(Minghui.org) One day I received a phone call saying that a fellow practitioner, who is also a relative, had suddenly had a physical tribulation and she was sent to the hospital. When I hurried to the hospital, I saw her lying on a stretcher and not breathing. The other relatives were all crying. I tried to calm down and I remembered an article on the Minghui website. I recited the Fa to her primordial spirit. After a while, I said to her spirit, “If you can hear me, please respond.” Then I suddenly heard her snore. I felt that the sound was coming from a faraway place.

After she woke up, I told her what to do, but she wouldn't accept it. When I started to look within I realized that I hadn't cared enough about her in the past. I had the thought that cultivating in Dafa would insure our lives. When I identified my fault, I wanted to admit it to her, but I was afraid of losing face. I could feel there was a substance, deadlocked in our dimension. I thought for a while and decided to break out of this mindset of sentimentality. I told her that it was my fault and that I hadn't done well. She immediately said to me sincerely that it was her fault. Later, she began to regain feeling in her arms and legs. She perked up and her face looked better. I realized that when we could both look within and improve together, the evil elements would be dissolved.

Several times this practitioner and I disagreed on how to help fellow practitioners who were in physical tribulations. When I let go of myself, she also noticed her own shortcomings, and the situation immediately improved.

Once, I communicated with the knowing side of a practitioner who had a physical tribulation. This practitioner soon woke up. I pointed out his shortcomings. When he let go of his attachment to self, I felt that some bad things in our dimension disappeared.

I've truly experienced the power of one body cooperation. I've realized that Master utilizes everything happening around us to help us improve in cultivation. When problems occur during the course of helping practitioners, I first look within myself and then try to improve together with others.

Once, a practitioner's life was in danger. I realized that I should clarify the truth to the people around her. After I clarified the truth to them, the practitioner's condition totally changed.

Later, that practitioner's life was in danger again. I talked with other practitioners and looked within. We found that we were all focusing on the practitioner's shortcoming. When we all realized that we should study the Fa together and improve together in the future, the practitioner's condition became normal again. A few days later, we enlightened that we shouldn't stay at the hospital, so we asked Master to make an arrangement so that the doctor would let that practitioner leave the hospital. Later on, the doctor did.

From then on, whenever I identified those areas where I need to improve in my cultivation, I can easily place myself in the right place, see the reason behind things, and do well what I should do. I've gained experience and learned through the process. My mind and wisdom has broadened and I can understand the Fa from the Fa's perspective. I realized that a great Dao is formless but yet there is one body. There is a mechanism among practitioners that complements and harmonizes each other. We practitioners need to improve ourselves together.

My understanding is that the better we study the Fa, the more our human thoughts will be removed.

In recent years, the persecution in Dalian City has been very severe. Over one hundred practitioners were arrested by the police in July 2012, because they installed NTD satellite dishes in their homes. We should look within and find any attachments regarding installing NTD dishes. Do we really want to save sentient beings or are we attached to what's going on in the world by watching NTD? Did we overlook removing the attachment to watching TV because we love to watch the programs made by fellow practitioners? The time of Fa-rectification cultivation is so short and urgent. How do we balance our time in doing the three things well?

In addition, let's look at how we regard the persecution, our attitude towards practitioners who are being persecuted, how we are doing in the long term regarding studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, and what attitude we have towards sending forth righteous thought and saving sentient beings. We need to dig out the root of the existence of those problems. In my opinion, we will discover our shortcomings as long as we search within carefully.

Because of one hundred practitioners being arrested in our area, many attachments were exposed, such as the attachment to fame and personal gain, adoration, being dependent on others, jealousy, and egotism. We should look within ourselves for these attachments. The state of not understanding the Fa clearly is not only impeding the improvement of our cultivation but also offering an excuse for the evil to persecute practitioners.

Master said,

“We have also said that if every one of us cultivates his inner self, examines his own xinxing to look for the causes of wrongdoing so as to do better next time, and considers others first when taking any action, human society would become better and ethical standards would again rise.” (Zhuan Falun)

Above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.