to return to work, no department would hire her. Eventually the head of the library arranged for her to be a janitor.

In November 2006, Ms. Xie was again arrested and sent to Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was put through a brainwashing session. The guards roughly cut her hair to humiliate her. Wei Dan and guards from Team One started a brutal round of persecution of the detained Falun Gong practitioners. They did not allow them to eat or sleep, forced them to sing Chinese Communist Party songs, made them read books that defamed Dafa, and tried to force them to write statements of denunciation, etc. Wei Dan, Ye Jiong, and Yan Lifeng took the practitioners who refused to be "transformed" to the fourth floor and tortured them. They force-fed them, shocked them with electric batons, confined them to the death bed, and had a collaborator named Zhu Jiahui harass them.

The torture left Ms. Xie mentally disordered. She could not cope with daily life and did not recognize where she was. She lived in the countryside with her father who was sick and her mother who was mentally unwell due to the ongoing persecution.

Ms. Xie was arrested again in August 2012 when she was working at the Jilin Province Library. She is now in Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Fei Guiling

Ms. Fei Guiling from Liuhe County is 43 years old. Two or three days after she was brought to Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp at the end of August, the guards stretched her on a bed for 36 hours. They ordered her to write the three statements. Team leader Zhu Dan kicked her between her legs. Deputy team lead Jin Lihua used a small wooden hammer to hit Ms. Fei, especially her legs.

Zhang Xiaohui used a baton to hit Ms. Fei on the back of her head. After coming back to the workshop, she was not able to do the work. Zhu Dan, Jin Lihua (the deputy team leader), Zhang Xiaohui, Miao Hui, Ju Ping, and Sun Jia accused Ms. Fei of “interfering with company morale,” and dragged her by her hair, legs, and arms to the discipline room to torture her. On the way, they ran into director Chen who was touring the labor camp, but he pretended not to see anything. They then rushed Ms. Fei to Warehouse 211 and told her that she could work at her own pace. Ms. Fei was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor and is still being detained.

We want to tell those who work at the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City: Stop assisting the Chinese Communist Party in its crimes. Heaven is giving fewer chances. The time remaining is for you to wake up and not for you to continue to commit wrongdoings. The forced labor camp system has been shut down. Release these three Falun Gong practitioners: Ms. Han Fenghua, Ms. Xie Lijuan, and Ms. Fei Guiling!