(Minghui.org) Audience members at the Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, were treated to a brilliant blend of energy and grace by the world renowned New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts. A total of ten spectacular shows were staged before a captivated and appreciative audience on December 26-January 1.

Shen Yun's Beauty Moved Artist To Tears

Amber Ray expressed amazement at the beauty of Shen Yun Performing Arts. (Photo courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Audience member, Amber Ray, a freelance artist, was visibly moved by Shen Yun's beauty. “When they first started, I had tears coming down. It was so beautiful. It was moving. It was magnificent,” Ms. Ray enthused.

“Being an artist, I know the expression of self, expression of belief, and stories, and life. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to express yourself. It just brought me to tears because it was so beautiful as they were expressing these stories and life,” she said.

Ms. Ray said that she was very happy that her mother had invited her to the show.

“I know my mother loved it and I’m just very grateful that she brought me to see this and share this with me,” she explained.

Ms. Ray concluded, “I’m grateful to be able to see all this emotion and all this expression put into something so beautiful and moving that it brings me to tears.”

Shen Yun “Tells You the Best of China,” Says CFO

Nellie and Bill Thorogood attend Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Jones Hall for Performing Arts in Houston on Jan. 1. (Photo courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Also in the audience was Bill Thorogood, a chief financial officer, and his wife, Nellie, who is a doctor and former president and vice chancellor of several universities.

“I think the blending of the presentation of the culture with the story, the blending of the other talents, the fabrics, design, they were beautiful,” Mrs. Thorogood said.

“They used color extremely well,” she said. “The uniqueness of the choreography and the artistic creation … the use of the digital screen was, I think, pretty wonderful.”

Mrs. Thorogood enjoyed Shen Yun's orchestral ensemble that blends Eastern and Western classical instruments in original compositions.

“I think the orchestra balanced the flow, and they’re just right on target,” she said.

The various ethnic and folk dances in Shen Yun perfectly depict the diversity of China, which Mr. Thorogood said he especially enjoyed. In addition, many of show's dances tell a story.

“Each story is pretty unique, they act it out really well,” the CFO said. “As mime, you can get the story, real quick.

“They bring all the emotions out, like any good creative process,” he said of the performers. “You can feel each one of the characters.

“[There’s] a lot of humor, a lot of sincerity, and it really tells you the best in China,” Mr. Thorogood said, adding, “I’m very glad I came, I’ll recommend it to other people.”

Russian Dancer Revisits Shen Yun

This was Mrs. Oksana Chernyuk's second time to see Shen Yun. The owner, performer, artistic director, choreographer, and costume designer of the Sunrise Dance Company, thoroughly enjoyed the show, saying, “I don’t know why, but this year it is just—BOOM!”

Her Russian dance school, which is the only one of its kind in Houston, is now preparing for their next project, the Lion King.

Mrs. Chernyuk said that she and members of her dance company finds that Shen Yun energizes and inspires her dance company “so much.”

“Those dancers, [and their] flips—everything is so beautiful,” she said, adding, “We are going to send our kids to this show so they can grow.”

Touched by the performance, Mrs. Chernyuk said, “Lets start this New Year with this wonderful show.” She said she will definitely “come back again.”

Mrs. Chernyuk graduated from ballet and art school, and later toured with a professional folk dance company. Mrs. Chernyuk has performed at all the top venues in Houston, including Jones Hall.

Shen Yun Is full of energy!”

Accompanying Mrs. Chernyuk was Mrs. Misha Perty, who said, “The show was amazing.”

Mrs. Perty, who teaches jazz and contemporary modern dance, said that she admired the visual aspect and the emotional expressiveness of the performance.

“It is full of energy. The costumes are amazing,” Mrs. Perty said, adding that she was moved by “everything.”

“This is my first year seeing the show and it was absolutely beautiful! I love the jumps,” she exclaimed.

Shen Yun “Courageous,” Says Sculptor

Sculptor Nina Rodríguez-Castiñado and her mother, Mrs. Maria Rodríguez-Castiñado, enjoyed an evening at Shen Yun Performing Arts in Houston. (Photo courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Nina Rodríguez-Castiñado, a sculptor, said that she had wanted to see Shen Yun for several years in a row, now.

“I found it awesome, the performances. I love how everybody is like the wind, flowing back and forth,” she said, adding, “I found it very spiritual, very inspiring.”

The dance set, An Unexpected Encounter, which depicts the ongoing nonviolent resistance of the spiritual practice Falun Dafa, touched and impressed Ms. Rodríguez-Castiñado. The Chinese Communist Party has been brutally persecuting the meditation practice since 1999.

“I really think that was courageous and done in a very creative manner. It’s very admirable,” she said.

“I was glad that they did it. It’s a very hard pill for many people to swallow but it’s the truth and I have a lot of respect for that, and that they showed that,” Ms. Rodríguez-Castiñado explained.

She said she was glad the persecution issue was brought up in a creative way, and that people who aren’t aware of the issue will be moved to find out more.

“I think the more people that know about it the better, because it’s really something that has to stop—it really has to stop,” said Ms. Rodríguez-Castiñado, of the persecution. “Everybody has to take part in making an effort for that to stop, so the more people who know about it, the better.”

She was also very happy to see that Shen Yun incorporated contemporary Chinese history into the performance.

“The more people who know about [the persecution of Falun Gong], the greater chances there are of getting it stopped,” said Ms. Rodríguez-Castiñado, adding, “This way, the efforts of those who stood up will not have been in vain.”

She went on to elaborate how touched she was by the perseverance depicted in the dance.

The Beauty of Shen Yun “Puts Me In Another world!”

“You see here, with all the trials and tribulations, with all the people, it’s not stopping them from letting them know that there is beauty on this earth,” Ms. Rodríguez-Castiñado said. “And hopefully it puts people in a peaceful way.”

She admired both the beauty of the art and its meaning. “It’s very beautiful and you can tell they’re very dedicated. It’s very beautiful, spiritual, enlightening, awesome,” she noted.

“It puts me in another world, that says it can be done on this earth—peace, harmony, love.”