(Minghui.org) The Qianjin Prison, located in Beijing, has tortured Falun Gong practitioners using various means. The guards have used a special small cell, about 100 square feet in size, to persecute practitioners.

They assigned criminal inmates to monitor practitioners detained in the small cell and warned the inmates not to talk about anything that happened inside the cell upon returning to the main area of the prison.

The door of the small cell was locked every day. Videos that slandered Falun Gong were constantly played there during the day to brainwash the practitioners. Instigated by the guards, if the inmates noticed that a practitioner looked tired, they would beat and abuse him.

Practitioners were also severely restricted in using the restroom. They were not allowed to bathe often.

Mr. Li Xiaobai Brutally Tortured

During this past summer, the cell got unbearably hot, adding to the suffering of practitioners there. During this period, guards and inmates in Section No. 9 brutally tortured Mr. Li Xiaobai in this cell.

Mr. Li was illegally sentenced to 3 years in prison and sent to the Qianjin Prison on February 5, 2013. He had been on a hunger strike to protest the persecution since his arrest nearly a year earlier. When he entered the Qianjin Prison, he was in very weak condition.

Torture illustration: handcuffs and shackles

Every day, the guards shackled and handcuffed Mr. Li and then forced him to walk the length of about two football fields to a clinic to undergo two rounds of force-feeding. When he returned to his cell, he was ordered to sit on a 12-inch-high stool, with his back upright, both hands on his knees and looking forward.

Four criminal inmates monitored him. Mr. Li was forced to sit in this position for 17 hours.

The three inmates assigned to monitor him after 10 p.m. would make a lot of noise. This kept him from falling asleep. The guards would then wake him up at 5 a.m. to sit on the stool again.

Mr. Li was also subjected to physical torture, sleep deprivation and brainwashing.

For example, the guards would talk to Mr. Li until three in the morning, claiming that they were just chatting, and then wake him up two hours later at 5 a.m. This type of mistreatment, sometimes called “soft violence,” challenged his physical limits.

The prison guards did all of this in order to force him to write a statement to renounce his belief. The mental and physical torture continued each day he resisted writing the statement.