Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

It has been five years since I started using cell phones to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa in 2008. I'd like to share my cultivation experience with Master and fellow practitioners.

When I first picked up a cell phone, I felt uneasy, but now I can operate them smoothly. I can feel sentient beings' eagerness to be saved, and their happiness and gratitude towards Dafa and Master. No one knows how much effort Master has put into the Fa-rectification. Master's great compassion is beyond expression. I often think that maybe my cultivation cannot be separated from cell phones. Cell phones are my tool to help Master during the Fa-rectification, so that I can fulfill my historical vows and return home with Master.

I've never felt any hardship while clarifying the truth, whether in cold winter, hot summer, rain or shine. Sometimes when I was too busy and could not use the cell phones for several days, I would start to miss them. Once I picked up a cell phone again and heard the ring tone, I would feel very happy.

One day, a young man received my phone call. He was very excited and said: "Ah, I have been waiting for your phone call. I've wanted to quit the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] for a long time, but I didn't know how to do it.” I was very touched. I realized the important mission of practitioners, and that cell phones are indeed a powerful tool for clarifying the truth to save people.

Letting People Know Why Heaven Will Eliminate the CCP

No matter how we clarify the truth to Chinese people, the ultimate goal is to let them recognize the goodness of Falun Dafa and quit the CCP, so that they will not be eliminated in the future. I used this principle when I worked on my cell phone project.

The most important factor for truth clarification with a cell phone is having the wisdom to make people listen. As long as people are willing to listen, it is possible for them to understand the facts and quit the CCP. During this process, I kept trying new approaches to clarify the truth. Gradually I found it best to use questions to raise people's interest, especially with those who hung up at first and then answered after I called again.

Once I made contact, I went directly to the main topic after a simple greeting. I asked people if they had heard the important message that had been circulating for several years: "Heaven will eliminate the CCP. Quitting the CCP will save your life.” Some people quickly agreed to quit the CCP because fellow practitioners and I had clarified the truth to them before. Some people were more difficult to persuade. Usually those who do not want to give an answer are either afraid of the CCP or do not believe our words. It is very rare for someone to firmly believe in the CCP. I would ask those who hesitated but listened to me when I called them again: "Do you know why heaven will eliminate the CCP?” This question can easily pique people's interest; most people would like to hear more.

At different times I used different examples to explain why heaven will eliminate the CCP. Thus, I needed to pay attention to articles on the Minghui website to keep myself up to date, as well as to accumulate some examples and data for truth clarification. I combined the facts about the CCP's corruption and the fall of Bo Xilai, which helped persuade many people to quit the CCP.

When my thoughts were righteous, 70-80% of my audiences would agree to quit the CCP. In recent years, I've told people about an even a bigger crime committed by the CCP – organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. These are demonic deeds that could only happen when morals are absent. Under the communist regime, the market is full of poisonous foods, including baby formula. The CCP does not want people to believe that good will be rewarded and bad will receive retribution. It has people struggle with heaven, with earth and with other people. It has destroyed morality and committed all kinds of evil deeds. How could heaven not punish it? Heaven must eliminate the CCP.

When I have strong righteous thoughts, I feel that my words are like sharp knives quickly eliminating the fear and bad thoughts of my audiences and awakening their conscience. Then when I ask them to quit the CCP, they easily agree. After they quit the CCP, I clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, and most people accept it.

I have met all kinds of people during my phone calls. Sometimes I could not answer certain questions well, and the person would refuse to quit the CCP. Later, I looked for good answers so that I could be more prepared and have a smooth reply next time.

Oftentimes people would say, “Let me consider it for a while.” They knew the truth but were not willing to quit the CCP. I did not tell them, "I hope you will quit next time.” Instead, I would ask them, "Do you know what is written on the first page of 'The Communist Manifesto?' 'The specter of communism is wandering in Europe.' What is a specter? It is a ghost! When you held your fist up and swore to give your soul to the ghost, you did not hesitate. Now it is time for you to escape disaster, but you want to consider for a while. How can you be so irresponsible to your life?!" Some people immediately changed their mind and agreed to quit the CCP.

One day, I met a person who appeared very evil. He refused to quit the CCP and instead shouted: "Where is the ghost? Where is the ghost? Did Falun Gong see the ghost?” I said: "Sir, Falun Gong does not talk about ghosts. Falun Gong talks about cultivating one's heart to be compassionate, so that one will be protected by the divine. Only the CCP talks about ghosts. The CCP turned humans into ghosts. The CCP had people swear in front of the evil ghosts to give their lives to these ghosts. The CCP killed many people to obtain power. Then it used blood to dye pieces of cloth for people to wear around their necks. Who wants to wear dead people's blood? Isn't it unlucky? But the CCP even tells you that it is great. Isn't this distorting one's mind?"

Sometimes I also tell people how the CCP killed its own members and never had any morality or conscience, using the first ten marshals of the CCP as examples. Finally they would agree to quit the CCP.

When I broadcast voice messages to the 610 Office and the legal system, most people hung up once they heard it was about Falun Gong. Once, to expose the evil and rescue several practitioners who were arrested, I described the facts of the evil crimes first, then described that the victims had tried to appeal but got detained instead, and only then indicated that this was the persecution suffered by Falun Gong practitioners. Since this message sounded like an ordinary case, after I broadcast it to the workplace of the evil people, 70-80% of staff there listened to the whole one-minute message, which shocked the evil.

There are many good experiences shared on Minghui about how to help people quit the CCP. This July, I read an experience sharing article from the experience sharing conference in Washington, D.C. Using its advice, within one hour I successfully persuaded 12 people to quit the CCP.

There are all kinds of audiences. At the beginning, when I encountered someone cursing me, I would feel hurt. I always thought about the phrase “bite the bullet.” I cannot count how many people finally quit the CCP after I insisted on clarifying the truth despite their cursing.

With perseverance, sometime I helped several people quit the CCP with one phone call. Once I called a number five times, and finally eight people at that site quit the CCP. Another time, a middle-aged man cursed me and then hung up. I called again and talked to him for more than twenty minutes. He finally agreed to quit the CCP. The next morning, I received a short message from him that said “Endless Virtue.” I called him again to thank him, and at the same time helped his wife quit the CCP. At that time the couple said together, “Thank you! Thank you!” I knew this was the joy of the lives who were saved.

When I make phone calls, I always keep a stable mentality. Every time I finish a phone call, whether the person quits or not, I always dial the next number without any emotion. I've come to understand better and better that human skill is only part of it, but the righteous field of a cultivator is the key to a high success rate.

I also experienced what Master said:

“However strong the righteous thoughts are, that’s how great the power is.” (“Also in a Few Words” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The most difficult thing for me is that when I dial the next number, I wonder whether I have the compassion and strong righteous thoughts of a cultivator. Especially nowadays, many people already know the truth and just need the chance to make their decision.

Many practitioners have already put forth so much effort, even giving up their lives, to let people know the truth. If I cannot reach the standard, these lives may miss their opportunity because of me. Thus, I feel that I should be strict with myself. I can only study the Fa better. The righteous thoughts from the Fa will give me a pure heart in every phone call to carry out this important mission at this very special time.

Changing Human Notions and Viewing Problems with Righteous Thoughts

At the beginning of 2009, I joined several practitioners to visit another city. We had an experience sharing with practitioners in that city. I benefited a lot from this experience sharing. Almost every practitioner there was memorizing Zhuan Falun, even elderly practitioners. Many practitioners had already memorized the book. I had also tried to memorize it several times, but never completely memorized the whole book. After I came back, I again tried to memorize Zhuan Falun. Now I have memorized it 12 times. Through memorizing the Fa, I have changed a lot. Now when I encounter problems, I usually know what to do according to the Fa.

For example, once several local practitioners were illegally arrested. I will refer to this as "incident A," and it was related to cell phones. There were rumors that all cell phones of the model we used to make truth-clarifying phone calls were monitored. At that time, only this cell phone model could change numbers. Practitioner A, who used to make phone calls with me, was among the arrested.

After hearing these rumors, we immediately stopped the cell phone project, and some practitioners returned their cell phones to me. However, sending text messages or making calls was the main approach for us to clarify the truth. I became very depressed, but still hoped that I could move forward with this project, because I thought that using cell phones to clarify the truth could be effective.

One day, I brought my cell phone to the place where I used to work with practitioner A. I told myself: “Make phone calls. The evil cannot monitor you. You are protected by Master.”

Master said:

“I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me.” (Zhuan Falun)

I thought: "The evil is not even big enough to be crushed by Master's little finger. Let it come! If I am monitored, so be it. When the evil comes, I will have another opportunity to clarity the truth.” Thus, I made phone calls for several days. However, no matter how hard I tried, no one was willing to quit the CCP. I did not give up, however, not accepting the illusion created by the old forces. Then, one day a young man finally agreed to quit the CCP after a lot of effort. I burst into tears. After that, my phone calls became stable.

At that time, we always shared our experiences of clarifying the truth through cell phone calls in our Fa study group. Because we had a good cultivation environment, incident A did not cause much interference in our area. After I had a stable mentality, when I coordinated our Fa study group, I shared my experiences with fellow practitioners. Other practitioners suggested that I write it down and send it to Minghui, to encourage practitioners to continue with the cell phone project.

Later, those practitioners who had been arrested in incident A were released. We then learned that their arrest had not related to the monitoring of cell phones. It is impossible to monitor all cell phones of a particular model anyway. It was just a hoax. Fortunately, with Master's compassionate protection, we made it through this tribulation.

Once, I saw a piece of news on Minghui that said the evil CCP was monitoring telephones in many cities. At that time I did not think much of it. The next day, I went out with another practitioner to clarify the truth. Right after I pulled out my cell phone, she said, "It was said on Minghui that cell phones are being monitored in many areas.” I became a little nervous but did not deny the old forces' arrangement. I proceeded to make quite a few phone calls, but no one quit the CCP.

Then I realized my problem. I immediately rectified myself: "Everything in the Three Realms came for the Fa. Cell phones were invented for Dafa practitioners to save people. We cannot change our way of saving people because of evil interference. I will completely deny the arrangement of the old forces.” Then I continued to make phone calls and three or four people consecutively quit the CCP.

It is just like what Master said:

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Zhuan Falun)

Cultivating Xinxing Through the Cell Phone Project

I started to work with practitioner A to make phone calls to clarify the truth and help people quit the CCP in 2008. At the beginning, we had a lot of phone cards that were blocked after we used them to send out lots of text messages. In order not to waste them, we started using them to make phone calls instead. We felt that the result was good, so we shared with other practitioners in our area. We all sat down together, and Practitioner A and I demonstrated our approach. Then, other practitioners took turns making phone calls. (This is the approach we took at the beginning; nowadays it is not appropriate to do it this way in China.)

Strengthened by Master, we could usually help a lot of people quit the CCP. Since then, many practitioners in our area have joined the cell phone project. For those practitioners who were not good at talking to strangers and had difficulties clarifying the truth face-to-face, this was an especially good way to clarify the truth, and they found their own path in Fa-rectification.

During this process, I also wrote multiple articles and sent them to Minghui. Each time I wrote from different aspects, using my own experience, other practitioners' experience, or discussing security and effectiveness of this approach.

Most of articles were published by Minghui, and some were chosen by Minghui Weekly.

However, one article was not published. It was written two years ago after the Chinese New Year. Before I wrote this article, I had read an article in Minghui Weekly in which a practitioner described her experience clarifying the truth via cell phone during the Chinese New Year. However, I did not learn from this practitioner with respect to upgrading xinxing or understanding the Fa. Instead, I compared her experience with how much we were doing and then wrote my article. After I realized that it was not published, I reviewed my article again. I found that it was all about validating myself. I felt ashamed and deleted it immediately.

It was easy to delete the article, but not so easy to get rid of the attachment. In recent years, I kept cultivating myself to remove the attachment of validating myself, but it kept re-appearing.

Recently, I read Master's Fa:

“As for how massive the cosmos ultimately is, suppose we considered a massive universe that consists of a trillion layers to be one domain, and then grouped a trillion of these one-trillion-layer domains together—we could then call this trillion one-trillion-layered domains a particle of air. Such particles permeate the conference hall here. Although that amounts to a massive number of universes, this is still but a small, insignificant particle in just one dimension of the universe.” (20th Anniversary Fa Teaching)

I suddenly realized that humans are very tiny and shallow. Without Master, all lives in the universe would pass with history. How can I, as a negligible human, validate myself?

Initially, a local coordinator had asked me to help promote cell phone techniques. I did not think much about our whole team, nor did I regard this as my responsibility. I even thought that this task wasted too much of my time; I always wanted to go out to make more phone calls. One day, the coordinator told me: "How many phone calls can you make alone? How many people can quit the CCP from your individual effort each day? Conversely, if every practitioner could help one person quit the CCP each day, then how many people could quit the CCP?” I then realized the importance of practitioners forming one body, and that this was also part of my responsibility. Since then, I've happily and actively participated in the coordination of this project.

With the compassionate arrangement of Master, several practitioners have been helping me with this project. I handle the technicalities of how to use different kinds of cell phones to clarify the truth and how to compile text messages, voice messages and graphic messages. Thus, I participate in the coordination and technical support of the cell phone project. For large local persecution incidents, I also compile or help other practitioners compile the information into voice or graphic messages.

At first, when I broadcast voice messages to the 610 Office and the legal system, most people hung up once they heard it was about Falun Gong. One day, to expose the evil and rescue several practitioners who were arrested, I described the facts of the evil crimes first, then described that the victims had tried to appeal but got detained instead, and only then indicated that this was the persecution suffered by Falun Gong practitioners. Since this message sounded like an ordinary case, after I broadcast it to the workplace of the evil people, 70-80% of staff there listened to the whole one-minute message, which shocked the evil.

I am very grateful to those practitioners who developed and spread the cell phone truth-clarification technology. Their silent dedication made it a great tool for clarifying the truth in China. I know practitioners all over China are using cell phones to clarify the truth. They've done lots of amazing work to shock the evil, but for security reasons cannot share their experience. I believe that the mighty virtue of Dafa practitioners is already recorded by history and will co-exist with the universe.

The Fa-rectification is quickly moving forward. There is very little time left, but there are numerous sentient beings waiting for us to call them so that they can be saved. This is the hope of sentient beings and the expectation of Master. It is also the vow practitioners made before coming to this world. I will continue to dedicate myself to this opportunity to spread the truth to sentient beings and save them from disaster.

I bow to Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!