Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

1. Joining Group Exercise; Overcoming a Severe Tribulation with Master's Care

Master came in person to the 2013 New York Fahui. My soul was deeply touched while listening to Master’s lecture. Master said:

“Weren’t all those thousands of years of reincarnating and waiting exactly for this? At the time, driven by the feeling from deep inside your being, you were able to renounce any human attachment and be determined to cultivate yourself well. That excitement could propel you to be diligent. But with the passage of time, that feeling was gradually lost. Human laziness, all kinds of human notions, and the array of chaotic things before you in society all combined to tempt you and interfere with you. Hence the saying, “Cultivate with the heart you once had, and consummation is certain.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”).

For quite some time, I used the excuse of “being busy” to skip doing the five sets of exercises. In fact, it is human laziness. Since I was not diligent in doing the exercises, I felt physically tired easily. Eventually I felt that I was not very efficient when doing things. How could I cultivate with the heart I once had? I thought since I am a Falun Gong practitioner, I should start with the basic thing of doing the exercises. Coming back from the New York Fahui, I joined the morning exercises with the media group. I believe as a Dafa disciple, no matter how busy I seem to be, no matter how many things I need to deal with, I should be a cultivator validating Dafa instead of being an ordinary person doing Dafa projects.

I benefited a lot from joining the group exercises. Every morning after sending forth righteous thoughts, I drive to the practice site. Master’s familiar exercise instructions have enveloped me in the Buddha's infinite Grace. Each word of Master’s verses pierces with great energy into the microscopic part of my body. Practicing the exercises every day, the cells of my body are filled with energy. My body is fully cultivated, and I feel so light physically. I feel that I have got back the light-hearted and beautiful state of “cultivating with the heart I once had.”

One morning, I was getting up to send forth righteous thoughts. The moment I stood up, I felt the roof was spinning, I felt dizzy and suddenly began vomiting. The tribulation came so suddenly with such severe physical symptoms. I felt in the other dimensions the black hands of the evil demons were getting at me, trying to take away my life. My main consciousness was very clear: these were just illusions, I should not acknowledge it. Looking inside to see my loopholes, I sent forth a thought: my body is here to assimilate to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The cultivated divine part of me is a “diamond-like” body that is made by Dafa. Whatever shortcomings I have, I will rectify them with Dafa. In the other dimensions, no matter how high the old forces are, they are not entitled to test me.

Since I felt extremely uncomfortable and I never had this kind of experience in the past, my human notions also came up: I feel so uncomfortable, why don’t I just skip the exercises and stay home and rest? Obviously my human attachments and my divine side were fighting tremendously. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I drove to the practice site. I saw that fellow practitioners had already started the sitting meditation. I rushed to the washroom and experienced vomiting and diarrhea. When I came out I felt like collapsing. After the meditation, I felt a little bit better. But the moment I stepped into the car, I felt dizzy and had trouble seeing. These illusions lasted from the moment I picked up my son and dropped him at summer camp, transferring at the subway stations to arrive at work, clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese I met at work and who agreed to quit the CCP-related organizations, until noon when it was time for sending forth righteous thoughts.

Every minute no matter how unbearable this physical body felt, my main consciousness was very clear: I should never acknowledge and fall into this kind of arrangement that Master does not agree with. During my lunch hour, I sat down in a quiet place and started to read Zhuan Falun. I felt a torrent of energy come down from the top of my head to my body. Master’s Fa cleansed the most microcosmic of my body. I truly experienced Master’s tremendous benevolence. After work I made it to my scheduled meeting. The vicious and severe tribulation was dissolved by Master’s great compassion. Every detail in my daily life went on as normal and nothing was interfered with. After dinner, I felt very light physically, and it seemed that a layer of degenerate and corrupt substances were eliminated from my body. I understand that the severe test arranged by the old forces turned out to be an elevation of my xinxing to believe with righteousness in Master and Dafa.

Looking inside, I asked myself: what human attachments of mine caused this tribulation? Seeing through the superficial layers, digging into the roots, it is the stubborn “self” that came into being after being deteriorated and dropped down. It is the manifestation of the degenerate and corrupt substances in the cosmos. When this “self” is happy and satisfied after achieving something, or even claims the credit of a divine intervention to validate itself, it has already deviated from the Truth and the righteous path. When notions and preference of this “self” cannot be satisfied, and so has complaints or even has the wrong thought to disbelieve in Master and the Fa, even worse, in order to satisfy the self interests, fail to take the right position in facing Master, that would be very dangerous. The old forces will try everything it can to take advantage and enlarge its impact, and make this attachment even bigger. If we do not pay enough attention to every single thought we have, although we say we are cultivating, we might actually be accumulating those deteriorated substances.

With Master’s compassionate care, just because I have the wish to cultivate with the heart I once had, no matter how the old forces test the disciples in their own way like the ever-changing monkey king’s “golden wand,” they are right in the control of the center of Master’s “palm.” As Master’s disciple, as a particle of Dafa, we are so honored since we are here with Master and we are here with the righteous Fa.

2. Seeing Clearly Through the Roots of the Tribulation, a Car Accident Becomes “No Problem”

In order to maintain our local Friday night group study and sharing, the coordinator spent a huge amount of time calling practitioners to share so that we can all benefit from the group environment. I have benefited tremendously from this group environment, going from individual cultivation to exposing the evil persecution and validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. It feels likes attending a small experience sharing conference and I benefit a lot from other fellow practitioners’ sharing. One night, a practitioner shared that we should work together to maintain this environment given to us by Master. It is absolutely not right if we all rely on the coordinator to spend hours and hours calling practitioners to share. We should all write about our experience and take the initiative to share. I was deeply touched. I always came to the group study to listen to and benefit from other people’s sharing. What an attachment of selfishness!

I started to write an experience about clarifying the truth and persuading the precious Chinese people to quit the CCP-related organizations. After sharing it at one Friday night group study, a fellow practitioner talked to me and suggested to turn the article into an interview report and submit it to Minghui. She hoped that I could provide a photo. She added that the Dafa website is not only a reliable platform for the global fellow practitioners to share our cultivation and elevate as one body, the evil also watches it. She said that if out of concern for my family in China I chose not to include a photo, it would be okay too, but of course with a photo, the interview would be more powerful.

I felt Master’s great compassion in treasuring my cultivation when the practitioner was talking to me. I just had a thought to cultivate away my selfishness, and wrote a sharing, and Master gave me the opportunity to have my humble experience shared with more practitioners, and also to suffocate the evil. I believe that my parents are so blessed to have me as their daughter, since I am fully strengthened by Master to validate Dafa! How can the evil touch them? Absolutely no way!

The day after the interview was posted on Minghui, I had a car accident when I changed from the left lane to the right lane without properly checking the blind spot. Obviously it was my fault. I pulled back to the left lane right away, and since I was listening to Master’s lecture in the car, I did not hear the big “bang” and continued to drive forward. The young driver in the other car cut right in front of my car from the right lane. He angrily jumped out of his vehicle and said he was calling police because I committed a “hit and run.” Because a passersby saw that the man was so angry, he approached me and asked me not to be afraid of the young man who was screaming and he asked me to talk to him first. So I explained to him that the volume of my CD inside the car was loud and I did not hear a “bang,” so that is why when I pulled my wheel quickly from the right lane back to the left lane and continued driving. This passerby tried to explain to this young man what I told him. The young man said that inside his car he heard a big “bang,” how come I did not hear anything? He didn’t believe it and he was on the phone, saying that he was calling the police.

The young man said he heard a big “bang,” but when he checked his car from inside out, there was only a very small transfer of paint, which could hardly be seen. And I heard nothing inside my car. My understanding is that with Master’s protection, a serious car accident was reduced to nothing and the loss was minimized. Since there was no injury and it was just some transfer of paint, it took almost one hour before the police arrived on the scene. While waiting for the police, I was thinking it was my mistake, I was willing to pay him cash as compensation so as to save the time waiting for the police. The young man just totally ignored me. A policewoman arrived. I stepped toward her, trying to saying hi to her, while she yelled at me, asking me to step aside. At the moment when I stepped into my car, I sat down, asking myself why this happened. I thought of sending forth righteous thoughts.

When I calmed down to send forth righteous thoughts, I saw much deeper the roots of this car crash. The old forces tried again to arrange the test: “Your sharing was only for the local group study, but now it is posted on the Dafa website, and you have elevated to do a better job to validate Dafa. Now let me test whether you are qualified.” Seeing that this car accident was an arrangement made by the old forces, my mind became very clear. The article was chosen to be posted on the Dafa website. I trust it is arranged by Master. I will try all my best to harmonize the choice made by Master. I will purify my mind and thoughts within Dafa, any other factors are not allowed to test me. I came out of the car after sending forth righteous thoughts with a focused mind.

The young man was still very angry after talking to the police. I had a thought: “No one has the final say except for Master. I will only accept Master’s arrangement.” The policewoman came over with a smile on her face. She looked at my son who was sitting inside the car, asking him which school he went to and whether he still remembered her, since not long ago she went to his school and did a presentation. They started chatting in a friendly manner. She seemed to totally forget about me and the car accident. After a while, she looked at me, saying that after her investigation, she believed that the young man’s accusation of “hit and run” was not true and the transfer of paint was almost invisible. There was no problem and I was free to go.

3. Experience Master’s Compassionate Care When Clarifying the Truth to the Precious Chinese People

Every day while clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese people through my job at a courthouse, I also experience Master’s compassionate care. My understanding is that for the Chinese people who know the truth that Dafa is good and agree to quit the CCP, since they stay away from the evil CCP, the righteous gods are taking care of them. In the human world, they have the enormous blessings of Dafa. In this human dimension, their cases are either withdrawn or end up in a much better situation. They do not need to come back to court, so my time and energy can be spent on other people.

For those who heard the truth of Dafa but did not quit the CCP, in this human dimension, it will be that their cases are not finished, and they have to come back to court. I understand that they are arranged by Master to see me and listen to the truth until they are saved by the Buddha Fa.

There is a couple, who have some official positions in China. Since their son was charged, they came to court to bail him out. During the court recess, we had the opportunity to talk about Falun Dafa, the staged self-immolation incident, the vicious organ-harvesting crime, and the importance of quitting the CCP. The husband and wife were both happy to quit the CCP. And they kept saying that they would for sure read the legal section of The Epoch Times since they really want to know more about the law in Canada and also more about Falun Gong.

I thought they had already quit the CCP and that they often read The Epoch Times and were learning more truth about Dafa. For the next several weeks when they kept calling and asking to take me out for dinner, I just turned them down politely. One day they repeatedly called me. It seemed urgent. When I called them back, the wife said: “It’s great that you called us back, we really want to take you out dinner. Please schedule some time for us.” It seemed I had no way to say no this time, I agreed to meet with them the next day for lunch. Around 11:30 a.m., the husband called me, saying that his wife was hit by a car when they tried to take a shortcut to come and meet me. Some passersbys had called the police, and they were waiting for the police to arrive. He also asked me whether his wife should go to the hospital. I told him it should be his wife’s decision, and it is up to her to decide since she knows how she feels herself.

I felt like I had awakened from a dream after hanging up the phone. They expended so much effort, and even risked their lives in order to meet with me. Does that mean their knowing side is looking for Dafa? I called them back after work and it was picked up by the wife this time. I asked her how she felt. She said later on the police arrived, but they did not choose to go to the hospital. Instead they chose to go home. She told me that while waiting for the police, she felt very uncomfortable, but she remembered the phrase I told her, so she kept reciting: “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She felt much better. Eventually they decided to go home. I asked her how she was feeling. She said she was fine and the phrase is miraculous. She said she still wanted to meet with me. I promised that I would definitely meet with them during lunch time on the following day.

When we met at lunch, I told them my personal stories of obtaining and benefiting from learning the Fa. The husband said he actually has some employees in China practicing Falun Dafa. He could not understand why they did not give up even when they faced the danger of losing their job, money, or their lives. Now after talking with me, he understood why, and he said he would definitely treat them kindly. He said when he went to Hong Kong, he saw the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . He prepared what to say while passing customs and he eventually succeeded in bringing the book to China. During lunch, I showed them the video clips of Shen Yun and the audience’s feedback. They told me they were very excited when they read the reviews in The Epoch Times. They said they really looked forward to watching Shen Yun in Toronto. After lunch, I gave them a copy of Zhuan Falun . They were so happy to take it and promised that they would read the book carefully.

A few weeks later, the husband called repeatedly. After we had the opportunity to talk, he told me seriously that he had two important things to tell me. First of all, his son agreed to quit the “Youth League” by using the alias “Li Zhen.” He explained to me that “Zhen” comes from “Zhen-Shan-Ren,” and his son really likes this name. Secondly, he already finished reading Zhuan Falun . It is a great book and Master is a great person (he called Master “Master” already). He added that this greatness can hardly be expressed with human words. He asked me whether he could keep the book Zhuan Falun a little bit longer. He said though he finished reading it, his son’s legal case really distracted his mind. He would like to read the book several more times when he can focus better.

Recently I met a senior engineer who immigrated from north China. He came to court for a speeding ticket. I recommended that he go and read the legal section in The Epoch Times. When I recommended the editorial, “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” he said he did not like Falun Gong. I asked him why. I asked him to tell me about his concerns or questions, and we might be able to have a discussion. The first question he asked is “Why Falun Gong teaches “Zhen-Shan-Ren” instead of “Zhen Shan Mei” (mei means beautiful, and is commonly used as a phrase with the first two words). What is good about “Ren”? What does it mean? I told him my current limited understanding that “Ren” has a very noble connotation. When other people treat you unfairly, you can take it with a tolerant heart without arguing. Such a tolerant heart will lead you to live a happy life. At the same time, it will harmonize the people and environment around you. Eventually your tolerance will bring peace and harmony to your residence and community. The Chinese Communist Party advocates violence and does not like tolerance and forbearance, while our traditional Chinese culture takes tolerance as moral excellence. I gave the story of great general Han Xin as an example. With great tolerance, he subjected himself to public humiliation of the worst kind to crawl between a young man's legs. Eventually he turned out to be the great general who assisted Liu Bang to become the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. While listening to me, he kept nodding his head.

He said during former dictator Jiang's visit to Canada, he got the message of the Chinese consulate in the Chinese community that whenever and wherever Falun Gong appeared, they had to show up so as to show to the public that Jiang was warmly welcomed. He said he met a black man who told him that he joined the Falun Gong group because he wanted money. I told him that in facing the most vicious persecution, Falun Gong practitioners use their heart to clarify the truth to the precious but poisoned Chinese, it is absolutely not for money. He suggested that I should make it clear to the outsiders that those people who were hired by the CCP are not true Falun Gong practitioners, before they damaged the reputation of Falun Gong.

He also asked why Falun Gong practitioners go to the Chinese consulate non-stop, no matter if it is winter or summer. What are they doing there? And what do you people want? He said he did not trust the number shown on The Epoch Times about quitting the CCP, and he did not believe in the report about the organ-harvesting…etc. He had over a dozen questions. When I patiently answered all of his questions, he said: “You Falun Gong should change your strategy. You should not just give a flyer to someone from far away without saying anything. Someone might take it, but in the next second they will throw it away. You should make friends with us, answer our questions and concerns. See, today we talked about two and half hours. Most of my concerns are gone. I do not feel disgusted with Falun Gong any more. I would like to make friends with you Falun Gong and I might just go home and tell people around me about the truth about Falun Gong. You should talk to people like this, keep it up, and do a better job.

Two and a half hours! Usually, I have a very busy work schedule in court. It is very uncommon that for two and a half hours, we can talk without calls from the court. Our benevolent Master saw that this sentient being was willing to know the truth about Falun Gong, so my work schedule was miraculously turned around to accommodate the mission of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

Getting back to my office, I had a sip of water. The phone was ringing. My manager told me that another court wanted me to assist with a matter. When our mind is on the Fa, with a pure heart to save more people, in this human dimension, it is still the same job, the same environment, but if we feel it with our heart, everything has been re-arranged by Master. Thanks to Master's greatest compassion and care, every day, there are always new faces brought over to me. I understand that another precious Chinese person is waiting to know the truth of Dafa, to be connected and saved by Master.

The above is only my personal current limited understanding. If there is anything improper, please point it out with compassion.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!


(Presented at the 2013 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)