(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa with my son on March 5, 1998. I felt a very strong energy field as soon as I entered the place for Fa-study. Everyone sat in the full lotus position while studying the Fa. That day, we read Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun. Tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably when I saw Master's photo.

I then understood that the purpose of life is to return to one's origin. Five days after I obtained the Fa, as I studied the Fa, I saw tiny Buddhas appear in the book.

I am a single parent. When I became a practitioner, my son was 12 years old. To earn a living, I opened a small shop at home. My son and I lived in a small hut that was previously used to breed pigeons, and the place was wet and damp.

In 1998, heavy rains came, and the other houses were flooded. The water was very deep in the streets and shopping centers. People noticed that our hut was dry and said, “That is really amazing. There is so much rain and yet it does not flow into your house and it is dry.” I knew that Master was protecting us.

In the winter, I set up a stove. Every day it was very smoky inside our hut, so I had to open the windows and door. When my son returned home after school, it was so cold in the house that he could not stay inside. In the middle of the night, even the water bottles froze and cracked. I knew that enduring hardship is eliminating karma. I knew I must study the Fa more, so every day I read three lectures of Zhuan Falun. In January 2000, our financial situation improved, and we left the little hut that we had stayed in for two years.

Strong Faith in Master

After the communist regime began its persecution of Dafa, my son began to skip school and often went to video game arcades. Consequently his teacher came to see me frequently. No matter how I tried to talk to my son, he refused to listen and continued to play truant every day. Our previous close relationship was gone, and we were like enemies.

One day when I came home to pick up my book and attend a Fa study session. I saw a note my son left on the table with my name on it. He had written, “I have had enough of you and I'm not coming home again. Farewell forever!”

Faced with this sudden tribulation, there seemed to be a huge rock weighing on my heart and I could hardly breathe. I resolved to study the Fa, but on the way back, I could not stop crying. The following words from Master's teachings kept ringing in my ears:

“At the crucial moment when I ask you to break away from humanness, you do not follow me. Each opportunity will not occur again.” (“Digging out the Roots” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

When I got home, I found a flahlight and went to all the arcades looking for my son, but I did not find him. When I returned home, I started to recite the Fa, then I read Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun. Throughout the whole night, I relied on my strong faith in Master and firm righteous thoughts. It was a truly heart-wrenching process eliminating my attachment to sentimentality. The next day I found my son.

On September 5, 2009, the Party secretary and head of the police department came to my house and told me to go to the police station on Monday. At that time, I was scared and began to send righteous thoughts, resolving not to allow the evil to persecute me. I asked Master to protect me. When my son returned home from school, he said, “Don't go, because we did not commit any crime. We should not go to a place like that.” I knew Master was using him to give me hints and immediately I developed strong righteous thoughts. The next day, I took a broom and went to sweep the stairs in the community district office. The Party secretary said to me, “You did a good job but you are very stubborn. Go right now and sign a statement promising not to practice Falun Gong or else I will send you to the authorities.” I stood in front of her desk and said loudly, “I will not go even if you hold a knife to my throat. Why should I make any such promises?” She suddenly patted me on the shoulder and laughed, “I'm just concerned about your welfare—you should persevere in your practice until the end.”

One day, I found 300 yuan lying in the road. I decided to give it to the community district office and went to see the supervisor. He was astonished and said, “It is rare to come across honest and good people like you nowadays. Thank you.” I replied, “Please remember that Falun Dafa is good. Dafa disciples should act like that, and all of us are good people.” This incident spread amongst the residents in our area. A newly-appointed police officer was very friendly and came to shake my hand, saying, “It is not wrong to be a good person.” He asked me to work as a nanny at his house and to chauffeur his children. I turned down his offer as I already had a job. That night, I dreamed that Master helped me push a car to sell things that were worth only five yuan. Master gave me five yuan, and I refused to take it. How could I take money from Master? He said to me compassionately, “It's all right to take it.” The next morning, as I was studying the Fa, there was a knock at the door. It was the heads of the police station and my workplace. They said they were visiting the exceptionally poor during the festive season and gave me 300 yuan to spend for the Chinese New Year. I knew that this money was from Master.

Persuading People to Quit the Communist Party and Saving Sentient Beings

In 2005, Fa rectification entered the stage of getting people to quit the Communist Party and saving them in the process. I went to work at a recycling station. I first talked to my boss and his wife about quitting the Party. Their whole family agreed. I once picked up a box and 25 yuan fell out. I gave it to my boss. On another occasion, I found a ring made of white gold in a paper carton. I gave it to my lady boss and since then, whenever they met someone, they would tell them “Falun Dafa is good” and that practicing Falun Gong is indeed a good thing.

My boss's relative also owns a recycling station and asked me to help out there, too, so I shuttled between the two places. He had a bad heart attack, and I told him to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He very gladly accepted my advice and now his health is back to normal. His whole family also denounced the Communist Party.

One day, my boss's father was admitted to the hospital, and his condition was very serious. I wanted to go and visit him but I was too busy with my work to go. I bought a watermelon and asked my boss to take it to his dad. I also told him to tell his father to recite “Falun Dafa is good” in his heart and get him to quit the Party. The next day, his wife took the watermelon I had bought to the hospital. When she asked him to recite in his heart “Falun Dafa is good,” he nodded. When she asked if he wanted to quit the Party, the old man nodded his head again. In the end, he finished the entire watermelon and was allowed to go home a few days later. The whole family was extremely moved. One night, my boss dreamed that he saw me sitting on a lotus flower and my body was lit up. I thought this was a manifestation of a god appearing in the human world. Master was showing him my cultivated side and also encouraging me.

Since 2008, I have worked with a 78-year-old practitioner to give out flyers, post truth clarifying notices in public, and get people to quit the Party face to face.

I have walked on the path of cultivation in the Fa rectification period for over ten years. During this time, I have worked in ten places. My xinxing has been tempered and I've eliminated many human attachments.