(Minghui.org) Summer in Taiwan is very hot, especially recently. Many parents usually send their children to summer camps so that they will spend the lengthy summer in a meaningful way. A local group of parents, however, chose to send their children to a Falun Gong Fa-Study Class so that they would reap the benefits this summer.


Students in the Fa-study class watching Master Li Hongzhi’s lecture videos

From July 9 to 18, 2012, students ranging from middle to high school age, as well as 60 to 70 year olds from the Taoyuan, Zhongli and Neili districts, all participated in the nine-day Falun Gong summer class.


Doing the exercises



Study the Fa and practice the exercises

One of the organizers of the summer class was Lin Xiangcen, a high school teacher, who has a son and daughter. She hoped that comprehensive Fa study and doing the exercises would help her children to move up to a higher xinxing level. That is why she decided to hold the class.

Ms. Lin’s ten-year-old daughter was deeply touched by the other children’s efforts in the nine-day class. When she saw that they, including her younger brother, could double cross their legs, she practiced pulling her legs up at home. Ms. Lin was delighted to see that.

Ms. Lin shared that studying the Fa has helped her children to develop the habit of searching inside themselves in their daily lives. A practitioner from Taiwan, Mr. Zhong Dingbang, was recently illegally detained by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Local practitioners have gone to busy markets to collect signatures for his release. Ms. Lin was making a poster board when her four-year-old son jumped up and down and accidentally spilled his sister’s drink on it. Ms. Lin scolded her son, but her daughter murmured to him, “I’m sorry. I should not have put my drink so close to the board. Let’s clean it up quickly.” Nodding his head, her son helped her daughter to clean up.


Ms. Lin and her children make a poster board to help rescue a fellow practitioner

On their way to the material production site, her son quietly told Ms. Lin, “Mom, you were very scary earlier!” Ms. Lin felt bad that she had failed to respond in a compassionate and tolerant manner. She told her children, “I’m sorry that I scared you.” Her son then said, “Mom, I forgive you because I did something wrong, too.” When Ms. Lin was collecting signatures, her daughter took care of her brother so that she could focus on her task.

Ms. Lin shared that in the nine-day Fa study class, she learned that she lacked patience in caring for her children. Just because she was organizing the event, she should not shirk her responsibility to educate her children calmly.

Neighbors praised two brothers’ good behavior

All four members of Ms. Yang Shuguan’s family are practitioners. Her older son will be a second grader and the younger will enter kindergarten in the fall. Both of them are very well behaved, and their neighbors praise them. Ms. Yang believes that their good behavior results from Fa-study. Both of her sons began practicing Falun Gong when they were very young.


Two brothers meditating

This was the second time they enrolled in a nine-day class. They listened to Master’s lectures more attentively this time. They used to fight with each other, but since they have cultivated in Dafa, they know that fighting, hitting, and cursing are bad because they will lose virtue or de. They now quickly search inside to resolve conflicts compassionately.

They practice the exercises for half an hour and study the Fa for one half to one hour a day at home. The older boy is seven this year, and he can now understand Zhuan Falun. He knows lots of words and can also read the book to his younger brother.

The preschool teacher often praised the younger son because he always behaved well. Once when he saw that the teacher was tired, he chatted with her and said, “Teacher, you need to have more rest. Don’t work too hard.”

An only child is not arrogant and thinks of others first

Zhihan will be a second grader in fall. She began practicing Falun Gong when she was about three years old. She is an only child but is not spoiled. As a matter of fact, she is very well behaved. She never quarrels with anyone, and when other children have conflicts, she helps resolve them. Not only does she help other children stop fighting, she also uses the Fa to convince them not to take other people’s belongings. They would lose de if they did.


Young practitioner Zhihan meditating

Because she is so well behaved and polite, her neighbor was curious enough to come over to her house to learn Falun Gong. This summer, she invited her friends to join the summer class with her.

Zhihan’s mother, Yaping, knows to use the Fa to guide her daughter’s behavior. As a result, she knows how to get along with others, has few desires for material objects, and often shares with Mother. One day, when her mother was about to say something critical about someone, Zhihan immediately shouted, “Mother” and reminded her to cultivate her speech. So Yaping stopped. She said that the whole family practices Falun Gong together, so their family is very happy.

Young practitioners let go of their attachments to gain, fame, and jealousy

Huiwen brought her three children and a niece to the summer class. She said that children who practice Falun Gong are different from those who do not. For example, her eldest son will be a sixth grader this fall. He is a good student and once ranked third in his class. However, his teacher gave his award to another student because she wanted other students to have the opportunity to get awards. Instead of complaining, he came home and shared the news with her.

The second son will be a fourth grader. He joined a music class like his older brother did, and when his teacher treated students unfairly, he was able to align his thoughts with the Fa and let go of the attachment. The youngest of the three children is a daughter, who will be a third grader in the fall. She is very kind and is not jealous of her two talented brothers. After having a conflict with her oldest brother one day, she told her Mother remorsefully, “Brother hit me, but I hit him back even though I knew I should have endured it.” There are many other instances like this when the three of them disciplined themselves willingly and reflected on their own behaviors.

Even though Grandpa is not a practitioner yet, he knows his grandchildren are different. If they do not study the Fa or do the exercises well, he reminds them to not slack off.

Huiwen said that, because she did not have time to help her children with cultivation, she brought them to the summer class, hoping they would improve their xinxing together and not be influenced by everyday society. Seeing that her children were assimilating to the Fa in class, she told herself that she had to educate her children well.

Huiwen’s niece is a new practitioner, but she stayed in class the whole time and was very serious about the exercises. At home, she made sure that she could do the double-leg crossing. She also studied the Fa very attentively.

A new middle-school-age practitioner hopes to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Young Shengze will enter middle school. His practitioner mother encouraged him to join the summer class. He went to class by himself everyday since his mother had to work. When asked how he felt about the class, he replied, “I need to do better.”

When asked how he felt about Master’s lectures, he replied that the Fa was very deep, and he was mostly impressed with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He shared that since his mother began to practice Falun Gong, her temperament has improved.

Feeling very good physically and mentally after the summer class

Ms. Huang Mudan is in her 50s. She lives in Dayuan and has practiced Falun Gong for only a year. However, she’s gained a new life. Before practicing Falun Gong, she was so weak that she could not even wash clothes and walk by herself. When she saw people practicing Falun Gong in a park one day, she joined them, and that was how her path of cultivation began.

This is her first time to join the nine-day Fa-study class. After watching Master’s lectures on DVD, she felt very good. Although she began practicing Dafa only recently, she knows about the CCP’s brutal persecution. Now she makes phone calls to Mainland Chinese practitioners to clarify the truth. She hopes that she can be more diligent in her cultivation.

Grandma and grandson attend Fa study together

Ms. Huimei has practiced Falun Gong for over three years. She does not look her age at all. She brought her six-month-old grandson to class this time. The baby slept in her arms peacefully during the class. Everyone could feel that the tranquil atmosphere of the practitioners’ energy field that can truly exhibit the wonder of Dafa and rectify all abnormalities.

Parents and children study the Fa together; there is no gap between them

In modern society, parents always do their utmost trying to find the perfect methods to educate their children. Many practitioners encourage their family members, especially their teenage children, to learn Falun Gong. Children are the hope for a country’s future and how we teach them to gain upright social and life skills plays an important role for their future in society.

The common understanding of all practitioners is that if parents and children learn Dafa together, the only means of communication between them are the principles of the universe—Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. By always seeing things from the positive side and rationally accepting one another, practitioners can help each other to quickly find the root of their conflicts. By doing this, children can walk on their path to maturity and no longer have anxieties and a sense of loss.