(Minghui.org) I would like to share a story about how I clarified the truth to the director and the instructor of the local police station.

I have benefited physically and mentally since I started to practice Falun Gong. I used to be self-employed and after I started practicing I ran my business according to three principles: Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. I conducted strict background checks on my suppliers when purchasing goods. I didn't sell fake or counterfeit goods and the supplies were never under weight. I earned credibility and respect from my customers because I ran the business with integrity. Therefore, my business was quite successful.

Since the former president, Jiang Zemin, initiated the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999, I have had my house ransacked, been illegally arrested, detained, fined, and taken to a brainwashing center many times. During this time, my family lived in a horrific state. A teacher coerced my child into quitting school. The persecution was very severe and it felt like sky was caving in.

Having the Heart to Clarify the Truth

In order to uphold the Fa, save people and improve the environment for cultivation, I decided to leave my business for a while. I wanted to clarify the truth to the people who took part in the persecution, especially police officers who were deceived by the lies and propaganda created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Under Master's guidance, I thought I should start to clarify the truth at the local police station. One day, I went to the station and found the instructor. I tried to clarify the facts to him. He did not want to listen and had a terrible attitude. He even told me to get out of his office. I was deeply upset when I left; I took a motorbike taxi home.

On the way home, the motorbike driver ran into tree to avoid hitting a dog. The driver and I were both thrown off the bike. The driver was very embarrassed and said to me: “I am sorry. Let's go to a hospital to make sure you are all right.” I slowly stood up and said: “Never mind. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and have my Teacher to protect me. I won't have any problems and neither will you. Please remember to recite 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good', and you and your family will be blessed. If you joined the CCP or its affiliated organizations, please quit them.”

He told me that he had joined the Young Pioneers and asked me to submit his withdrawal for him. I brushed myself off and paid him for the ride. I said: “You can go ahead and leave now.” He took the money, thanked me and left. Later, I went online and created an alias to submit his withdrawal from the Young Pioneers.

My legs were aching as I slowly hobbled home. I wondered why the day turned out so badly? I looked inward and found that my attitude was not right when I talked to the police instructor. I realized that I had grown vengeful from being persecuted, and my words weren't kind at all. I didn't treat him as a sentient being to be saved, which resulted in the incident that happened with the motorbike taxi.

Diligence Produces Results

I increased the amount of time I spent studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. I put my heart and mind in line with the Fa principles and remembered what Master said in Hong Yin II:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos”)

I went back to the local police station to clarify the truth even though my legs were still injured. I didn't see the instructor, but I saw the director. He asked me who I was looking for. I told him: “I came to speak with the instructor, but I must have been meant to talk to you.”

I started to tell him that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, but when he heard the words 'Falun Gong' he became impatient and began to make negative comments about Falun Gong. All of the words he used to defamed Falun Gong were exactly the same phrases used on the anti Falun Gong propaganda TV programs. Such as Falun Gong practitioners jumped off of buildings, they self-immolate or they are known to commit suicide etc. He pointed at my legs and said: “Is this a result of practicing Falun Gong?”

I replied: “Director, you are a smart person. But on the issue of Falun Gong, you seem muddle-headed. We cultivate ourselves according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance and by letting go of our bad thoughts to become better people. My injury was caused by a motorbike crash a few days ago. I did not ask the driver for compensation and I paid him the full fare. This is what everyone should do, but in this day and age people don't act this way.

Our Teacher has taught us not to fight back when beaten or insulted and to consider others first when we do things. We work to achieve the standard of selflessness and altruism and we should cherish all sentient beings, including ourselves. We do not kill, and committing suicide is also a sin. How can a cultivator commit suicide? How many lies has the CCP told? How many bad things did the CCP do during the Cultural Revolution? In fact, you know about this sort of thing much more than I do.” He began to understand the truth and started to open up and talk to me.

I gave the director some examples of how people have benefited from practicing Falun Gong. I said: “I had a serious congenital heart problem, but it disappeared after I started practicing.” He said he believed this.

Director Quits the CCP

Just then, I noticed that his computer was on, I asked him to search the words 'uncommon stone' on the Internet and he would find information about a large rock in Guizhou Province with words written on it, “The Chinese Communist Party Will Perish.” He reluctantly did what I asked as he seemed to already know about the rock. I persuaded him to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations and told him that he could use an alias to quit. I explained that in order to survive the impending calamity he would need to quit. He then agreed. He told me in parting: “Don't worry, I will ask my colleagues not to be too hard on Falun Gong practitioners in the future if we receive orders from our superiors.” I was delighted to hear that and I felt my legs improving on the way home.

I have more confidence in clarifying the truth because I have seen and experienced the power of the Fa. I am also more diligent about Fa study, and my righteous thoughts are stronger as well.

I went back to the police station three times to clarify the truth.

When I met the instructor again, he greeted me like a friend he had not seen for a long time. He politely asked me to take a seat and offered me some tea. He said: “Falun Gong practitioners really do have patience. I genuinely admire you. I frequently received messages on my cell phone and the landline from Falun Gong practitioners. You call it 'clarifying the truth,' right?” I said: “Yes, we do this for the safety of you and your family.”

He also mentioned the people who had sent him messages asking him to quit the CCP. He said: “I often suffer from headaches and feel awful. From now on, I won't say anything against Falun Gong. Could you use an alias to renounce my membership to the CCP?” I was very happy. I said: “You have a predestined relationship with the Fa. If you stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and if you don't go against your own conscience and Dafa in the future, you will have a bright future!” He promised and said: “I will.”

The cultivation environment has changed a lot over the years. As practitioners have clarified the facts, many people have understood the truth and quit the CCP. This is a result of Master's compassion. I have gone through many tribulations since I started practicing 14 years ago. I have upgraded my understanding and passed tests under Master's protection. I can't find the words to express my gratitude to Master. I will do the three things well, save more people and fulfill my vows to deserve Master's salvation.

Please point out anything incorrect in my understanding.