(Minghui.org) Before China’s 12th National Games, the authorities in Liaoning Province concealed the flood disaster and number of deaths and arrested Falun Gong practitioners who were helping victims of the disaster.

Serious Flood and Real Number of Deaths Concealed

On August 16, 2013, Fushun City in Liaoning Province was flooded. Nankouqian Town in Qingyuan County, Fushun City, was engulfed so quickly and completely that many people lost their lives. Although there were large numbers of dead and injured in the area, the news on TV was not about disaster relief or on-site reporting but about the 12th National Games. Nine villages were devastated by the flooding, but government help did not arrive until August 19.

According to witnesses, at the Qingyuan County cremation site alone, 178 bodies were cremated on August 19. However, the number of deaths was concealed by all levels of government in order to create a good image for the National Games. In addition, any messages about the real number of deaths or photos taken of the disaster were deleted shortly after they were posted online. It wasn’t until August 20 that the government reported that 54 had died and 97 were missing.

Police Arrest and Torture Practitioners Who Helped Flood Disaster Victims

On August 23, 2013, practitioners Ms. Huang Yuping, Ms. Liu Jinyan and her husband, Ms. Wen Guiqing, and Ms. Zhang Yanfen from Qingyuan County went to help the victims in the hard-hit area of Nankouqian Town and told them about Falun Dafa. Around 1 p.m., they were arrested by plainclothes officers.

As soon as they heard about the arrests, Ms. Qi Yunzhen and two other practitioners went to Ms. Huang Yuping’s home, where the Qingyuan County police illegally arrested them as well. One witness saw one of the practitioners being hung up.

Shenyang Police Arrest Several Practitioners

Shenyang City police also arrested a number of practitioners "for security reasons" before the National Games and CCP head Xi Jinping’s visit to Shenyang City. The arrests were planned by the Shenyang City Police Department and the Domestic Security Division.

From 1 to 4 p.m. on August 23, officers from the Wulihe Police Station in Shenyang City arrested 12 practitioners from Ms. Luo’s home and ransacked Ms. Li Jinqin’s house. The practitioners’ relatives went to the police station to request their release but were turned away.

Around 1 a.m. the next day, Ms. Li Jinqin, 49, and another practitioner were transferred to the Shandongmiao Police Station. Some practitioners were transferred to the Binhe Police Station and some were sent to the Maluwan Police Station. Ms. An Xiuying, 84; Ms. Luo Fengying, 78; and Ms. Luo’s granddaughter who was only a high school student were detained at the Wulihe Police Station.

Not until the afternoon of August 24 were Ms. Pan Shulan, 78; Ms. Wan Xiulan, 74; Ms. An Xiuying; and Ms. Luo’s granddaughter finally released. Ms. Li Yihong, 56; Ms. Liu Yanhui, 63; and Ms. Li Yingqin were transferred to the Shenyang City Detention Center after a physical examination. Ms. Luo Fengying was taken to a hospital for a physical.

At 8:30 a.m. on August 29, Ms. Sun Shuwen from the Huanggu District of Shenyang City was arrested from her home and taken to the Caocang Police Station.

Around 10 p.m. the same day, Mr. Yu Ming was arrested from his home in Beizhen City by officers from the Shenyang City Domestic Security Division. Xu Wenyou, head of the Beizhen City Police Department, and an officer surnamed Wang, deputy head of the department, were in charge of the arrest. During the arrest, the police struck Mr. Yu’s relative, who tried to stop the arrest, and his eyes were injured.

On the morning of August 30, officers from the Shenyang City Police Department and the Taochang Police Station broke into Ms. Hu Xiuyan’s home. They ransacked it and took many of her personal belongings, including two cell phones, personal computers, printers, Falun Gong books, and over ten thousand yuan in cash. Ms. Hu’s parents, who are in their 80s, and her mentally challenged younger brother were left at home with no one to care for them.

That same morning, Ms. Sun Fengwen from the Dadong District was arrested by four officers.

At around 3 p.m. the same day, Ms. Li Dongxu was arrested at work by officers from the Shenyang City Domestic Security Division and the Huanggu District Domestic Security Division. Despite the fact that her mother, who is in her 80s, was left alone at home, the police ransacked her house and took her personal belongings, leaving her mother paralyzed with fear.

Ms. Gao Jingqun was also arrested on August 30. The police ransacked her home and took her to the Zhujianlu Police Station.

Around 1 p.m. that day, officers from the Liaohe Police Station ransacked the home of Ms. Fu Ying, a teacher at Xiongshi School. They took her computers and printers, and took her to the Liaohe Police Station. She was later transferred to the Shenyang City No. 1 Detention Center.