(Minghui.org) “In 2008, on the morning of October 9, about 2 a.m., an iron gate made a noise in the hallway of the jail that woke me up. A guard on duty went into an inmate's cell and whispered a few words to Ma Jun, who was the criminal on supervisory duty. After a while, Ma Jun thought I had fallen asleep, then he sneaked into my cell, took out a packet of powdered drugs and quietly dumped it into my cup. After a while, he then put a liquid into my cup. I witnessed the entire process, lying under a quilt. I was shocked....”

This scene occurred in the section where Falun Gong practitioners were detained in Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang, Hubei Province. The witness is a Falun Gong practitioner who was fortunate enough to come out alive. Similar rumors began long ago.

Mr. Xing Guangjun from the Aluminum Processing Plant of Xiangfan City, Hubei province, passed away on January 16, 2006. It was reported that the main reason was in 2003, Xing Guangjun was strictly monitored and persecuted in Fanjiatai Prison for several months. During that time, prison guards forcibly injected some unknown drugs into his body that harmed him. His legs began to atrophy, later he could not walk at all.

Mr. Chen Qiji from Jingmen City, Hubei province was originally in good health. Nobody knows what drugs the prison guards injected into his body, but he suddenly began to have cardiac failure, mental collapse, and kidney failure. Soon he could not move his body and began to vomit and feel dizzy. He was sent to Shayang General Hospital for rescue, but he was dying. Police then sent him home in order to shirk responsibility. A few days later, Chen Qiji passed away.

Mr. Zhu Dahua from Anlu, Hubei province was sentenced to seven years when he was over 30 years old. He was quick thinking before he was sent to prison. In 2006, Zhu Dahua protested the persecution in the No. 4 jail section with a hunger strike for five days. The prison force-fed some unknown drugs to him. Afterwards, Zhu Dahua began to appear hesitant, had no facial expression, and could not speak fluently. He could not walk steadily and became very suspicious. He seemed to be a totally different person.

This time, a witness explained in detail about such a horrific experience. The witness said, “Ma Jun was the key criminal who put the poison in my drink. Many practitioners who were persecuted to death were under him. Ma Jun, from Xiantao, Hubei province, lived on Qiangou Road, Longhuashan, Xiantao, Hubei province. He was sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter. He was found to be a professional mixing drugs because he worked in a pharmacy in the army.”

“Ma Jun is a relative of Wang Xiongjue in the No. 1 jail section (who is currently an instructor at the No. 4 jail section). The prison used his skills to secretly put drugs in prisoners' food or drinks. They used this method to damage many Falun Gong practitioners' health. Ma Jun's jail term was reduced by five years because of his treachery.”

“Life in prison is miserable. Practitioners do not even have hot water to drink. If you leave a cup of water on the table for a short while, you will noticed a layer of white sediment. Each month the boarding fee is over one hundred yuan. After deductions, what is left will buy a little food. Even though you have money and they allow you to get out to buy some instant noodles, there are no daily necessities available. Under that situation, the prison guards easily bribe ordinary criminals to participate in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in exchange for reducing their jail terms. If they “transform” one Falun Gong practitioner, that criminal will get his or her jail term reduced.”

Those Falun Gong practitioners who were poisoned were either hospitalized for lighter conditions or passed away from severe conditions. Witnesses said, “Four people from Ma city came out of that prison. Xiong Jianping's feet had some problems. Wu Ming'an had a stroke. Zeng Xianqi was transformed in prison and had a stroke after coming out. Among those Falun Gong practitioners who were in prison before and after 2001, over half were hospitalized. Before that many Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the hospital to be persecuted. They were Zhu Dahua, Li Zhouhua, Zhu Guangwa, a practitioner whose last is Fu, Chen Deyong, Xiong Shaoxu, Luan Jianjun, Liu Jianyong, Guo Chunsheng, Li Changrong, Jiang Zhonglin, Luo Xian, He Shengsheng, etc. Guo Chunchun was persecuted to insanity and detained in an iron cage. Luan Jianjun did not go insane, but still suffered torture in the form of being treated for mental illness.

Mr. Jiang Zhonglin from Hong'an county who is close to 70, firmly believes in Falun Gong. Xiao Tianpo, the director of the branch jail district, persecuted Jiang Zhonglin and caused him to have frequent bowel movements. He was sent to Shayang prison hospital for medical treatment for three months. However the more he stayed in that hospital, the more his condition deteriorated. He died after nine months.

As of the summer of 2010, over forty Falun Gong practitioners were detained in the No. 4 Division of Fanjiatai Prison. Most of them were persecuted to the point that they had physical problems. Some practitioners went to ask a guard for the reason. The jail guard shouted, “We want to use drugs to destroy your bodies. The main goal is targeting Falun Gong. You are saying that heaven is eliminating the CCP. No matter whether it is true or not, we will eliminate you guys first.” The most evil jail guards are Liu Muyang, Xiao Tianbo, and Zu Jian.

Some inmates poison practitioners late at night. Witnesses exposed such acts. “Mr. Xiong Shaoxu, a Falun Gong practitioner from Zaoyang of Hubei province, who was over 60, was very firm in Falun Gong. While in the detention center, he incurred damage to his ears and eyes. After two months in prison, Xiong Shaoxu would not cooperate with the guards. One day, a criminal who was monitoring him claimed he was going to drive him insane. As a result, after 2 a.m., Zhang Xinlong, the criminal on-duty put some poison in his cup. Some practitioners told him in the morning not to drink that water. Later they found that at midnight, Jin Shuangxing, the criminal on-duty, and Gao Zhengzao, the criminal who was monitoring him, worked together and put some poison in Xiong Shaoxu's pickles. At breakfast time, a practitioner kicked Xiong Shaoxu's pickle under the bed and thus the ploy did not succeed. When the police noticed a practitioner had found out about their act of putting poison in food and drinks, they transferred him to another cell room. One year later, Xiong Shaoxu was sent to the hospital.”

Hoping for personal gain, jail guards and inmates think about how to transform Falun Gong practitioners constantly. They adopt the poisoning methods most often. One witness said, “After I was transferred to a new cell, three Falun Gong practitioners in that cell were given drugs. They all had severe health issues such as high blood pressure, heart failure, renal failure, chills, sweating, urinary, incontinence, vomiting constantly. I felt their conditions were very serious. The guards kept poisoning me. They would put poison in almost everything, such as the bed pad cover, quilt, things near the bed, walls around the bed, areas above the bed. Things I wear or things I use, shoes, bowls, toilet paper--it was all-pervasive. Especially during holidays, they would add more poisons. Some of the poison was powder, some was liquid, some was black, white or milky. Some of the poison drugs were granular, some had a strong scent. Some had no odor at all. That poison would damage a man's organs, nervous systems, digestive system, blood, etc. They would do anything in order to ruin practitioners' physical bodies.”

This witness added, “One day after 2 a.m., the criminal on duty put his hand under my quilt and tried to put in some poison. He touched my body and woke me up. I told him to do some good deeds and evil will meet with evil returns. He said it was not his idea to poison people. It was guard Zu Jian who wanted him to do it. Ma Jun poisoned many Falun Gong practitioners. Each night there would be such things happening. Almost all the criminals on duty had participated in such things. They might give you some minor health issues, or they might give you some big health problems. They would force you to take some drug or take some injection or stay in the hospital, claiming it was to reduce the symptoms. They might let your condition become worse and worse while having those medical treatments, to the point that you had to be released on medical leave or were dead.

When some witnesses reported those criminals who poisoned Falun Gong practitioners, the evil was fully exposed. A witness said, “Seeing that using passive defensive approaches did not work, a practitioner then handed over witness testimony and evidence to a police office. The police would not touch it. The practitioner then wrote a report and made an appointment to see the prosecutor. Guards then spread rumors saying that the practitioner had a mental disorder. The practitioner then tried to clarify the truth to them. Guard Xiao Tianbo said, “You guys are anti-Communist. We are anti-Falun Gong. To those stubborn diehard people, we will give them a firm blow.” A practitioner said they should follow the law to deal with these issues. The guards said, 'Dealing with Falun Gong is a political battle.' The prison staff got a mental health doctor to say the practitioner was having mental problems. That practitioner did not let the guards take advantage and immediately exposed their trick.”

Another witness said, “That year I had problems in my stool, urine, heart, kidney, and my feet. In the winter they put some strong poison in my bed. I felt dizzy many times. One night I gradually lost consciousness. After a while, I woke up sweating all over my body. I know that they are extremely evil.”

Witnesses have asserted that putting poison in practitioners' water is constantly carried out secretly in Fanjiatao Prison.