(Minghui.org) As Dafa practitioners, we should rectify the Fa and let sentient beings see the beauty of Dafa in us--through our behavior, words, and cultivation--to save sentient beings who are blinded by lies.

Manager Wants Wife to Practice Falun Gong

I used to work in a glass factory. Three women worked as a team to push sheets of glass in a cart and unload them in a garage. I worked hard and talked very little. Once in a while, I talked a little about ancient values, in preparation for talking about Dafa later.

People would complain if they had to work harder, but the other employees saw that I always worked as hard as when I first started. Sometimes they picked up money and wanted to share it with me. I refused to take it and told them to keep it and not to worry about me. My manager saw that I was different and asked me to report the number of carts we handled, because my co-workers seemed unwilling to. The manager smiled and understood.

Seeing that I always worked hard without any complaints, my manager chatted with me. I asked him, “Do you think I look stupid?” He said, “How could you do this job if you were stupid?” I asked, “Do I look mentally ill?” He said, “Not only are you perfectly healthy, you're also smart and able.” I said, “I practice Falun Gong. Before I did, I had difficulty eating, let alone working.”

One day when we were about to go home, a big truck carrying glass drove in. Everyone was tired after a long day of work, but I thought that, since I was a Dafa practitioner, verifying the Fa was my duty. So I had a bite to eat and started working again. After the big truck left, the custodian said to me, “From what I could see, you are doing more than most men. You did as much as those two girls and you seemed more at ease.” My boss asked where I came from. He said he would like to hire more people like me.

After I had established good relationships with them, I began to tell them how the Tiananmen Square incident was staged by Jiang Zemin and his gang to deceive the people in China and lead them to be immoral, with no beliefs. A male colleague said, “Falun Gong practitioners are unbeatable. No wonder Jiang Zemin is afraid of you guys.” All the employees enjoyed what they heard. The manager asked me to show him the five Falun Gong exercises, praised me for having good health, and told me that he would ask his wife to practice Falun Gong.

Delivering the Nine Commentaries at Night, Teacher's Lights Shine

When delivering the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I was afraid, but I thought of a fellow practitioner's words: “As a Dafa practitioner of the Fa Rectification Period, I am here on earth to assist Teacher's Fa Rectification, my prehistoric wish.” I begged Teacher to strengthen my righteous thoughts and get rid of my human thinking. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate my fear.

It was already very dark when we got to the village. I thought about Monkey King's supernatural eyes, and that, since I was a Dafa practitioner, I should have supernormal abilities, too. All of a sudden, commanding lights shone on everyone in the car, boosting our confidence that Dafa practitioners are supernatural beings with a sacred mission.

That night, Teacher's sacred lights followed wherever we went. Lights as bright as headlights covered us and the Nine Commentaries that we carried. A soul-shaking vibration kept us feeling strong and energized all night long. When we got home, the sun was up. My husband said, “After you left, I witnessed the incense that you burned were like three layers of lily flowers. I kept watching them until they were all burned out. From now on, I'll support you to save more people.”

“How Could Your Wife Know So Much?”

One time our village CCP secretary came to get me to go to his office. Previously I had talked to some officials there about Falun Gong. With the thought that “my job is to clarify the truth regardless of how many people are there,” I was sending forth righteous thoughts all the way. When we got there, I saw two new faces. The secretary said, “These two women from my village want to talk to you.” I said, “It's often a karmic relationship when people meet.”

One woman, Ms. Liu, said gruffly, “I heard that you're a Falun Gong practitioner and that you have a big shed; the CCP gave you money, but you're against the CCP? You talk about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person? How could you be such a good person?”

I said, “The CCP gets money from taxpayers, but the CCP doesn't have factories or do mining, and it doesn't have a budget either. We Chinese people do everything. The CCP takes our hard-earned money and redistributes it. Do you say that the CCP is good?” She said, “The CCP is good.” I asked, “Then, tell me, where did the CCP come from? What are its principles?” She smiled, “Ask the secretary.” The secretary smiled, “I can't say, either.”

Then I told them, “The CCP is an evil thing imported from a foreign country. It changes so much and so frequently. Previously they overthrew capitalists and rich farmers, later, they implemented the so-called “Yan'an Rectification movement,” the “Three-Anti's movement,” the “Five-Anti's movement,” the “Counter-Insurgency movement,” the “Anti-Rightist movement,” the “Great-Leap Forward movement,” the “Cultural Revolution,” the “June 4th students' movement,” organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners; and the unnatural deaths of 80 million Chinese citizens!”

I continued, “The first sentence in Marx's Communist Manifesto is that the 'specter of communism' is wandering about Europe. What is a specter? Isn't it a ghost? The CCP does not want the Chinese people to believe in gods and Buddhas, but to believe in the existence of ghosts. We are descendants of our Chinese ancestors, not of Marx and the CCP. Now rivers have been ruined, the air polluted, sicknesses abound.”

Finally, the village secretary told the women, “I told you not to ask her, because she knows more than we do, we can't win an argument with her. She has studied her Fa for over ten years, and we don't know what she's been learning.” He finally told me to go home.

Some time later my husband came across that Ms. Liu in the village, and she asked him, “How does your wife know so much?” My husband said, “You saw a person who really practices Falun Gong. Talk to her if you want to understand more.” The next time I came across her, she smiled genuinely. That kind of smile came from her heart, expressing respect and gratitude for a Dafa disciple having the wisdom to enable her to know the lies of evil Party.

Village Secretary: “It Seems That I Have to Join Falun Gong”

From then on, the village secretary seemed to always protect us when the CCP came around to check and ask questions. He often smiled and asked me if he doubted something he'd heard. I knew that all this was arranged by Teacher and that I couldn't do it myself.

Last year, the village secretary's sister-in-law began practicing Falun Gong. The lung disease that she had suffered with for over 30 years got cured. He said before, “I don't believe everything you say, but I will believe it if my sister-in-law is cured, because that disease is not curable. If she gets cured, I'll withdraw from the Party and quit my job.” I told him to let her practice. He thought that it was impossible, but his sister-in-law has recovered. Now everyone in the village is saying that Falun Gong is incredible.

His father is an old Party member, an absolute atheist, and stubborn. When he saw that her "incurable" disease was cured, he encouraged the sister-in-law to practice Falun Gong and said, “The Communist Party is really finished. Previously, I did not believe the Falun Gong fliers, thinking that if it's really good, why doesn't the CCP doesn't allow them to practice? Such a serious disease has been cured, yet the CCP still persecutes them for practicing Falun Gong. Is there any truth under this kind of regime?”

One fellow practitioner said to the village secretary, “Since your sister-in-law's sickness was cured, this also confirms that Falun Gong is wronged. You still haven't withdrawn from the CCP.” The village secretary said, “Yes, withdraw, withdraw, withdraw.” He also advised his wife to practice Falun Gong. He said, “I can see, it's better for me to be a Falun Gong practitioner. You guys are good.”

I obtained the Fa in 1998. Formerly, I had all kinds of health problems: nervous headaches, erosive gastritis, cholecystitis, proctitis, gynecological disease, and neurasthenia. All the medicine made me so sick that I couldn't even eat porridge. Then I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

My father practiced Falun Gong and taught me to practice. I became healthy not long after I became a practitioner. After obtaining the Fa, I had mysterious bodily experiences. When walking, I felt like floating, just like what Teacher said. When riding a bicycle, it seemed like I was being pushed. Sometimes, when my mother-in-law said some unkind words, I recited in my mind,

“All the affairs, countless, over long, drawn-out years pass like a wisp of smoke. And though they leave the common man confused, For what were the vast heavens and earth created? ‘Tis baffling, this question, to the sentient beings.” (“Dafa Breaks the Illusion” from Hong Yin)

One time, my mother-in-law didn't like what I said, and scolded me. My husband and son were home. I immediately started reading Zhuan Falun, and Teacher naturally gave me a hint to raise my xinxing level. My husband smiled when he saw that I didn't get angry. What happened gave me lots of confidence for clarifying the truth about Dafa, and my husband often helps me.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors.

Thank you, Teacher. Thank you, fellow practitioners.