Mr. Li Aige's Family Suppressed after Broadcasting the Truth of Falun Gong

Father sentenced to 15-year prison term for his righteous efforts to clarify the truth about the persecution. CCP persecution affects entire family, from grandparents to toddlers.

Cherish the Opportunity of Ages, Rectify the Self in Dafa

A veteran practitioner shares the benefits of unconditionally looking within.

Two Films Expose the Facts of Organ Harvesting in China (Photos)

( According to TVBS Television in Taiwan, a Taiwanese film entitled “The Forgotten Declaration of Geneva” was removed from the list of films registered for the 2012 Taipei International Short Movie Festival by the organizers. The festival is sponsored by the Taiwanese and Chinese governments, and this film tells the story of organ harvesting in China. The organizers of the competition refused to give any reason for their action.

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