(Minghui.org) After reading the Hong Kong practitioner's article, “Righteous Thoughts and Action of a Dafa Disciple - My Personal Understanding of Looking Inward Regarding the Interference to Truth-clarification Site in Hong Kong,” I'd like to share my own understanding.

Practitioners are one body. The righteous thoughts and actions of Hong Kong practitioners have been playing an important role in helping mainland Chinese know the truth and supporting practitioners in the mainland. When mainland practitioners saw the evil situation in Hong Kong, did we think of it as our own thing? Looking at myself, I did not do well and I'd like to sincerely apologize to Hong Kong practitioners. The main body of practitioners are in mainland China. The evil would not dare to take action if mainland practitioners all think of it as our own thing and send forth strong righteous thoughts: “Those evil beings who control people to undermine Dafa and poison sentient beings will receive immediate retribution. The other evil entities will be frightened. Whoever participates in this interference will receive retribution.” At this stage of Fa-rectification, the evil should not be able to interfere. In my area, the evil party hung banners that slander Dafa all over the city. Later, with the support of overseas practitioners making phone calls and Minghui practitioners producing truth-clarification materials, two local elderly practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts and distributed truth-clarification materials targeting this issue and the evil was diminished. Soon, there were only few evil banners left.

When Minghui reported the evil interference taking place in Hong Kong, I saw a scene with my celestial eye. We all think that Hong Kong practitioners are always doing well. The evil old forces wanted to persecute them more severely in order to test how much they believe in Master and believe in the Fa at this last moment. Master would not allow it to happen. The old forces said, “You don't allow us to persecute your disciples. Then you have to suffer the tribulation for your disciples. And we will humiliate your image to test your disciples and the world's people.” The old forces attacked Master's body in another dimension. They even messed up Master's hair. Master endured silently and watched Hong Kong practitioners with some concern. Upon seeing this, I immediately wrote an article with a harsh tone but I did not mention what I saw with my celestial eye (at my level). Because my article was not sincere, Minghui did not publish it. I didn't think too much about it, but I also did not keep sending forth righteous thoughts. Here I would like to apologize to Master who allowed me to see this with my celestial eye, and I apologize to Hong Kong practitioners.

I looked inward and ask myself why I saw this. First, I didn't truly put myself into the one body of Dafa disciples all over the world. Each Dafa disciple is part of the one body no matter whether they are in mainland China or overseas. Every major event regarding the persecution of Dafa is our own thing. Second, by seeing the actions of Hong Kong practitioners, I also realized that my belief in Master isn't as solid and unshakable as diamond. At some key moments during the persecution, I was reluctant to fully believe in Master's boundless Fa power and truly believe that Master is always protecting us and by our side.

Master said,

“I can tell you that although your true self is in control of you, it isn’t strong enough, or is even powerless because the old forces of the cosmos are dramatically larger, and moreover, you have been buried in the inverted principles of the Three Realms, so Master must look after you, help you, and stay on top of everything. And that’s not all. At a most fundamental level I am controlling everything, encompassing everything, all the way from nothingness to somethingness. This isn’t something that can be explained by way of examples found in the human language. It cannot be explained clearly, no matter what method is used. That power is the greatest, supporting and carrying all beings, everything from the microcosm to the vastest of macrocosms, with all that there is being within its control—including even gods of the greatest heights. Whatever state is wished to appear, or whatever is willed to be done—whether it involves the form of the cosmos, the state of affairs in this world, or anything there is from high to low—instantly it shall be.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa”)

Therefore, it is truly a serious test that, when the evil was madly interfering with Hong Kong practitioners, poisoning and persecuting sentient beings, whether we can keep doing what we did well in the past and do it better, and whether we can truly believe in Master who is controlling everything. I saw that Master is resolving the issue in Hong Kong and making the situation even better than before.

Above is just my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.